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  1. Poor Maryland State. The only (unless I'm miscounting) two-time runner-up without a championship. Lots of one-appearance teams who look like they had a great QB or RB for a couple of years and achieved heights never reached before or since. I guess by this point, if you fancy yourself a good team, you've won at least one championship.
  2. What if you add some fan fiction-y elements, but hide them under spoiler tags, so it's not dominating a page by taking up 20 paragraphs of space? Personally, I think the fan fiction stuff should be judged on a case-by-case basis, or at least allowing those who obey the spirit of this forum (by, you know, actually posting designs and logos and uniforms and graphics) to include fan fiction-y elements in their posts. THIS series 1000% qualifies under the design part, and the fan fiction stuff would only enrich the solid WORK that's been done. I realize, mods, that it's a slippery slope, filled with cluelessly naive newbies greasing themselves up and attempting to run uphill, but I really miss some of the deeper details on teams we used to have that actually made the design choices more meaningful. I think putting all fiction elements under spoiler tags would keep the clutter out, but still make it available for those interested in such things.
  3. I loved the Tritons then, and even more now. Beautiful.
  4. This is amazing. Makes me excited for the XFL. It'll be so sad when the real stuff is released and it's as lame as we're dreading. LOVE all the swaps, especially the Gargoyles. But the Plunder is a hard pass for me. It's the one thing that's not like the others, as it's not a home run.
  5. Great concept. The 5 and 6 dice make total sense, but I can't help seeing that the 6, by itself, looks like an 11. What if instead of two dice, you show two faces of a 3D-ish die, with 5 on one face and 6 on the other. If you make the 6 the more front-facing side, it'll give it a bit more prominence and maybe give the feel of it being an 11. Kind of like this, but angled to where you don't see the top of the die. https://www.dkgameroomoutlet.com/16mm-rounded-corner-blue-dice
  6. This is going to be so much fun. But as someone from Louisiana, as cliche as it is, there's no way a top-level University of Louisiana school would NOT have green, gold, and purple.
  7. Nice! I love the Tritons. Good new take on a trident from what I usually see.
  8. All of these are rock-solid. That said, I wonder if you could thicken the horseshoe on the flames, like maybe double. It's the only part of that that feels a little weak, weight-wise, especially when shrunken down.
  9. The Non-flyers and the Grits are my favorites of these I've seen.
  10. Yes. Very interesting. Love the color combo. However, also interestingly, it now looks more like a fish than a sea lion (the tail is of course still a sea lion). And that's not necessarily a bad thing. What if you go fully into making this look try to fit the Sockeye concept?