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  1. Really nice work here, edjb93. Good designs and very clean presentation. I really like what you did with Atlanta and Carolina, and your Broncos concept is a really nice combination of eras. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the league.
  2. Early-mid 2000s Reebok era uniforms... PYPs (pronounced "pips"): Piping, Yokes & Panels See: Buffalo Bills, Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, Arizona Cardinals. Formerly: Minnesota Vikings.
  3. Not sure if Adidas was involved (the story above doesn't say), but Goshen High School in northern Indiana voted to change their mascot from the Redskins to the RedHawks. The name beat out Gladiators, Spartans, and Wolf Pack with 53% of the vote. All four logos were very well done (which makes me think someone like Adidas may have been involved).
  4. The Colts template is slightly different, but not new. The chest seams run straight across instead of forming an L shape to make the shoulder stripes even on the front and back of the jersey. The Jets jerseys are the same way.
  5. G: 12 S: 1 B: 10 While I really, really liked 1, the uniqueness of 12 just grabbed my attention. Honestly they were a toss up for me.
  6. Great work here! The simplification of the crest while drawing from past elements forms a really nice balance, and you really nailed the banner on the last version. I definitely think this crest could stand the test of time.
  7. Triton Brewing Co. out of Indianapolis has a really clean, consistent look. And the beer is excellent.
  8. Rams in yellow jerseys is a wonderful thing to see. Hope they bring that back in LA. Monochrome yellow though? Ugh. Also, really loving the kelly green with forest green trim for the Jets. That would look great on them full time IMO.
  9. Some really good entries here! G: 7 S: 9 B: 17
  10. I still can't believe there isn't a single American pro sports franchise that uses some kind of a dog as it's mascot (Browns don't count. I'm talking naming). Dogs are easily the most popular pet in America (if not around the world), yet with all the sweetness and loyalty, they can still be made to be pretty damn aggressive. How has this been overlooked? A dog mascot could work for just about ANY team in any location.Baltimore Bulldogs would've been a nice name. Also an additional shot at Cleveland after they left ?
  11. PSU: Looks like Penn State. Not much else to say! Rutgers: I feel like you could've gone more modern with the striping since you kept the number font. Maybe some tapering? Also not sure about the grey pants. Maryland: Love it. Only suggestion would be to use their current M logo on the helmet. It looks like you have it on the collar. Nebraska: I'd stick with block numbers, since both their N logos are block lettering. Wisconsin: I would've loved to see you change things up here. Maybe 4 vertical stripes on the sleeves to reference Bucky's sweater? Also I'd consider using Aachen for the numbers - Conrad made the Wisconsin-specific version and it has some lighter, more condensed weights.
  12. That Bulls set, my lawwwd! ? Really dig the Suns and T-Wolves as well. Agree with the others that the Cavs set is too busy, though the chrome gold helmet works IMO.
  13. Nice start here OSV! OSU: I'm personally a fan of the modernized sleeve stripes and non-black TV numbers, but I can't really argue with the throwback look. IU: The script on the helmet looks really nice, though it could be shrunk down just a tad. MSU: I like the subtle Greek pattern that was added this year, but your simpler look works fine. UofM: Solid look, especially the old school number font. The sleeves are getting a little crowded, so you may want to move the TV numbers to the shoulders, like the Chiefs did.
  14. That Cubs logo is terrible, and any jersey would be awful it that on the chest. Their primary logo is iconic. They need to put the primary logo on the blue jerseys. And some sort of trim so it doesn't look like a BP jersey. Put red trim around the white trim so it goes red-white-red, a white outline around the Cubs, and put it on a proper button-down. I'll do you one better: Update the sleeve logo, put it on a button down and we're good to go.
  15. Really digging the Orioles and Blue Jays in this division. Really clean looks. Not a fan of the sleeve logo for the Red Sox. I would just move the TV numbers there. The Yankees are pretty nice, though there may be a better way to capture the pinstripes. Maybe vertical, more spread out, and across the entire sleeve cap? Can't say I'm a fan of the Rays. The elements just clash too much. I'd pick a direction (current look, fauxback, or gradients) and run with it 100%.
  16. Beautiful! The composition of the logo is really unique, and all the elements work really well together. The black and white color scheme is really sharp, and adds to the great simplicity of the whole look.
  17. The WBNA's proprietary font used on all uniforms has a lowercase A and E. They're the same height as the rest of the letters, though.
  18. Montreal needs a complete makeover. New logo, new shades of red/blue/grey, better chest wordmark, and better colorblocking, if that's what they want to stick with.Yes. Montreal is 110% objectively the worst looking team in the CFL, and there's no close second. Reebok somehow found a way to top the Bills 2002 monstrosities when they released Montreal's current set.
  19. Those would look a lot better if they thinned out the orange stripe to match the UCLA stripes and left an equal amount of maroon above it. Right now it's just a Navy clone.
  20. Nah, Carolina is GARNET, not dark red. I knew their red had a name, just couldn't remember it. Some other thoughts: TCU really needs a pants stripe to match the helmet. That all white look was a little boring. While the pattern was fairly subtle, I'm still scared to see the full-frog color uniforms. The white pants look good for Michigan, but only for 1 or 2 games a year. In watching Utah-Mich I noticed that Utah's helmets matched the red on the sleeve caps about perfectly, but the jersey/pants were a little off. They were a little more orangey. Am I crazy or did anyone else notice that?
  21. Orange cuffs on a dark red jersey would look horrible. Noooooo, don't that to me.I might be a tad biased, and it's not exactly football, but it would be be pretty similar to this, from a pure color balance point of view And it's not like it would be that different from the creamsicles. It might be even more football-y, since usually the darker color is the main one and the accents are brighter. And it would help in making it look less like a 49ers ripoff Just a quick&dirty&awful rendering with orange cuffs, thicker orange stripes and red socks (and I don't think the red came out well in this picture, i remember it being a lot darker IRL) I think this would look better of the collar and cuffs were half black / half orange, with the orange on the inside. It would match the pants stripe amd numbers, and there would be better color distribution.