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  1. I'm just gonna go ahead and say right now that North Carolina v South Carolina is/will be the best looking game of the week. Two excellent uniform designs, and the dark red and Carolina blue look great together on the field. I'll gladly put my Irish v Texas at number 2.
  2. Seeing this picture, I think Cincy would've been better off with solid helmets. While I like the new striping pattern, it's a little too busy to be on helmet, jersey, and pants.
  3. That's one of my biggest pet peeves for football teams. Clemson has had this look at times, too. Must be a Carolinas thing, lol? This uniform is so close but yet so far.- Helmet has a bold dark blue outline - Logo on helmet has no outline - Numeral has thin dark blue outline Unify these elements and the set would be solid. Can never understand why they can't see this. Strange. For reference, here's that same uniform combo last year:The tiger paw, especially in the last few years, is almost exclusively one color, so putting any outline around it is a no go. The *purple* outline on the numbers is also slightly thicker than that set from about 7 years ago. If the logo isn't ever used with an outline then I would just remove the purple outline from the numerals and have the single, white stripe on the helmet.So you would get rid of all purple in the entire uniform? That's not a good solution. What they really need to do is go purple/orange/purple on the pants stripe and replace the paws on the sleeves with the same braisher stripes. Like so (shameless plug):
  4. I thought the exact same thing, and had the same trouble finding a good pic. Also, I went to my first Bears game that season, against the Eagles. Definitely a different experience. Ugh, don't remind me of that travesty
  5. I think it's fair to say that the Browns were the biggest DOWNGRADE from their previous look since Nike took over. While most would agree that the Jags and Bucs have worse uniforms in a vacuum, the Jags looked bad before Nike and the Bucs were just pretty good. The Browns, though, were a top 10, maybe top 5 uniform last season. That's the biggest disappointment overall. If an expansion team, for example, were given the Browns new uniform design it would get much less hate I feel.
  6. Not to get off topic on the Browns, but I'd rather see the Bills put red in the center of the sleeve stripes (particularly on the road) for consistency with the helmet and pants before dropping navy. I think that would do much more to improve their look.
  7. I think the helmet has an iridescent black/green finish, similar to the Jaguars pre-Nike helmet. It's a really neat look, but it needs black in the uniforms to balance things out. It doesn't look too great with this silver-heavy set.
  8. They traded Michigan and Notre Dame football for a basketball program that has seen better days and a football program that has gone bowling once in the last two decades. This is a strategic blunder no matter how you slice it. doesn't matter. still a huge BRAND Exactly. Notre Dame football hasn't won a title in decades, yet our last two deals have been the largest in the nation at the time they were signed. If the brand is strong the merch will sell and the supplier will get big time exposure, making it worth the cost.
  9. I like that take on the Northwestern stripes for the Giants. It's a bit reminiscent of their 80s look. I would leave the helmet plain blue though--the helmet stripes are a bit overkill.
  10. My point wasn't really about New York City--that's just the first "FC" team that came to mind. (I know that NYC is full of immigrants--not a good reason IMO to go FC, but I guess I could've used a better example.) My point is that "FC" could make sense for a team like Miami to appeal to the Latin population, but everyone else (and honestly southern teams, too) should use "SC" since they're a part of a SOCCER league. "City/State SC" offers the European naming convention without the contradiction.
  11. It would be nice if we could go one soccer-related thread here without this complaint popping up.There's a reason why teams do this. It's popular! Soccer fans like seeing teams adopt soccer-specific naming conventions. It's not even that far-reaching. You still have your standard North American-style names like "Seattle Sounders," "New York Cosmos," and "Vancouver Whitecaps." So please. Give it a rest. I feel like the bigger problem for most people is the choice of "FC" over "SC". The sport is called soccer in this country. Now for a team in Miami, with the city's large Spanish-speaking population, it makes a little more sense. For, say, New York City, not so much.
  12. Love the Blue Herons. The color scheme is gorgeous, and the bird logo is nicely rendered. I like the split color scripts and numbers as well--has a really strong Florida vibe. The 4 hats work really well too. My only suggestion would be to make the navy jersey road only and possibly make the light blue one home and road.
  13. The numbers and the pants stripes are kind of big deals when it comes to football uniforms. They messed this up, and I'm not sure how they go 5 years with this set. I legitimately feel for their fanbase. These are #31.5 in the league. Wasn't saying they didn't mess it up or that they look great. But they're not the abominations / worst-of-all-time that some are making them out to be.
  14. Seeing these in action, the numbers and pants wordmark are the only things I would change. I love the helmet and I think the jersey stripes work really well.
  15. These are pretty much my thoughts exactly. I wish all ND's green uniforms had gold numbers with blue trim, and I'd like to see the jersey stripes continue into the sleeves to better match the pants. The helmet is alright--could probably do without the stripes and with a bigger logo on each side.Overall, though, a really nice look.
  16. Great updates all around! I like the two throwbacks to honor the team's past, as opposed to trying to cram too much into the main identity.
  17. As great as that looks, the green jerseys are generally seen as back luck. BC in 2002, USC in 2005. Last we wore them was against Army in Yankee Stadium back in 2010, which we won, but it was Army.But if they DO come back, I'd love to see kelly green as opposed to the forest green that Weis brought in. UA has been using a lighter shade with other sports, and both navy and gold accents would look sharp.
  18. Agreed. It reminds me of a logo for a create team on FIFA.Downgrade? The poop emoji would be an upgrade from the current crest. Beveled stars? "US" in italic Arial? A red field with blue stripes? It looks like it was made by someone trying to mock the United States.As for the leak, the blue outer stroke could be thicker, but overall I like it a lot. Simple isn't a bad thing, IMO, given the simple US imagery to draw from.
  19. Nice looks really...nice. (I went there!) I love the unique shape of the crest, and the waves are a nice visual element. I like that you went with the classic crest in modern colors, as it's something that would happen in real life. The sublimated waves on the home kit look really good, and the neon waves on the clash are a bold look.
  20. In a vacuum I really like these uniforms. I've always been a fan of the dramatic arch on the wordmark, and I kind of like the number font. The thinner striping is nice, and the "TO" on the shorts is really clever. HOWEVER, compared to the Raptors previous looks, their history with purple, and the massive potential that was there for a great identity, this "rebrand" is pretty weak.
  21. Love what you did with the Brewers. The scripts in royal and yellow are simply beautiful, and I like your original, asymmetrical M-barley logo. It already feels like an iconic look. I'm not a fan of the BiG in this set, though. I wouldn't mind seeing it with the current throwback or a fauxback, but it clashes with the cap logo and scrips. Also, I'd love to see the barrelman on every jersey!
  22. That sleeve striping on Miami is real nice, and the italic numbers seem to work pretty well. I'd be interested to see the rest of the numbers to get a feel for the whole font.
  23. The Masons have a nice, classic look. The navy and kelly green complement each other nicely, and the slightly custom block fonts are a great touch. I don't think the green diamond being hard to see is a huge issue. The focal point is the "B", which stands out fine. Though maybe a cream-front-paneled hat would be cool to see with the home alt. Also, I'd lose the green outlines on the home jersey. They blend with the pinstripes and muddy the look quite a bit.
  24. Love it all, Go Red Sox! The updated bear is great. I like that you kept the same general shape as the original and that you made it orange-heavy, since it'll be on blue and white backgrounds most often. The wordmarks are solid too. Same feel, but with a more modern typeface. My only suggestion would be adding a touch of white to the eyes just to see how it looks.
  25. That's definitely a photoshop of a Nike kit. You can tell by the shape of the light grey collar. It's the cutoff style Nike has been using this year.