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  1. Your Fox versions are a great idea. As someone mentioned above, it just might be tough to read the text, as this would prob be a bug in the bottom right of the screen for example. Maybe try to overlay it on a still of game footage to see how it reads.


  2. On 8/7/2019 at 5:49 PM, the heat suck said:

    A couple days ago I started working on a custom sports bug for CBS, and it turns out I really like doing this, so I'll be dropping pictures of the bugs below.


    CBS Scorebug


    Challenge Animation


    Flag Animation


    Touchdown Animation

    Feedback is appreciated.


    These are cool! Nice job.

    For consideration:

    With the exception of some gradients, overall you have a relatively flat design. Have you considered maybe trying the NFL on CBS logo and container flat as well?
    Or to play up the 3D aspect, maybe try increasing the visibility of the gradients. Like, make them obvious.

    Have you considered reworking the NFL on CBS logo to be horizontal so you have the scorebug as a compact horizontal shape?

    Lastly, would you consider a font that is a little more compact and a little less bold?




  3. 23 hours ago, pitt6pack said:

    Winning logo on the field



    This was the clear winner here. I had a little trouble putting an outline on this one because of the low res and I wasn't sure what to do on the top, so OmegaRed you can send me a revised higher res logo with an outline if you don't like what I did here and I can redo the field.


    If I have a chance Ill send a revised

    version. If not, what you have works fine to show it in situation. Thanks!

  4. I really like the way you have done the red tones. I think maybe the white mouth gets lost on the yellow beak. Maybe try making it red. It might also look interesting if you angled the mouth down to the tip of the beak.

    I'd love to see what this looks like large on the side of a helmet.