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  1. I only follow one team, so for me it's #15 and #7. Got us three national titles in five appearances and a Heisman.
  2. I'm not sure why he's so riled up. I guess the 2019 scoreboard and a lone Rose Bowl appearance from John Pont are paramount for a school with the distinction of the most FBS losses all-time. But yeah, let's go with that instead of having blue blood / top 10 status on almost every statistical category that matters in CFB. http://www.winsipedia.com/nebraska/vs/indiana Can someone please find me a Texas or Penn State fan to argue with instead?
  3. Nebraska has met Indiana exactly twice since joining the Big Ten. The previous game was back in 1978. And prior to the 2019 loss - where Indiana had as many fake injuries as points - the last time we legitimately lost to the Hoosiers was 1959. Your post makes it sound like we've lost 15 games straight. Congrats on winning the message board.
  4. As a fan of one of those Big Ten East teams, you might be a little more grateful. Without Nebraska having some gonads, I doubt there's multiple lawsuits, pressure from ADs and politicians and likely no Big Ten season. Of course people are going to fawn all over Justin Fields and OSU, but this fire really got started with Scott Frost and Bill Moos. Because of NU, Desmond Howard gets to watch Michigan lose to Ohio State in 2020. You're welcome.
  5. Tell that to Tennessee and Kentucky regarding their turf war on checkerboard patterns.
  6. The sleeve striping on the white jerseys look too similar to Ohio State for my taste.
  7. Probably the same way Ohio State does against Purdue. What's your point?
  8. Rumors saying the B1G will have an 8-game schedule, with a conference title game. That's not terrible, given how long they've dragged their feet on this. It's basically a game short from a typical, 9-game conference slate -- meaning that you lose one of the cross-divisional games -- and of course non-cons are gone. So, 8 conference games and zero opposition from non-conference teams. That could probably work...cough SEC every year... cough...
  9. NU President Ted Carter was caught on a hot mic saying that a Big Ten announcement would come tonight. Hot take - this wasn't an accident. As vocal as Nebraska has been about wanting to play, this is absolutely a moment of thunder-stealing on behalf of NU to the Big Ten. Kevin Warren has fallen all over himself sideways and backwards to try and block a football season, and now that it appears imminent, I highly suspect this was Carter dropping some social gamesmanship to remind Warren that the commissioner of the league serves at the pleasure of the constituent members, not the other way around. https://www.ketv.com/article/heard-on-hot-mic-university-of-nebraska-president-says-big-ten-announcement-comes-tonight/34027172?fbclid=IwAR2_vWOSOiV9RjZfzIt5sQ5RUu00H2BFSEhA7ow69QZzbBClCVKapnVOKvU# Additionally, according to some beat writers in Michigan, it appears that the conference might move ahead with a schedule that does not include UM/MSU. I won't get political here, but obviously there's a lot swirling around Michigan and Governor Whitmer's executive orders. Seems like the B1G may have contingency plans for the inclusion/exclusion of the Wolverines and Sparty, depending on what shakes out politically in the Mitten State. https://www.radio.com/971theticket/sports/university-of-michigan/big-ten-expected-to-proceed-without-michigan-michigan-state
  10. I mean, they could also go with a decal that calls for the dismantling of the nuclear family.
  11. Regardless of who plays or doesn't play, 2020 will have a whole bunch of asterisks next to it in the record books. Assuming the B1G and/or PAC don't play, can you really say that a national champion is a champion? It already feels a bit like 1984 BYU and their lopsided championship against a middling Michigan team.
  12. Trump has now had a "very productive" conversation with Kevin Warren about restarting Big Ten football. Again, not trying to be political here, BUT, the reality is that Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin are typically swing states in elections. Hard to deny that this is a decent political strategy by Trump since it infuses a bunch of money back into their local economies and we all know that the Rust Belt is pretty passionate about football. Further, there's a linked Biden ad in the article where his camp is pointing to Trump's mismanagement of coronavirus as the reason for football shutting down. Either way you slice it, both sides are going to try and claim the resumption of football as a moral victory. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/football/trump-touts-very-productive-chat-with-big-ten-commissioner-kevin-warren-on-playing-fall-football/article_3915ea4b-15aa-5c20-8264-71e9d43eaef1.html
  13. The B1G Mess continues to spiral. Warren has had Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts and President Trump criticizing his decision. I don't mean to take the thread in a political direction, so please, let's keep the Trump/election stuff out of it as much as possible. Regardless, though, when you have a sitting governor and the President of the US talking about how you screwed up it's probably not a great look. Ricketts: “I think the Big Ten has taken a bad approach with regard to this and I would certainly encourage the Big Ten to reexamine what they’re doing because they’re penalizing a lot of folks here.” Trump: “Disgraceful that Big Ten is not playing football. Let them PLAY! ... I want Big Ten, and all other football, back - NOW..." https://www.nj.com/rutgersfootball/2020/08/president-trump-calls-on-big-ten-to-reverse-disgraceful-football-season-cancellation.html https://omaha.com/news/state-and-regional/govt-and-politics/ricketts-says-big-ten-made-a-mistake-with-decision-to-postpone-fall-sports/article_f461fec3-3c0f-51bc-83fd-3b2bfcb74434.html I've seen some napkin-math estimates that figure NU stands to lose something like $100m in revenue, plus maybe 3-4x that in lost revenue for the surrounding businesses in Lincoln and Omaha that thrive off college game day environments. You gotta figure if Nebraska is collectively losing a half billion dollars or so, that Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and others are at that mark or higher. Actually, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana probably get hit a little bit more since they each have two schools in the B1G. It's not insurmountable to think that there's probably $7-10b at stake across the Big Ten footprint by NOT playing college football.
  14. That doesn't actually bother me all that much, assuming they didn't otherwise screw up the rest of the uniform. Arizona had a similar helmet for a while and it was fantastic.
  15. ESPN is launching a new graphics package for CFB this season. https://www.espnfrontrow.com/2020/08/espns-creative-services-team-works-their-work-from-home-magic-with-new-college-football-graphics-and-animation/
  16. Yeah, I'm okay not watching football if that's what ultimately has to happen, but Warren is in WAY over his head. Following Jim Delaney would be a hard act without a global pandemic, but Warren seems bent on bungling this thing six ways from Sunday.
  17. Lengthy side conversation about what's happening behind the scenes at Nebraska and the lawsuit of players' parents against the Big Ten. https://forum.huskermax.com/threads/nebraska-parents-are-ready-to-unleash-on-the-big-ten-with-a-lawsuit-21-aug-2020.118634/ Note that the lawsuit is cleverly worded - it's not about suing to play football. It's about the release of whatever black magic wizard documents that Kevin Warren mysteriously received to make his change his mind about canceling the season, just days after announcing a 10-game schedule. When Warren reversed course, it was shrouded in all kinds of double talk about caring for the kids and some mythical Athletic Director / Presidents' vote that allegedly never occurred. It was reported first as a 12-2 vote, then as an 8-6 vote and finally as "no vote ever having happened." This of course, not including the hypocrisy of letting his own son play ball at Mississippi State. There's strong speculation that Covid is a convenient cover for the Big Ten trying to quash any sort of Player's Union. The real goal here is to uncover the documents, which would likely expose Warren as having some kind of personal/political reason for suspending the season without giving so much as a vote to the 14 member schools of the Big Ten. Of course a side effect of that process is that should it be determined that Warren pulled some hijinx, than there could likely be some kind of Big Ten season, and/or the floodgates opening on Player's Unions and NIL rulings. Outkick The Coverage had a great take on this whole situation.
  18. The B1G is better at most sports. But they're hellbent on screwing over their teams right now.
  19. That's true, but here's a random thought: Ohio State was crabbing about the lack of play about as much as Nebraska, although NU took most of the national heat for it. There have been rumors about Michigan and/or Penn State also wanting to play. If the Big XII wanted to get super aggressive, they'd put together a TV package that turns spins off LHN into a conference-wide network and make a stupid, pile-o-money type offer to Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State. Imagine the Big XII getting up to 14 teams by adding those four teams. It's a bit of a pie in the sky pipe dream, but it would set up the Big XII to basically usurp the Big Ten's place in terms of TV revenue and they'd probably have a slight edge over the SEC if they can use OU, UT, NU, OSU, UM and PSU in TV contract negotiations. It seems totally unrealistic, but if I were heading up the Big XII, I'd give it a shot. Jim Delaney is not running the B1G anymore and his successor seems like an incompetent boob. If there was ever a time that the Big Ten was facing uncertainty, it's now. Perfect time for a sneak attack.
  20. For now. There's a lot of smoke on this thing for there not to be a fire somewhere. I'm not saying NU walks away today, but it wouldn't surprise me if things change down the road. Kevin Warren is no Jim Delaney.
  21. Hot Mess #3 (this isn't even a stripe... it's a... block of orange?)
  22. I've never seen that before, but I think it's 7 stars (4-3) and 6 stars (3-3) when you include the pants. So it's literally 7-and-6 for the Seventy-Sixers.
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