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  1. I like this version, but with the lighter gold eyes (the one dead center). In general, I prefer eyes over no eyes throughout. As an extreme variant, I like the all-gold Ram as well.
  2. (Shhhh... no need for facts to spoil an otherwise lame, but good, pun.)
  3. It's not a fishing rod, it's a baseball bait.
  4. I like it! If you're going to do the Robo-Penguin, it needs to go all in like you did here. It needed more sharp lines to really work.
  5. I've been following this kerfuffle from afar but had the time to research it tonight. I've followed and respected Sparky tremendously for years. He's never been anything but cordial and helpful and has gone above and beyond in both offering great feedback and accepting feedback. I've never ONCE seen him be anything but classy. So I was really really shocked to see the above exchange go down. No question that he snapped and crossed a line. However... after going back and reading the Seattle NHL Name thread, I have to agree with his assertions that he was being ganged up on there by people that seemed, in my opinion, very very jealous of his having gotten a little bit of attention for his Kraken concept. Over and over, he was mocked or insulted and he responded with good cheer. There was one user in particular who went after him a lot, openly insulting him, and I didn't see ONE admonition by a moderator. IceCap, you were right there in the middle of that, so I know you had to see it, but I didn't see you do anything to bring the temperature down. Yes, Sparky was happily championing Kraken, and some people found it annoying, but literally ever other potential name had more than one user championing it and bringing it up over and over in just as eager and over-the-top fashion as anything Sparky did. Sparky has obviously made concepts for each of those potential names, so if anyone is even-handed about which name wins, it's him. I went back twenty pages in that thread and didn't see a single negative or combative comment from him, but plenty the other direction. I mean, seriously, except for this one stretch of two or three posts, I ask anyone to point me to any other instance where he was even a little bit snarky or arrogant or combative.
  6. Love love love this. The ONLY thing I'm curious to see what it would look like is if the horse was angled forward in a more active pose. It's just not 'charging' forward. It's resting in a stately fashion.
  7. Nice! I think the logo could use a wee bit of highlight and/or shadow to give the squid a bit more dimension and so that it doesn't become a purple blob when shrunk down.
  8. Enh. I'm not diving into the snark on this one. It's a segmented loop. If you really really WANT it to be the James Bond logo, and if that ruins it for you, then there's not much I can do to help you.
  9. I love the overall look of this. On the shield, the center stripe doesn't really work because it's mostly obscured and it just looks like a large blog of blue on the right, and a tiny blip of blue on the left. I'd try ether making the C small enough to where the fact that it's a stripe is clearly visible, or just fill in the white space on the bottom so that it looks like the whole bottom half of the shield is supposed to be blue.
  10. Seeing it on a helmet, I don't hate the new logo.
  11. I think you need to create your own fictional sport. Maybe a Mad-Max/Cannonball Run/Death Race 2000 baseline, but where there's a ball somehow in the mix and scoring. It doesn't need to make much sense, just be plausible enough to be the basis for slapping logos on stuff and driver uniforms and vehicle designs. Just think of it as a way to create interesting shapes upon which to place logos and stripes and other sporty elements. I think all the vehicles should be vector-based, like the tanks in Battlezone.
  12. Sabres look great except the swords seem off. They aren't positioned in any way that swords usually are. The one on the bottom is the one that feels the most awkward and droopy. Seems like the swords have a natural curve that matches the sides of the shield. What if you had crossed sabres that form the sides of the shield with everything else remaining the same?
  13. Nice! The A gets lost in the foot just a bit. Not enough contrast between those shads of purple and teal. Maybe try a White A? Or some sort of outlining similar to what you're doing on the numbers?
  14. Love both logos and even really like the hog riding on the C. However, I wonder what it would look like if the C was angled forward a bit to match the slant of the wordmark? It would give the logo a bit more speed and forward momentum.