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  1. I'm not sure I understand this statement. Are you saying that "big" Nike schools have a diffrent catalog or that "smaller" Nike schools don't have all Nike options available to them? Could you please clarify?
  2. Besides Balfour and Jostens, are there any other companies that make championship rings?
  3. How petty is the NFL? If they really cared about the Oilers brand, they would have never let them rename themselves the Titans.
  4. I've been trying to contact someone in the league for a week now. Both to find out more about it, and to possibly get a job with them, but no one has responded. They won't answer their e-mails, nor have I been able to get a hold of them via Twitter or Facebook. Most leagues at least would reply in some fashion by now, makes me question their legitimacy.
  5. I've heard of them. Does no one follow FCS football around here? And what makes them a "glorified club team"? Because they don't have scholarships? This is the kind of attitudes that always frustrate me.
  6. What's the word "on the street" about the European League of Football? Best I can tell, it will be a professional American football league, not unlike NFL Europe, but beyond that.... information is spotty and my attempts to contact them on various social media has been fruitless. What has everyone been hearing? https://www.europeanleague.football/
  7. I like the Evergreens, but I don't think it properly matches the green/yellow look. The shade of green that the Seahawks used from 1976 to 2001, that's an evergreen and that's the color I'd want associated with it. Still, the name is better than the others on the list. Elk coming in a close second, mainly because I prefer animal mascots.
  8. Anytime I try to create a team on a console, it's been rather difficult. Teambuilder was much easier and faster in terms or creating a team. Just gave more freedom with the point and click than any control can.
  9. Every time I bought NCAA and Madden, first thing I'd do is mute the soundtracks. Bands and rap music, no thank you. Just turn on the radio. Actually, back in the Gamecube era, I had a set up with my sound system, TV, DVD player, and Gamecube that pretty much allowed me to play the game, but pump in the audio from my DVD player. Meaning that while I was leading the Seahawks to the Super Bowl, I was listening to the audio from episodes of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Yeah... I was weird.
  10. All I'm asking for is the return of Teambuilder, or some comparable creation suite, so that I can create FCS teams and play as the Alliance of American Football!
  11. When the ASUN FCS conference debuts this fall, which teams will we see? I'm still a little hazy on who is going to make up the fall lineup.
  12. What are everyone's thoughts on the Bengals having orange pants as an alternate? It's something I'd like to see. Is it a possibility perhaps?
  13. Why would Boise leave? Being an Independent or going to the American is a lateral move. It's only worth leaving if they go to the Pac-12.
  14. It's totally up to the customer to know what they are buying. I'm sure some of you are away of the Asylum or, at the very least, the concept of "mockbusters". Basically where smaller studios create cheap films that capitalize on the success of bigger Hollywood films. They would often make the DVD cover of the film to resemble the film they are copying off in an attempt to sell their product. Now I'll admit that it's an underhanded and dirty tactic, BUT at the end of the day, the consumer needs to know they they are buying. They have to be able to tell the difference between the real thing and the fake. If someone goes to the store, finds a DVD for "Atlantic Rim", doesn't double check or even read the back of the box, buys it, and gets mad that they got the wrong film, then it's on them. And, as a parent, I have to wade through all the cheap 3rd party crap to make sure that I get the right Peppa Pig or PJ Mask toy and not some Chinese knockoff. And, if someone buys a Houston Roughneck shirt and doesn't bother to educate themself on the fact that it's not the Oilers logo and that the Oilers haven't existed in over 20 years, then the fault is on the customer. Customers can't get mad at anyone other that themselves if they don't bother to know what they are buying.
  15. But at what point does it fall upon the consumer to educate themselves?
  16. Yes. Geography was one of my better subjects.
  17. Why is it that Miami University is always referred to as "Miami U" and the University of Miami is simply called "Miami". What makes this really confusing for me is that the University of Miami is also known as "The U" and they have a "U" on their helmets, whereas Miami University uses an "M". Additionally, I thought it might been because University of Miami played football first, but Miami University's first season was 1888 and University of Miami was much later in 1926. So it's not even a matter of "The U" being first. So why isn't Miami University known as "Miami" and the University of Miami is known as "Miami U"?
  18. So the NFL's argument is that football fans can't tell the difference between the logos of an NFL team that hasn't been around since 1998 and a new XFL team? NFL doesn't respect their fans' intelligence do they?
  19. Why the black endzones? Are red endzones too much color for people to handle?
  20. "They aren't good enough" because of the system. If the system was changed to allow the "Group of Five" in every year, then you will see the programs start to change. When all teams have equal access, Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, etc., will no longer hold a monopoly on the best players and coaches. But I'll also point out that football is a game of matchups. Coastal could have had a better matchup in a playoff or another bowl. Fact is; we don't know, all we do know is that Coastal is not as good as Liberty. And if people keep putting these teams down, then the system will never change.
  21. You're completely ignoring the point. It's not about winning or loosing or ranked teams, it's about fairness and equality to all teams. Access to all schools. ALL 130 FBS teams deserve fair and equal access to the bowls and playoff.
  22. They are only playing in the Cure and Arizona bowls because they are not allowed to play in better games. Why is the best the MAC and Mountain West champions can do is the Arizona Bowl? Why can't the Mountain West have an automatic tie in to the Fiesta Bowl? Or the MAC to the Peach Bowl? You can't blame the team for going to a "lower" bowl, the problem is the system and those that continue to let this happen. Change needs to happen, but no one talks about it. Why? Why allow teams to stay at the bottom and restrict their access and give them less and less of a chance each year. Say what you will about the NFL, but every season ALL 32 teams have a 1 in 16 chance to go to the Super Bowl or 1 in 32 to win it. At the start of the college football season, out of all 130 FBS teams, only about 15 have a real legitimate chance of actually going, and only ACC, Big 12, B1G, Pac-12, and SEC teams are counted. Plus Notre Dame, but none of the other Independents? The system is broken and no one cares. WHY?!
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