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  1. As a Phillies fan, the number one thing I always wasn't crazy about was just how bright the red is... I wouldn't want them to go back to full maroon, but more of a crimson color I think would look really great... I also agree the blue doesn't add much so id eliminate that, and the script and hat logo is a tad too bubbly/fat for me so I wouldn't mind reverting back to something a bit closer to the 50s style... never was much of a number/name font fan either so id go for more of a block look as boring as that sounds.... that being said I would still leave the number on the sleeve and pinstripes staying would be an obvious must. Aside from font and the more crimson shade of red id keep the aways largely the same... personally I think they look great.... adding the Philadelphia full name would be an awful idea... it needs to stay Phillies.... same deal with the alts, maybe make the blue a slightly darker shade to match the crimson better... and continue to use them sparingly.. one thing I love about the Phil is they don't overuse that alt uniform.
  2. While "City" is the most obvious nickname in the running, I hope fans and media can come up with some more creative alternatives as well... The problem is I can't think of a single example of a unique nickname developing organically at a North American club to date. Maybe it just takes more. For example, in the case of Toronto FC, the most common nickname used to date is the Reds. Pretty boring and generic if you ask me, and while I'm not completely sure of where it developed, I believe the club was using it as a nickname from very early on, so it may not have even come from the supporters. In general I'm a fan of the way MLS does it, a hodge podge of American and Euro naming conventions keeps things interesting. I just hope club supporters get a bit more creative with their nicknames over time. City wouldn't be the worst nickname, but can't we come up with something better? The Boroughs? The Tokens? Big Apples? Something! For what its worth a good handful of Union fans refer to the team as the "Zolos" from time to time, but that nickname is a bit on the "underground" side of things, so I guess your argument is still valid.... the other main nickname used a bit more widely would be "the U", but yeah, thats fairly generic as well I guess.... but the point is, more organic nicknames do exist in MLS. I'm not really a fan of the europoser names, but personally the "City" or in this case you could even make a case for it simply being "FC".. so the name doesn't bother me that much.... at least not when it is compared to Sporting or Real.
  3. The Union's reveal had their Name/Number colors looking quite a bit different from the rest of the jersey.... the team store has a cleaner match though... Overall I like it... it looks like the Union, and to me thats the most important thing.
  4. Is the top of RSL's crown a coincidence? Never really noticed it before but:
  5. Isn't this the Reading Royals? probably ripped off... that was all I could find for Upper Darby Royals.
  6. Here is a collection of logos that I could find from within my old high school's league..... unfortunately my school always just used a stock "S" and what I assume was a collection of various "Cougar", "Cat", "Paw" logos that were likely all stolen. I also found that Lower Merion also has this cool Aces alternate icon... (Kobe influence is my guess?)
  7. Fulham Cottagers (Fulham) For Fulham I conveniently was able to remove the leading F and repurposed the back two from meaning "football club" to now standing for "Fulham Cottagers" I also reangled the letters here as I felt the angle they were originally on didn't work too well with a football helmet. The black and white stripes on the the sleeves mirror their existing shield logo a bit.
  8. Everton Toffees (Everton) I was a little conflicted here with how much yellow to use in this set.... I opted for the yellow numbers mainly to create seperation from all the other blue teams in the league. I was originally thinking white numbers but felt it would end up too close to Chelsea... The white pants hopefully maintain enough of an "Everton" look. Also for the helmet logo, I used the existing unpopular new logo, but I distorted the image to make the tower look narrower and more in line with the previous logo.
  9. dabest13

    MLS logo redesign

    I typically love simplicity, but I think this may be a tad too simple for my tastes. It just comes off as bland to me.
  10. Any suggestions for an alternative geographic name?
  11. Norwood Eagles (Crystal Palace) I had a lot of fun making this one...obviously Crystal Palace's name by nature needed a big change to be "Americanized" I debated back and forth on calling them London, Norwood or South Norwood, and finally decided on plain Norwood. The helmet is obviously Eagles inspired and fortunately for me the wings on their New Logo made it fairly easy mimic. I did my best to strike a balance between Red and Blue to mimic their soccer look.
  12. next up: Chelsea Blues (Chelsea) I was debating on adding a splash of red here, but the place it would best fit would be the center stripe on the helmet and I decided it would make them too close to the Giants, so I scrapped it and went with a simple blue/white color scheme.