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  1. What if you just recolor the wedges to match the color of the team in the Final Four and call it a day?
  2. Fantastic update and explanation. I advise you to put as much time into each one of your designs as chestnutz did in tweaking it.
  3. Beautiful stuff so far. The only one I'm iffy on is Racing Freemantle. Not for anything wrong with what you have, but because that heraldic sea lion just looks so cool I'm wanting it to be featured more prominently. For the league logo, is that styling based on anything in particular? It almost looks aboriginal. But unless you created the entire font from scratch, I'm guessing it's just a modified A from the font you used for everything else.
  4. Put the angled capital "I" in the rounded trapezoid from the old Racers logo. I like the stroke you have on the current circle, so I was suggesting using that same styling on the rounded trapezoid.
  5. So... that's a no on the Kraken?
  6. Racers look fantastic, but I think the logo needs a little more work. The "I" just sits in the circle awkwardly. What about using the "slice of bread" shape from the original logo, but angled like your "I" and styled like your circle?
  7. I have to side with the "too simple" comments. These are good starts, but look like first drafts, or like a max of ten minutes was spent on each one. I realize you have 32 of them you want to do and it's going to take a long time as it is, but you really need to slow down on these and give them the effort they deserve. I'm assuming you have reasonable or better Photoshop skills, so there's really not an excuse to rush through these. If you ARE just more interested in getting this stuff out there, then the best policy is to explain that up front so helpful designers don't waste their time giving valuable feedback when it isn't wanted. I'll assume based on the energy that you've put into this so far, that you're interested in good feedback.
  8. Love this, but I miss the team-color-specific presentation of other brackets you've done.
  9. YASSSSSS.. Circular brackets are BACK!
  10. More like imagine the lines of the ship are white instead of black, while the rest of the logo is otherwise transparent or maybe half-transparent grey. But all the lines are also glowing with whatever the ghostly color is (orangey in the Bucs case), with the helmet itself being a neutral dark pewter so the logo jumps out.
  11. Why not lean even more into the ghost ship angle (at least for the alt) and instead of it being a realistically-colored ship, do that thing where it's mostly monochromatic, but all the lines are a darker and glowy?
  12. This logo has made me wonder what a goalie mask-styled bandana for a Desperados or Bandits-named team would look like. Like, the bandana is fiberglass and white and has the airholes in it. (as I type this, I'm doubting myself in calling it a 'bandana'. My brain is trying to tell me "that's not what it's called". But the mask an old west bandit would wear over his mouth... that's a bandana, right???)
  13. Cool stuff! I hope you continue to flesh out the nation itself and give us more backstory in it and the rivalries within.