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  1. Awesome work all around mcrosby. Changing the tomahawk handle to bat and adding the ATL lacing are genius, and the slight changes to the script are nice improvements. Also, I'll echo coco1997 on wanting to see a full set!
  2. Came here to say the same thing. I'll second the un-doing of these (if at all possible).
  3. You're doing some really solid work here, Alex! Darlington is one of my favorites so far. The split color pinstripes are a really nice look, and the simple hammer and axe on the kits is really classy. I can imagine that all black with the sublimation looking great on the pitch.
  4. I love all of this. I don't mind the cut off stripes, and the tri-color pattern is a huge improvement over their previous side panels. Not sure why there's so many complaints about not having Utah above the Jazz wordmarks - they didn't do that with their last set. And the sleeved alt is a great homage to the old warmups, and more than just a regular jersey with sleeves tacked on.
  5. Of course the team most in need of a change (Montreal) doesn't change a damn thing. Those are arguably the worst unis in pro football, IMO. Winnipeg is a big upgrade, though I'm not a fan of the yoke on the road. Saskatchewan and Calgary are slight upgrades. I would've liked to see a little black trim for the Riders to align with the logo. Edmonton is a downgrade. I liked their striping pattern, they just needed to get rid of the collar stripes and the road yoke. I'm actually a fan of the BC home look, especially the helmet. But the orange helmet is just bad, and the road unis are in serious need of some black. The rest I'm mostly indifferent on.
  6. Those Grizzlies wordmarks are a thing of beauty. Love the color scheme as well.
  7. I know it matches their look from the 80s, but the orange-white-orange stripe on the white pants really bothers me. It should be purple-orange-purple to match the helmet and other pants.
  8. Thanks, much appreciated! And I'm not a huge fan of the font either - I would've liked to see something more blocky (or just keeping United) - but I wanted to use the new crest and font for the concept.
  9. Well, the Lebron-era Heat and current Cavs almost have to be excluded from the discussion. They're all the way off the scale.
  10. That's really well done by the NBA. Interesting to see how many uniforms Kobe has worn playing for one team his whole career.
  11. Thanks for the comments and compliments everyone! Glad the hoops on the clash went over well. I have to respectfully disagree with you on the shorts @CRichardson. I feel that the white on white balances really well with the blue sleeves and socks, and the purpose of the clash was to have sort of a fade from royal to navy. Though the shorts could certainly be interchangeable if they wanted to change things up every once in a while.
  12. I love the new US Soccer crest, but the kits could use a lot of work. Part of the problem is Nike standardizing all the teams, but the color choices are also questionable. So I used the new Nike template, but took some liberties and added elements beyond the trim and contrasting sleeves. The only real changes I made on the primary kit were using navy on the sleeves and changing the socks to navy. I really like this look, and think that white on white with blue raglan sleeves, blue socks, and red trim could become a timeless look for the US. The clash kit features a royal blue top with fading navy stripes, navy shorts and socks, white numbers, and red trim. I thought this would be a nice way to get the 13 stripes on a kit in a more subtle way, as well as use royal and navy together, which is a sharp look IMO. Have at it!
  13. Great to see this thread back in action! I like what you have going on for Philadelphia. The liberty bell is fun but professional looking, and I'm really a fan of the wordmarks. The lowercase serifed font just seems to work for an America-themed team in Philly. I agree with Roadrunner that the keystone behind the front number doesn't quite work, and the contrast is poor on the home and road. I'd get rid of it there and put the keystone-P logo on the sleeve instead. I'd also look into a different number font, either something to match the wordmarks or standard block.
  14. Gorgeous! I love the rendering of the rocket, and the different angles within the crest make for a really interesting composition. Also, the starts are a nice, subtle tough. As Chris said, you've been on your game lately with these soccer concepts. Keep it up!
  15. I used to play the hell out of NASCAR Racing 3 back in the day! And I spent more time in the paint shop than I did on the track lol Also, nice work on those numbers!
  16. I see ND sticking with the white uniforms after two straight wins in them. The popularity of the gold set came in last year's ACC/NCAA run, but after the blowout to Carolina in the ACC tourney I'm thinking they may have retired them for the season.
  17. Digging the Sonics. The composition is nice and the double green works really well. I'm not sure if I think the top of the Space Needle is too detailed...I'd have to see a simpler version and compare. I do think the seams on the basketball are a little too curvy. Tone those down a bit and you have a winner.
  18. Wow, the Bulls are easily your best logo yet. The rendering of the bull is fantastic, the composition is really strong, and the star in the A is a really clever touch. I also like how the light blue works with the red and black. I have one tiny nitpick...the I in Chicago and the left side of the U in Bulls don't quite line up. With how close it is, and since other letters line up, I would try to work that out. It's too bad bad the Bulls have one of the strongest identities in the NBA...if this were a new team your logo would be perfect.
  19. G: V S: II B: I This was a really tough round to vote for... entries III and IV were right there with the top three. Good job everyone!
  20. Winner winner chicken parm (you taste so good) dinner.