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  1. This will be a tough one to vote for.. lot's of great entries. The ones that stood out for me were... G: 11 S: 27 B: 2
  2. I won't be able to compete this year...but I can't wait to see the awesome work! I'll be voting for sure.
  3. Great series! The Red Wings helmet might look cool if the wings were treated kinda like the Eagles helmet. Just a thought. Awesome work dude!
  4. Great update. The M and V is really clever. Amazing job!
  5. A series that I would love to finish was based off a concept from this years Logolympiad, the crossover. Taking NFL teams and turning them into MLB franchises. I have a few done already, but likely won't be able to tackle the rest until early next year. In terms of a competition. I think a collaboration kind of thing could be really cool. Like maybe teams of 2 or 3 are created and a playoff grid of sorts is set up (almost NCAA tourney style). Each round would be a different creative challenge. The teams could be selected by random draw, or another way might be by city. So you could have team Calgary, team Denver, team Seattle etc.... based on where people are from. Each team could also design their own logo to go with their team name. This might be way too complicated. To make something like this work a lot of planning would be involved, perhaps even a juding pannel would be required. But could be something to consider. Might be a good way for people on the boards to get to know one another as well.
  6. As others have mentioned, the R looks too much like an A. But that's an easy fix. The primary logo in the first post is on a bit of an angle. I would think about making it flush horizontal and maybe even think about making STORM italic. Omaha also might be best used just on top of STORM or on an arc following the shape of the basketball. Great start!
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