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  1. It could be right one day, but as of now Mookie Betts in Dodgers gear looks odd: Price too I suppose. Rays is his "right" look to me still, but overall he's bounced around
  2. Not a fan of this. Saw it a week ago and couldn't figure out the random lines and whiskers on the left. Only just now realized its supposed to be part of his left horn. It is better now that I see that. But its still just a little too out there for my taste, especially for an NFL logo. I can't see how anyone would prefer this ram over the most recent ram logo.
  3. Beyond the swastika, why is the SD going through the friar's face and feet. It looks soooo bad. Make it stop I beg you.
  4. Also just noticed the star over the Nats logo on the sleeve. Don't think I've seen that anywhere but in soccer
  5. The logo on the lower NY player's helmet looks pretty cool here. It seems to line up really nicely with the curve of the helmet at this angle. Almost looks like the lion gargoyle guy is making the tackle.
  6. Wow most of those uniforms look surprisingly sharp. The only one I don't care for is the Vipers. LA's aren't great either. Overall tho, this actually doesn't look like a clown show by any means.
  7. The 2020 promo schedule is out for the Nats, and on the calendar I see what I believe may be the design for their gold trimmed champs uniforms: https://www.mlb.com/nationals/tickets/promotions?partnerId=ed-14695391-1194293303
  8. Might be coincidence, but whatever is going on with the neck stripe of the red uniform looks similar to the 1996 design: EDIT: I should have actually read the article before posting. It's a confirmed nod to the 96 set. My b
  9. True but if there were no stripes on the pants it would be wayyy too plain. The pants stripes give it a little flair. The stripes really pop especially next to the stripeless helmet and jersey. Personally, I don't need everything to be super consistent and matchy, it can work in other ways.
  10. Hot take: The red helmet look for the Falcons is very overrated. Keep it simple and give me the late 90's/early 00's look! Such a simple jersey, no frills -- but it's clean. It works. The pants striping is strong. I'm a big fan of this look.
  11. Who in their right mind is buying this? Only way I'd buy it would be if I was supporting a loved one who designed it. This is absolute dog s
  12. Ive seen alot on these boards over the years. And these BP hats are among the worst things I've ever seen.
  13. In the designer world I believe its Falcons logo designer: in the cool club Panthers logo designer: not in the cool club
  14. An article about how the George Washington poppin champagne logo was made for the Harrisburg Senators.
  15. Not bad, but it could have been better. Not sure why they stopped doing the conference logos in the end zones. Also it's a little strange that the niners will be wearing a different helmet than the one in their end zone. I know they've been doing that at Levi's Stadium, and 99% of the country won't notice anyways, but still to me it seems a little strange.
  16. Chiefs wordmark is down in red, yellow endzone seems to be correct https://www.weatherbug.com/weather-camera/?cam=PROPL
  17. I would classify that Jets prediction as true. But overall, I understand the need for this.
  18. OSV you should sell this logo on t-shirts. I really think people would buy it. If I were a Ravens fan I'd love to have a shirt with this logo
  19. I dig this! Especially with the old school face masks. I think this is plausible, especially if the Niners endzone is already confirmed. I'd like them to still include the conference logo either on a helmet or not, but overall this is solid.
  20. Yeah its a great picture. You have to assume those are the best runners in the entire world behind him. Imagine not only being the best at something but being so far ahead of the next best.