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  1. Vidboy

    Melbourne 2014

    Just a mockup year. I just decided to use a random year.
  2. Vidboy

    Melbourne 2014

    Just made it for fun.
  3. Holy dude... I don't think you know how awesome your concepts are...
  4. I'm guessing for now. But i bet they'll release an update for not using a code. That was the first thing i tried, nothing. And I ummmm... Let me just tell you I didnt' really buy it...
  5. BEHOLD!!! The code was "VZNAWINR" to unlock it.
  6. So I just got NHL 11 today....
  7. I never said it was a good concept. In fact i wasn't very happy with it, but the "C" is clearly from my awful concept. Not cool, awful or not. Did you even read the post above? Look dude, I said I didn't steal it!
  8. WHOA!! WHOA!! WHOA!! First of all, I've never seen that topic before. Second of all, I only see THIS design in that topic thats close to my design. And third of all, I would never steal somebodies logo, that would be a plagiaristic thing to do. And besides, as "Shane Does Art" said, It looks hardly stolen.
  9. After looking at knnhrvy16's thread about the Phoenix Jets. I was inspired to make another one similar to his. Instead, I was thinking to myself, What would be an interesting combination for the old team name and the current city of the moved team, so at first i thought to myself, Colorado Nordiques? Nonono... Quebec Avalanche? They already exsist... Hartford Hurricanes? Idk, Seems kinda bland. But then... I got it! CAROLINA WHALERS!!! But like knnhrvy16 in his thread, The main goal for this project isn't how much how good the uniform looks, but how realistic the uniform history is, like as in trying to make it look like they would actually wear it. So a further a do, Lets get to the concepts! 1998-1999:The Inagural Season After the broken hearts in Hartford (No pun intended) on the last game in April 1997, the Whalers Moved the North Carolina to be called the "Carolina Whalers". For the Whalers inaugural season in Carolina, A green "C" withe a blue whale tail to represent there old logo that they had in Hartford as there primary crest, and Puckey the Whale was on there Shoulder crest, And a inaugural season patch to symbolize the celebration of there first season in Carolina.
  10. Hmmmm.... I'll think about it...
  11. Well, I said it looked messy but I'll see what I can do. And in MLS rules, are you FORCED to use one font of numbers?
  12. Thanks for the critique guys.