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  1. Agreed that this is maybe the best Bucs concept I've seen in years. I'm curious also about seeing what it looks like with orange accents, but I really don't know if it needs it.
  2. Looking great! Atlanta- Still looks really sleek and modern. Knights- Of all of them, feels the most 80's. Tropics- Great. Rampage- Fantastic Warriors - Great. Rangers- Is that an arrowhead or a badge? Love the feel of it. Rawhides. Better logo, but that font is unreadable. Stars- I take it back. THIS is the most 80's of the logos. Sharks - sleek. Sasquatch- Fun. Overall I love the logos. I think it's probably the sleekness and the fonts that make them look more modern. Looking forward to reading about the league.
  3. Vipers - Agree that it's a bit too modern, but also agree that it doesn't matter and they had a designer ahead of his or her time. A bit too much space between the P and the E. But not enough space between the V and I, and R and S. Just make the kerning between each letter consistent. But I love everything else about it. Legion - Nice, but very generic. I've seen this logo a million times before. Nighthawks - Nice. Nothing really to add. Rawhides - Not sure about that font or at least that implementation. I see "Pawhides". Overall, the wordmark is just hard to read. I think if you just make the D and the R match the rest of the wordmark it'll go a long way.
  4. Sweet! Did you try a version of the jersey that more matched the monk robe?
  5. Sparky, are you able to issue a denial that the team has contacted you about your designs? I heard a rumor that this happened. (that rumor was started by me).
  6. I get what you're trying to do, but the resulting shapes aren't contributing to us seeing A H and "!" 'm seeing either AI or A! Instead of splitting the H, what if you make the H full and the left side of the A it's own shape? I'd maybe even ad the full exclamation mark next to the H at an angle that matches the A's slant
  7. What if you just fill those spaces in with solid blue? It's a compromise.
  8. I'm not seeing hockey sticks on the Red Wings I'm actually seeing three extruded bars. Since you suggested it, though, I thing it might be interesting to see what it looks like leaning more into the hockey stick visuals. Have them only come out of the left side of the D and angle down and be more distinctly separated, almost like each stick is spooning the one below it. The angle of the D suggests motion, and having the wings come out of both sides feels a bit odd to me.
  9. Nice nice nice. I love this and I know it's Washington's traditional helmet color, but I'd also be curious to see how it would look with some other color helmets.
  10. If you turn the logo clockwise 90 degrees, the basic shape has the beginnings of looking like a bulldog or a St. Bernard. There might be a way to elegantly lean into that and make it more explicit (while keeping it hidden.)
  11. Love it. Logo on the front of the helmet is pretty unique for the NFL and allows the Browns to stay unique-ish. As I've always hated the Browns' bland colors and design, it takes a lot for me to get remotely excited about them. Good stuff. (But I'd still work on the letterforms matching in both the font and the logo).
  12. Fantastic series! Great implementation! Can't wait to see where this goes.
  13. Cool design. The only thing that's bugging me, and it might not be un-buggable, is my brain wants the stroke around the B to be the same thickness as the brown stripe. And minor nitpick #2 is that the B on Browns is different than the B logo. It's ALMOST the same, but the fact that they don't match their basic forms nicks at me.
  14. Love love love the pivot to Americans. The logo still needs some work, but I like the direction. I think if you just take the simplification of the logo (and taking it out of the roundel) and have the feathers mimic the size and sweep of the old logo that it would be really dynamic. Let them curve below and suggest the 'circle'
  15. Sorry. This one actually looks pretty good. Back to the drawing board.
  16. I challenge every other designer here to put their best 100 logos up against this collection, lol.
  17. Fantastic stuff. Beautiful, clean presentation. Favorite so far is the Nuggets. I could actually root for the Nuggets if that's what they looked like.
  18. This is terrible. An offense to the eyes and to the dignity of the NHL. More please.
  19. Great series so far! Clean visuals, some bold creative choices, and entertaining concise explanations. As a Houston native, I love the Statement uniform. I'm always 100% on board with Houston teams doubling down on the NASA/space branding. With the Astros sunset gradient, it just screams Houston.
  20. New Jersey: The J is a bit awkward in how it just suddenly tapers down to fit into the N. You might have to widen the point on the tail to make it feel more consistent, but that'll decrease the width of the N. Maybe try a constant taper on the J. Chicago: I get that you're simplifying everything, but I think you need to find a way to bring in all the colors in the same ratio. Florida: Agreed that the panther looks like a malformed seal screaming in pain. Not sure what I'm looking at on this one. I'm okay with the overall jersey look, though.
  21. Nice stuff. I especially agree with the Hurricane's using "storm grey" to differentiate them from all Devils and all the black teams.
  22. Yasss! I'd have maybe modified the template a bit to give it a teensy bit of hockey flair and differentiate it a bit from football. Scratched ice in one of the boxes, maybe. Rotate background a 30 degrees perhaps. It may be a spoiler for this series, but what state has the most cross-sport success? Any team win championships in multiple sports in the same season?
  23. I'm curious what this would look like if you went full Houston Oilers color scheme for the uniforms. That would be a great way to instantly get the city on the team's side. Love ya blue could make a return to the city.
  24. Eruption works better as a name than Erupters. Lava is another short and sweet and visual word that could work. I'd still go with just plain Volcanoes.