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  1. There's already a thread it can be added too....
  2. My guess is that it's a game in the season on the video game during NBA's green week for recycle they do every year
  3. hmmmm. Anthony Slater: From @ThompsonScribe: Warriors will wear these Oakland-themed jerseys on Saturday nights and after they move to SF
  4. Thanks for that..(Happy to be wrong) Guess only question will be if dumb sponsor patch is red like white jersey or all white like blue jersey.
  5. I would expect it too, but if you enlarge it. The video game is clearly not like the logo. So that's why I was just saying hope it's wrong
  6. and Oakland has been known as "The Town" for a long time since SF is "The City" The jersey will be a big hit in Oakland. My problem with the jersey right now, is I hope the video game messed up. They have just filled in the limbs grey with white outline while Oakland's logo uses 3 lines for the limbs, which looks better. Hoping the real jersey looks more like Conrad's concept.
  7. A's had the throwback game on Saturday of the series
  8. The A's president already said they would go crazy with throwbacks next year for the 50th celebration. Looks like they will also have a new alternate jersey. From the season ticket perks for next season. One is that you can get an "Oakland Alternate Jersey". So can start the guessing on what that will look like.
  9. Yea he has posted concept images of both community and xmas jerseys on twitter. Both are suppose to be pretty close according to sources. Besides things like The being smaller and Town closer together.
  10. Looks like they will and be badly paired
  11. These have nicknames on the back. So don't think those are for little league weekend. But for players weekend where they can have nicknames on jerseys and wear whatever shoes they want.
  12. One of the main page articles on sportslogo talked about it. Not sure if anyone brought it up in the thread though.
  13. Their reply says will be worn on field August 18-20 they also Rt'd this. Anthony Collicchioā€¸ @XclickarooX 54m54 minutes ago Replying to @UniWatch @FittedsFlannels All the teams in MLB will be participating. Some teams using alt logos like the buccos. Colors are red, yellow, green, purple, blue & orange
  14. Rajai and Rosales both went with two - stars socks. Doolittle had two - striped socks on. Manaea, Davis, Brugman were some of ones that went with the 1 stars and 1 stripes set.
  15. This one is even worse... really now...
  16. yea pretty much... New era already has their own version (bottom)
  17. Just going to add the league name and logo change to this thread. Since pretty on topic and might be someone that missed it...
  18. A's President on AMA just mentioned this about next year... " We have one throwback this year and next year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the club in Oakland we are going to go wild with throwback nights! "
  19. The rule is you have to wear the team color selected by your team, they have to do be a majority of that color. A's are only team to designate white cleats as their color.
  20. and it only happened thanks to the cheapness that was Chris Cohan. Warriors were suppose to change a year earlier. But he didn't want to spend the 500k fee for changing logo. They tried to get league to waive fee since they were forced to drop mascot since OKC stole his name. "Thunder" Warriors even had blowout sale on all the jerseys the season before at the last game because they thought they were changing. Was nice getting jerseys that didn't change the next season for like $5-$15
  21. BP, it's a throwback to old Senators cap.
  22. Midland Rockhounds.. The A's AA affiliate got their rings for their 3rd championship in a row tonight ..