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  1. I vote leave the doors open. Closing the doors won't stop people from stealing, it just makes then have to take a few extra steps to get what they want. Just like the CLUB... sure it's a deterent, but there are ways aorund it, and if someone wants it bad enough, they will find a way around it. Shuffle, don't shuffle... either way is fine by me.
  2. If you use a program like Illustrator, just make a background layer with an image representing yourself (a personal logo or just your name) and make sure that it is a light color, but visible enough to see. Then put your creation over that, and save. You could alos put the background image on top of your design, and make it semi-transparent, but that might interfere with your design. Its up to you.
  3. I am working on updating the TFAQ, and I can tell you I have found lots of free tutorials on the web for Illustrator. I don't have them all here to be able to give them to you, but do a Google search for them, and I am sure you will find many choices.
  4. Those are some great designs - a show of how much better members of this board are compared to some pro sports designers (aka Bobcats). Good jobs guys and good luck.
  5. Eenie, meenie, minie, moe... Catch a SICK member by the toe... If he hollars, we'll let him go... Eenie, meenie, minie, moe.
  6. NHL - Florida Panthers Alt has a stick broken in two.
  7. I'm suppose to be worried about going up against this in the first round? Ok - if you say so
  8. Although you can export paths from Photoshop into Illustrator, or even save the paths into an EP file, the results are never the same as creating the design only in Illustrator. I use both programs (depending on what I am designing) and find the pen tool in Illustator is much more powerful, and gives you more control for each point. I am updating the TFAQ and I have a new link with some great pen tutorials, but I don't have it with me right now (its at the office). I will add another reply to this thread once I get back to the office.
  9. I like Numero Uno - but I would remove the music. I agree with Avenger in that it matches your logo better. The second one just doen't seem too.
  10. Yes, I think its too early. Now come on - I know you are a great designer, so I am sure you can find lots of things to do after the first round.
  11. i thought that would be the first challenge.
  12. Correct me if I am wrong - You are going to assign 8 "captains" so that these 8 guys (or girls) would not be on the same team, leveling the playing field? If that's not the case, then I guess I don't understand the purpose of captains. If it is, then I'm fine with that. Thanks.
  13. I was just about to suggest the same idea. Except I think it should still be 4 memebrs of a team, 1 being the "Conceptor". You would still have your drawing from a hat for each team, except you would put all the "Conceptors" in one hat, drawing one for ewach team, and drawing all the "Constructors" fromk another hat.
  14. What about lowering the height of the sheild behind the trident? Let the trident stick out a littlle more at top.
  15. Check this site out - There is a lot of good information on each page and the last page gives some files to download with tutorials on the pen tool. Anatomy of a Vector Illustration I plan on adding this to the TFAQ, but I just haven't finished yet.
  16. 1 - pcgd [The City] 2- eddie10 [bucks] 3- Starchild [Knicks] All of you did a fantastic job.
  17. I guess the circle look is popular for this design...
  18. I will keep an eye on this post to see when you guys decide which standard will be best, and then I will add it to the TFAQ. I am in aggreance with paynomind in making the landscape a litle bigger to evenly fit the portrait images under or above it.
  19. I like 4 or best. And like the last few post, I agree that the logo is very generic and that its a greeat starting point, but some uniqueness to it would be better. Great job.
  20. Basically when I first did the design, I was new to designing and I relied on clipart to get me started. So I took these two pieces of clipart - and merged them together and changed the colors to what I wanted. I added some elements like the shading, the eye and the background, but that was easy. So none of the logo is mine, where as the new logo is all mine, from concept to paper to computer. Nothing borrowed, everything new. That's why I feel I need to change. And maybe this isn't the design I stick with, but its the start. I plan to try another design with a full goalie body and gator head, but it will be a while before I can get the project started. Right now I am working on fixing up the TFAQ, to update some links and clean out the old stuff.
  21. You guys like the old one? The reason I was looking to change was because I wanted something I could call my own. Don't get me wrong, I liked this design, but after reading the "Clipart Vs Art" thread, it got me thinking I should spend some time to design an original logo. GMac - I don't mind you being critical at all. I wanted it to look like he was turning his head (just slightly) towards the viewer. I didn't want just a flat profile side view, so I made his snout and mouth more dimensional to add a little life to it.
  22. I have been working on my new logo for a few days now, and I am at the point where I feel confident enough to present it to "the board". When I first created a logo for hockeygator, I compiled a few pieces of clipart into one, and it didn't look that bad; but it wasn't my own design. I recently had an idea, put it to paper, and then scanned it in, and made it come to life. I would like to know what you think of it. All critical remarks are welcomed, it's the only way I can get better. Thanks. The full color image: The one color image:
  23. I for one use clipart for some logos and designs that I do for people. Do I submit them as my own work? No. Do I enter them into contest where other people have worked hard at creating a very unique design for their entry? No. Do I spend a lot of time tweaking the clipart and adding other elements to it, to make it more custom to the user I am making it for? Yes. But regardless of how hard I work, the plain and simple fact is that it is still not my original work, so I don't claim it to be. I recently created a design for a site called TSF, and used a piece of clipart for the guy in the image. I made some changes, drew in a few pieces, and he loved it. I didn't claim that I made it all on my own, and I will be the first to tell anyone where I got the original clipart from. But I did work at tailoring the image to fit his needs and what he was looking for. I am not saying that what I did is on the same playing field as the designs submitted in contest, but I did something that a lot of people couldn't. That counts for something. So I guess my point is contest entries should be orignal, and not just clipart with changed colors or added elements. But, don't discount the work put into a logo or design that has used clipart. I am slowly working my way into creating my designs from the ground up, but I am far from submitting an entry for a contest that I think will win. PS - I must admit when I first joined the board, I submitted clipart with some changed colors and elements into a contest . I have since changed my ways, and understand my wrong-doing.
  24. My preference is Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I was able to purchase the entire Adobe Creative Suite through for $400. It is all the same programs, you just don't get some clip art and a few other freebies, but the programs are all the same as buying them retail. You just have to be a student or know a student to buy it for you.