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  1. Bebas Neue looks really similar.
  2. Redbull

    Cougar Logo

    Agreed with most of the comments above he seems too happy instead of fierce, however the colours are great, and the logo has a nice feel to it overall.
  3. That sucks, but I wanted to say congrats on the success of your concept!
  4. Agreeed with comment below.

  5. First is for an independent movie contest, second is a year old, one of my first designs, the guy really liked it which was a surprise to me.
  6. From the initial concept to the finishing point im shocked you did it that quickly, this logo looks terrific now, great job dude.
  7. Great series here, love the logos, the last one may just be my favourite.
  8. Wow, the logo is one of the best logos I've ever seen, jerseys look great, home ones are my favourite, word mark and everything is picture perfect, terrific job on this one!
  9. Yeah very nice job on the logo man, came together really well.
  10. Love it, the jerseys are done really well. The wordmark part of the logo is terrific.
  11. ^agreed, very nice job on this one man, colors flow well.
  12. both logos are amazing.
  13. are these the fonts for the back of the jerseys?