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  1. lol. Better, but I actually meant the opposite. Use the star shape (like the two stars) instead of the circles.
  2. Stars that match the logo, and thinner lines.
  3. Try flipping the sticks so the blades are on top, making it match the top flair of a fleur-de-lis a bit more.
  4. I like it! I'm still having a bit of trouble figuring out his extended hand. It's probably not helping that it's all over a green background. I'd try out some other configurations with that hand. One other silly/fun suggestion: What if you put a green goatee on the V of Devils. That shape makes a sort of chin. Maybe a fun secondary logo.
  5. You could also try making his hair green, to match the green helmet he was wearing in the original, then you could have a green goatee that would stand out just a bit easier. I think also, because you have write streaks/highlights in his hair that you could use white highlights to form a goatee. I agree that a goatee would be a nice continuity, but as it is right now, you can kinda imagine a goatee in there if you really want to.
  6. Agreed! Make Los Altos one of the other divisions. Back in the day (1990s) my overall league had a fictional 51st state called New Eden that was just somewhere off the coast of New York. It had its own league, but would regularly compete with my fictional New York based league. Let them fight!
  7. Whenever you get done with the current teams on your list, I'd love to see you tackle this fictional league from one of my favorite books about pretend sports leagues,. https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Baseball-Association-Robert-Coover/dp/1590203119 Here's a discussion of the team names from the book. https://forums.ootpdevelopments.com/showthread.php?t=227210
  8. Nice! What if the red is in the jersey and you leave the logo like it is? One thing I noticed from the first "offset slant" version of the logos is that they look like piranhas or other fish with big lower jaws, especially when the blade of the stick extends all the way across. In the new version, you solve that with the stick only going halfway across, and the offset sizes of the two elements works really well. Only other thing I'd try is one with a red stick.
  9. I kinda like this. What if you sliced it on the left edge of the hockey stick, and then offset the two halves, sliding the igloo up or down about 25%?
  10. Agreed that the starry igloo idea is the one that feels most compelling at this point. Explore that one a bit.