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  1. The logo is straight, they were just trying to be "cool" in their contest.
  2. Warriors logo officially revealed by team today by finishing contest.
  3. Tigers had a 1935 world series hat giveaway last night. I like the wool like feeling they did to it
  4. Agreed. Since I haven't been on for a few days. Going through and looking at the horizontal line conversation on the jazz logo. At the end of the video where it says Confidential and has the Jazz note behind confidential. The horizontal line does go all the way through. Haven't seen that pointed out. So just wanted to mention it.
  5. haha I know. It was great work just going off of that leaked watch with the minute and second hands in the way. Just pointing it out. Since did notice tiny difference. If you look at the original leaked watch logo now, you can see they curved the bottom of the tower on purpose for some reason. I wish there was someone we could ask why they decided on the stupid off centered circle. Just more of the point I think it's awesome, that it affected the warriors whole reveal plans. As a warrior fan, there is so much hate for this front office/ownership. I have talked to someone in the know about how pissed the Warriors are about the leak.
  6. I'm not sure how much it has been talked about here. But because of the Warriors logo being leaked. The Warriors had to scrap their plans for the reveal at the draft. Instead they are doing a contest on their website to reveal 1/9th of the logo each day. The final day is the 31st. But from what they have revealed there are slight differences from the leak already. ESPN even wrote an article of how the warriors had to change things up because of fan leaks online. The Leak: The dubs contest: It's hard to tell exactly because the contest is at an angle. But if you rotate the logo straight. I used my phone to turn it and compare. Look at the trusses on the left. The leak has them a a lil bit more on angle than the contest. Though both are at an angle when turning the contest logo straight. It also doesn't matter how much you turn the logo the bottom of the tower isn't straight. We will know Monday exactly how the bridge looks.
  7. With the warriors draft hat having the bride being a gray shadow. Possibly it will be like that then on the jersey with the number over it, centered in the circle. Instead of in the empty space. Just throwing out that thought.
  8. It could just be the perspective, but the photo you added just below that seems to suggest otherwise. The circle looks the same to me. wow I didn't even notice the circle being the same in the picture I posted. Was to focused on the collar. Well there goes that.
  9. Thanks Conrad, I had noticed the missing trusses, just thought it was artistic choice you were making. Even though I didn't agree with part of the bridge missing. Ha. I also hope that the blue circle being off from the yellow, was poor design make up by the watch company. My guess, maybe before they made the watch, they were given the logo on a yellow background. So they cut it down to a circle and cut it down wrong. A hint from the warriors website? and they also have this
  10. Hey everyone, just got done reading the whole thread. To let you know who I am. I'm the one that sent the logo to Paul at uniwatch asking if that was the new warriors logo. Which has now started all this. Here's the story of what it took to get to this point with the w's logo: On the warriors boards it was first mentioned 3 years ago the warriors were thinking about updating their logo. They got great support with the throwback city jerseys and then they made a small comment about maybe we should bring them back with with using the new bay bridge. So we started back then making mock ups of what it could possibly look like if they ever did on the warriors boards. Then right before the niners came out with their new jerseys back to their old colors. The warriors announcer on his radio show said warrior fans probably should save their old warriors stuff because those colors will be back, Even though he couldn't really admit it. The logo was suppose to come out last season, warriors even had a blow out sale the season before of all their stuff because they thought they would no longer use the current logo/jersey. The sale had jersey's for $5. Well from what I have heard the warriors owner tried to get the league to waive the fee for changing logo, since the league let okc steal the name of the warriors mascot. That failed and he didn't want to pay last season. Putting the current logo back for a year, even though they sold all their merchandise off. There had been rumors of the new logo coming out this upcoming season. Then got the drop on what it would look like. (Warriors to unveil new uniforms on draft night.) Because of that post, when the watch popped up with a logo no one had seen and was different than the fan mock ups. Also knowing game time sold all the real sport watches. I was pretty sure it was the real thing. There is also a history of the warriors not wanting to pay the league fee for logos, after the cartoon theme faded from the nba. The warriors wanted to ditch the thunder logo. They had already removed the lightning bolts from the jersey. So they went to the nba and said they wanted to switch their primary logo to the w logo. The league said it would cost I believe 500k, since the warriors already had the other logo approved by the nba and the owner being cheap he thought that was a joke. So he said no. The warriors switched all their stuff to the secondary w logo (court,letterheads, media stuff)but didnt pay the fee. That is why you never see the warriors use the thunder logo for the last 4 years but you still see it on espn and tnt. The NBA tells the media what logo to use and still passes out the thunder logo as the primary. Reading about their being a rule of needing the name in it, I wonder if this played in to the lil fight over the logo. I know some want that empty space filled in with something like a basketball in Conrad's awesome mock up. But it's most likely left open for the numbers. That's the way the city jerseys were. Which there staying with that theme. Plus the new bridge only has one tower unlike the city jersey with its golden gate/two towers. But then again why not just use the basketball like conrad did for the logo and then remove the basketball part for the jerseys and have the number there. Since there is question if the Kings logo is changing or if the watch is off. There might be a chance the warriors new colors are slightly off. On their website they already hint the new uniform, showing the new colors. So these are the colors:Warriors site Since I know a lot of people here aren't from the bay area or follow the dubs this as much, as I do. I figured I would pass on all the craziness it is out here being a warrior fan. Conrad, any chance you can make a patch up of just the leaked logo without your additions. Just want to see, how that would look. Thanks