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  1. I just saw a Nike Volt version of Merrill Lynch. The new logo is much more crisp and clean, but doesn't look collegiate. Bring back the old Horn-U.
  2. But men and women are the same! I'm supposed to be all woke! Fight the patriarchy! But yeah, I totally agree.
  3. This picture is RIPE for a funny photoshop. Her expression is absolutely killer.
  4. I love those collar stripes. WOW WOW WOW WOW!
  5. My first thought. Maybe during the next round of expansion they can realign into nWo Wolfpac and nWo Hollywood divisions.
  6. They have to come up with some kind of name. In 2019, all the "classics" - warriors, tigers, bulldogs - are totally overused. I'm sure people laughed at names like Athletics, Packers or Magic when they debuted.
  7. That's really interesting. And kinda clunky. I want to see the Michigan influenced team, the Blaize.
  8. That's a good economic point to address. My comment was only from the standpoint of being able to draw a crowd and pack a stadium. I feel like Mexico City would have a better chance at that than Raleigh.
  9. MLB might have more success expanding to Mexico or the Dominican Republic instead of a mid-major US city that has trouble drawing fans for other sports.
  10. I want a Springfield Isotopes shirt with that logo.
  11. Makes sense. I was in marching band and our uniforms had capes that were blue and silver (on alternating sides). The seniors would usually flip their capes around the other way for group photos.
  12. Anytime high school hockey gets brought up, I'm obligated to mention the All-Minnesota Hockey Hair team: https://youtu.be/SmucWOLnAb4