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  1. I had no idea who this person is. I watched the video and I still don't. Pony up some cash and hire a designer. Or stop making music and get a job in accounting somewhere. Either works for me.
  2. Brown, Yellow and White isn't exactly a great color scheme, but Wyoming manages to look good most of the time because they stick to traditional stripes with a little bit of flair in the western font.
  3. If you think Big 8 football was small potatoes in the 1980s, you're rooting for the wrong teams.
  4. I'd love to see this with an orange facemask. Right now, there are orange accents on the pants and jerseys. I suppose technically, the football on the flag logo is orange, but I think an orange mask might really tie this together.
  5. You know what looks even better than a blue and orange football team? A blue and orange football team that plays on a normal looking surface.
  6. Try making the 18 a different color or font. That way, Sandwich / Day are visually the same and it's the 18 that sticks out. Or, just make the logo say Sandwich Day and put a small banner or call out across the top that reads "18th Annual" or something.
  7. That's cyclical, though. Boston College and Virginia Tech have had periods of dominance and there have been times when Clemson fell off the map.
  8. Guessing you meant a yellow O instead of orange? A lot of folks in Corvallis would be happy with the idea of the Ducks wearing anything orange.
  9. I'm surprised some marketing genius at ASU hasn't tried to repurpose the words "Sun Devils" as a nickname for desert soldiers, similar to military unit nicknames like Screamin' Eagles, Tropic Lightning or Hell On Wheels. I could see them going full-on Tillman with a detachment of Sun Devils in desert fatigues and the whole 9 yards.
  10. I hadn't noticed - was too busy looking at Crouch's Heisman.
  11. All this back and forth about Oregon's dark green feels like when fanboys give excuses for their teams. "Well, our center couldn't pick up that sack, but he IS the first player in school history from a Pacific island nation to earn a scholarship." "Our WR has only caught six passes this year, but he's blocked like 50 dudes for our RB." Yeah, yeah, technically green. But it looks black. And Oregon? You of all people should know the adage, "if it walks like a Duck and quacks like a Duck..."