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  1. The Giants unis look GREAT! I love both scripts, and the gold really looks good. The only thing is that you need an all gray uniform, but I love what you're doing!
  2. did you do you pacers concept on inkscape? cause it looks really good and actually looks like a jersey instead of a drawing of one Yeah, that was on Inkscape. And there's a bunch of templates too...they're on of the first couple posts on the board.
  3. This is INCREDIBLE! The logos are both extremely well done, and I like the two-tone orange. The uniforms would, in my opinion, be the best in the NHL. I love the Villanova-esque numbers, and the dot patterns are out there but not over the top. The only negative thing I have to say (which isn't really negative) is that the back of the template is different near the top of the collar on the home and away. I don't know if that was intentional or not, but the road one looks better in my opinion. Amazing work! It's nice to see a really really well done concept!
  4. You have a good start on the logo...the uniforms I'm not sure about though. They're a little bland. And if I were you I would download's free and I figured out how to use it in a few days. It gives much better results than Paint.
  5. "> I like the font - it gives it more of a modern feel, but here is another option.
  6. All right, I lightened the royal some LetsGoOakland. Does this look better?
  7. Does anyone like the navy? Because I really do.
  8. All right, so back in the 90s the Pacers had it right when it came to uniforms. Their early-mid 90s ones were amazing, and the pinstripes were sharp too. But their current unis are quite average, so I decided to do a "modern throwback" to the early 90s when Reggie was talking smack to Spike in the Garden. First, the logos. I kept the same logo but changed the P to a royal blue and gave it a navy outline. That royal blue is now the primary color, with navy being used for trim mostly. I took away the baseball-style circle and used the yellow ball as the alternate, with a royal blue ball to match. And now for the uniforms. First off, please don't come on telling me "these aren't new, they're just like the 90s unis." That's what I was going for. The Pacers never should have scrapped that design. I did modernize it a little though, as well as a few other changes. I used the new font on the front and for the numbers, and I put the ball logo under the collar on the back. Also, on the middle stripe down the side i put a faint checker pattern, paying homage to racing, where the team got its name. I added a navy line down each side of the stripes and kept a yellow alternate as well. Home Away Alternate Please let me know what you think!
  9. This set looks really nice! One suggestion though - on the primary home and road unis make the inside number outline red to match the Aviators script, and on the road alt make the inside stripe red and outside stripe light blue. Otherwise it looks really good! And could you put a team in Indianapolis?
  10. I agree with dgnmrwrw, I think this would look much better with a 2d template. The logos are great though!
  11. Dude, these are awesome! Could I get a navy avatar with the Notre Dame leprechaun as the logo and the interlocking ND in the background please?
  12. The logos and uniforms look great! The snake looks really good. However, I think you need to make an "H" or "R" logo to put on the hat. Personally, I prefer a letter on the hat and a more detailed logo, in this case the snake head, on the sleeve. That's my only criticism though. Can't wait to see the rest!
  13. Yeah, I wasn't a huge fan of the back collar stripes, but the back looked really plain. Any suggestions on something to spice up the back of the jersey?
  14. I love the colors and the wordmark. They have much more of a Florida feel My only criticism is I'm not sure how well the green devil ray would show up on the green sleeves. Maybe have an orange devil ray as well?
  15. First off, I'm a HUGE Bears fan and I DON'T think they should change their uniforms. They're traditional, classic, and they still look great after 50-plus years without much change. BUT, if the Bears DID change their uniforms, this is my take. I tried to keep a similar look as they have now, but modernized. And I had to add the bear head in somewhere, because it's one of the best logos in the NFL, so I put it on the side of the pants. Let me know what you think!
  16. Thanks for putting these up. They really helped!
  17. mbannon92

    Phoenix Suns

    These are AMAZING!!! Way better than what the Suns have now. And thank you for getting rid of the gray!
  18. Gold Notre Dame ND Navy background White accents Email: Thanks man! These are nice!
  19. This looks sweet, man! Can't wait to see what you do with the Cubbies!