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  1. it's annoying me such a downgrade for a great jersey....
  2. Warriors ring number 2. James Michael McAdoo now has what Steph doesn't. Two championship rings for last season.
  3. Yea it was talked about in a fan focus group not to be mentioned publicly at this point. Someone wrote about it. The team itself asked for them to take it down. Was only meant for the fan focus group to discuss at this stage.
  4. They never had any banners for the first two championships until last year. They only had their 75 championship banner. But when NBA added 3x champions on their jerseys. To not make that confusing they added the first two banners absent of any NA imagery.
  5. Well the BAA I agree with as correct. But just seems weird to change it to saying NBA now. Guess they got tired of answering the question of what that meant.
  6. Warriors raised their new banner.. But my question is. How come they changed the 1946 banner to a league that didn't exist then? Last Year: This Year:
  7. so was this accurate but with real stuff? Can't find a real picture anywhere
  8. @UniWatch 7m7 minutes ago Twins website leaks news that team will have red alt jersey next season, then removes thread at team's request: …
  9. Why are the spurs different location's? Manu has it coming up halfway of the numbers while Tony Patty has it at the bottom of the number? edit:doh
  10. I really hope the T-Wolves aren't serious about this design. no, it's right at bottom of the page.,
  11. . This is the first I heard of this. This seems to be never-ending. Baltimore, Cincinnati, New England, and now Houston all have newer 21st Century stadiums which opened with natural grass only to switch to artificial surfaces years later. Who's gonna be next, Pittsburgh, Philly, or another .... I don't know why it is that Washington and Baltimore, only 30 miles apart and both with open air stadiums yet Baltimore switched to field turf. All the teams in the English Premier League, along with the lower leagues who aren't particularly wealthy all play on natural grass surfaces, and it rains a ton there which causes wear from the player cleats. Same with the soccer leagues throughout Europe, you don't see them playing on artificial surfaces. Niners are already considering it. They put astro turf around the edge of the playing field this year. They promised the NFL the Super Bowl would be on grass so thats's why they didnt decide to do it this season.
  12. Warriors have selected Jason of Beverly Hills for their ring. @warriorsworld Pressure is on Jason of Beverly Hills to produce the best Championship Rings ever …
  13. Because he's an and doesn't care about the uniform, and the NFL does next to nothing to enforce sock violations. they fine them 7,500 for it.. More just shows the stupidity of throwing money like that away just to look "kewl"
  14. NFL basically said Thursday games don't count against alt jersey rule this year. They want to encourage teams to go color vs color. So they won't hold it against you if other team doesn't decide to. Next year they will force issue. Whether it's news special jerseys or whatever,
  15. Tomorrow we will get one in the AFL. San Jose because they went 19-1 won the right to host the Arena Bowl. But because of the circus at HP arena till Sunday they can't play at home and will host game in Stockton. Just like they had to do for conference championship game last week. They tried to move game to Monday to play at home but league said no because ESPN booked game to air tomorrow night.
  16. A's started season in Las Vegas because of remodeling for the raiders coming back at coliseum in 1996
  17. but for the season though or just this... Matt BarrowsVerified account ‏@mattbarrows Paint it Black: Levi's end zones get makeover for Wedemeyer all-star game, #49ers training camp.
  18. With Shorts it's 7 and 6 "76ers" also 13 total... 13 colonies
  19. 7 stars on left and 6 on right is fine. But spread it out so not all that blank space after.