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  1. The Raiders franchise has been stuck in the 1970's forever. You have a better chance of getting hit by a meteor then seeing anything ever change with the Oakland/Los Angelas/Oakland/Las Vegas Raiduzz and their "look". Not that they really need to but they are stuck with the past, whether good or bad. Remember these are the Davis's we are talking about. Total clowns running a franchise.
  2. I don't think the Seahawks losing wearing all navy in SB48 has anything to do with the white/grey combo.
  3. Sounded much better too. Not having to listen to Phil Simms bore everyone to death for 3 hours was refreshing. Michaels and Collinsworth are a strong team.
  4. The NFL seems to be asleep at the wheel with socks and shoes lately. Now that they've gone to the "team shoe" garbage, more clowns are getting away with stuff they shouldn't be. And the socks have been a mess for a while. Maybe guys still get fined but who knows? I guess some of these 20-somethings like donating money to charity for the hell of it? A few of them probably will wish they had some of that cash a few years from now when they are flat broke. Its still not close to as ridiculous as the NBA, which has literally no rules and their players look like fools. But its getting closer to them unfortunately.
  5. They aren't going to, so there's no need to keep bringing it up all the time. The Hawks have been wearing all blue at home for going on 15 straight years now. Its not going to change. Whether they'd look better or not.
  6. Actually it has much more to do with the font the Yucs use then anything else. The numbers are just flat hard to read.
  7. Ahh remember the good ole days when pants actually had a shine to them? Instead of the dull era we are stuck in of matte pants for everyone. The Falcons need to bring the black jersey back.
  8. Looks good. They'd also look good in black jerseys with the gold pants. The gold, when paired with other elements, is actually a very cool color and would make for a great looking uniform.
  9. They've worn them against the Brownies before. This one was on Cleveland for their choice. But really no different then seeing a home team with a navy blue jersey and white pants play against a road team with white jersey and navy pants. I find that highly annoying too.
  10. Last weekend of the NFL's annual monthly pandering and profit "not sharing" to cancer. Lets all toast a glass as we see the hideous pink highlights and pink shoes and pink socks and pink whistles and pink goal post covers and pink chinstaps... etc.... put into the hamper for another year. Of course November then becomes the NFL's month to pander to veterans with camoflauge so we have that to look forward to.
  11. We've already seen the Bucs trot out the orange socks with this current set. They looked misplaced and quite frankly stupid. Glad they seem to be gone. Now if they ever go with a orange alternate jersey, then they'd have a place. But only then.
  12. Sorry but that's on the road team for wearing orange pants. The Bengals (as the home team) have the choice to wear what they want (dark or light jersey at home). The Browns have 3 options of pants to wear on the road and knew the Bengals were wearing orange. They should have picked either of the other two.
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