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  1. I think you're really on to something here. Could make for a great secondary mark. Great stuff!
  2. Absolutely love this logo. As mentioned above...the anchor in the forehead is such a great touch. Great job!
  3. This will be a tough one to vote for.. lot's of great entries. The ones that stood out for me were... G: 11 S: 27 B: 2
  4. I won't be able to compete this year...but I can't wait to see the awesome work! I'll be voting for sure.
  5. Going to try to enter the last round. But might not be able to get something done in time. Count me in for now.
  6. Great series! The Red Wings helmet might look cool if the wings were treated kinda like the Eagles helmet. Just a thought. Awesome work dude!
  7. If I have a chance Ill send a revised version. If not, what you have works fine to show it in situation. Thanks!
  8. So the deadline for this round has been pushed to next week?
  9. Great idea and resource! Good on you guys for putting it all together.
  10. New to this competition and it sounds awesome. If it's not too late, I think I'm gonna give the San Fran, Bay Area one a shot.
  11. I agree with Grant94. Logo looks great, but maybe you could enlarge the "Winter Classic" portion.... even have it overlap the two vertical pillars on the ends. Then perhaps take down the size of the city and banner. Amazing work!
  12. Nice work! Much better than the actual patch they are using.
  13. Wow, amazing concept. Love how you have simplified the original.
  14. Great update. The M and V is really clever. Amazing job!
  15. I really like the way you have done the red tones. I think maybe the white mouth gets lost on the yellow beak. Maybe try making it red. It might also look interesting if you angled the mouth down to the tip of the beak. I'd love to see what this looks like large on the side of a helmet.
  16. There have been a few concepts with this kind of idea. I think it looks great...but my one comment is that I don't think it needs the stem of the leaf.
  17. Dude, that monochrome alt is siiiiiiiick!
  18. This is really cool. Just a thought, what if you had the pattern so that it was a bit more faint. Or maybe it is treated the way the blue Holland jersey was for the last World Cup. Where the pattern gradually fades from top to bottom. But as it is, it's a very nice kit. I think your are right with less is more on the shorts. Even if you decided to not use the pattern and just go with a simple red piping, it would look great. Nice work!
  19. Just started thinking about this the other day. These are still just work in progress and the jerseys are not final....but I wanted to maybe get some thoughts. I thought a simple change would be a good direction, at least to start with. I love the 1963 logo and I thought it would look pretty cool on it's own without the text. The Leafs are such a prominent brand, you don't really need to spell it out. The logo on the white jersey was an idea that stems from the flag of Ontario which has 3 connected leaves in a coat of arms. I thought that idea and pulling some reference from the Swedish National jersey could look sharp. It would be quite a departure form the norm, but it stays classy (like San Diego)....and it keeps the tradition. Oh and I used Felix Potvin on the jersey just cause he was my favourite Leaf growing up.