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  1. This is really cool. Just a thought, what if you had the pattern so that it was a bit more faint. Or maybe it is treated the way the blue Holland jersey was for the last World Cup. Where the pattern gradually fades from top to bottom. But as it is, it's a very nice kit. I think your are right with less is more on the shorts. Even if you decided to not use the pattern and just go with a simple red piping, it would look great. Nice work!
  2. Just started thinking about this the other day. These are still just work in progress and the jerseys are not final....but I wanted to maybe get some thoughts. I thought a simple change would be a good direction, at least to start with. I love the 1963 logo and I thought it would look pretty cool on it's own without the text. The Leafs are such a prominent brand, you don't really need to spell it out. The logo on the white jersey was an idea that stems from the flag of Ontario which has 3 connected leaves in a coat of arms. I thought that idea and pulling some reference from the Swedish National jersey could look sharp. It would be quite a departure form the norm, but it stays classy (like San Diego)....and it keeps the tradition. Oh and I used Felix Potvin on the jersey just cause he was my favourite Leaf growing up.
  3. I'm a big fan of the Icethetics concept posted earlier. It's such a good, subtle change.
  4. I think you are getting there. The eye will need to be changed. Currently it is too reptile like. The pupil should be round. To make it look "mean," just place the round pupil closer to the front of the eye. The beak will also need some adjusting. You might be able to pull some inspiration from the Louisville Cardinals for the beak. Or even if you basically mimicked the style of smirk on the original logo, you will be good. You can then maybe add some detail to give it some dimension. For example under the beak is a little empty. Great start.
  5. I thought you did a great job with this. The only things I could suggest woukd be to make the leaf motif on either side of Los Angeles, slightly smaller. You could also think about closing the space between Los Angeles and Gladiators. But overall, it was very successful at looking like something an NFL franchise would use. Nice job!
  6. I know a lot of teams do this, but perhaps you could think about adding a baseball and stitching behind the A if it doesn't complicate it too much. Nice work!
  7. I like the illustration. It's a cool take on the Panthers Identity. I think it would also look pretty neat in the Panthers current colours.
  8. If you could create you own logo that would be cool as mentioned above. If you decided to tweak what you have already started, I'd say you have to simplify it. Too many dates on there currently. I think you could extend the Indians wordmark out so that it extends past the roundel. In doing this, you would have to remove your est by dates as well. Move "Cleveland" up to where you have the dates at the top. I would also change the font on "baseball club" to match the font of "Cleveland." As jrcollis714 mentioned, the Indians wordmark is a little could try to add some dimension to it. Take a look at the Brewers logo, I think you could pull some inspiration from that.
  9. A series that I would love to finish was based off a concept from this years Logolympiad, the crossover. Taking NFL teams and turning them into MLB franchises. I have a few done already, but likely won't be able to tackle the rest until early next year. In terms of a competition. I think a collaboration kind of thing could be really cool. Like maybe teams of 2 or 3 are created and a playoff grid of sorts is set up (almost NCAA tourney style). Each round would be a different creative challenge. The teams could be selected by random draw, or another way might be by city. So you could have team Calgary, team Denver, team Seattle etc.... based on where people are from. Each team could also design their own logo to go with their team name. This might be way too complicated. To make something like this work a lot of planning would be involved, perhaps even a juding pannel would be required. But could be something to consider. Might be a good way for people on the boards to get to know one another as well.
  10. B is the way to go. But as others have mentioned, try using the font from version A in B.
  11. I think this is really coming along. I agree that the bottom blue area is a little empty. Maybe a chest plate? The other thing you might want to consider is the plume (I think that's what it's called) on top of the helmet. I think this could be more of a custom feather like shape to give it some dimension. Great progress!
  12. Yea totally. Those are just suggestions. If you feel there is another angle totally go for it! But I feel like that particular execution is really close. In terms of font, I just think you could use something a bit more sporty. Maybe something like a United Sans bold condensed and open up the tracking a little. Or even the extended version of United which would probably fill in the entire circle. You'd have to play around with how it works off the Clippers typeface, but in general just something a little more sporty would help. Whatever direction you take, I think you've done a great job and you will end up with a major improvement to what they have. Great work.
  13. I think with this concept (D), you would have to have the helm and the wordmark somewhat separate. Having them so close creates too harsh of a cut off. Here are some other suggestions... 1. Perhaps the cropping of the helm needs to come down more, slightly below the left and right handles. This will give you more of a circle for the ball. Then you can add more of the inner lines to create the basketball, but think about making it so that they don't touch the blue outer line of the ball. I can see now why you have that line blue, but having the blue touch the black seemed a little off. 2. Maybe take the C and the S in CLIPPERS and make them larger than the other letters. Scale them up a bit. Then, have your helm sit in between the C and the S. The left and right handles will sit just above the C and S and the new cropping will allow the rest to sit just above the wordmark. To take away that harsh cut off on the helm, you could put in a simple little horizon line that follows the contour of the word clippers. You could even add in another horizon line at the bottom to lock the workmark up. I know the current clippers logo uses what they call 'horizon' lines, but they are not very good. 3. Also, I think the font for Los Angeles could be changed. I think your concept would benefit from it. I hope that helps and makes sense.
  14. So this is more of an identity with the background of a personal story / inside joke right? As opposed to an actual rebrand of the Oilers? In any case, a couple of the comments above basically summed up the issues design wise. Officeglenn mentioned the outlines needing to be toned down... as well as the fact that by adding a letter, you need to rework how the word fits to the contour of the outer circle. And as Dan O'Mac mentioned, the 'T' doesn't need the tail. As he stated, refer to the 'I' and maybe have the bottom portion curve slightly towards the 'O'. I can see what you are trying to do. But you still have a bit to do working out the type. The type is what will make or break a logo like this.
  15. In B...I think you could actually crop the wheel right under the horizontal black line in the basketball. You probably could make the outer circle of the basketball black instead of blue. Like Officeglenn mentioned....the outline on Clippers is too thick. You actually might not need an outline at all. If you just had the Clippers font (perhaps without the slight vertical squeeze that it has) and then the cropped ship wheel above it... it could have an old Supersonics feel. Another thing you might want to try is using an extended font for Los that it fills in the blue space better. Or maybe another nautical theme motif like a flag....just as long as it doesn't get cluttered.
  16. As everyone has mentioned, the font needs to be changed. But I like what you are doing with the ship wheel. What might look cool, is if you actually crop the wheel in half...and have it sit on top of the font they currently use.
  17. I like the little bit of white on the right sleeve. But I agree with others about the font. Especially the idea above about the Ohio St. Rivalry numbers. Could like pretty sick.
  18. Hey man, I really liked your entries. You had some really solid ideas. Here was my take on them. Event 1 - ALT LOGO I think I voted yours for silver. But it was worthy of a gold. It was one of the few entries that was actually an alt primary. Most of the ones entered were either secondary or tertiary logos. My take on an alt primary is that it should contain the team name and the city which you had and your design was great. It had a nice old school feel to it. Event 2 - TIME WARP I believe you actually got a silver for this one, not a bronze. I think the design is cool... the colours though were too close to the North Stars. Might have been cool if the wing was attached to the top of the A. Maybe coming off the serif at the top. Event 3 - WORDMARK Here, I think your wordmark is well executed, but doesn't look like an NFL franchise. It looks a little more like a sign for a store. If you didn't have the extra borders and maybe if the spear went through the entire wordmark you would be in the right direction. Event 4 - SPORTING EVENT This again, is well executed. Visually, I think "Di Lombardia" needed to come down in size ever so slightly so the the G and O overhang Di Lombardia. I could definitely have seen this getting a medal. There were some really great entries for this event. Event 5 - FANTASY TEAM It's clear that you had a lot of fun with this one. I loved the unis and I thought that the crest was cool even though it was not a conventional soccer crest. Something I learned from this competition, is that you have to design for the crowd sometimes. If something will need explanation, it generally won't work. But a cool concept none the less. Event 6 - ANNIVERSARY PATCH There were some entries throughout the competition that I could not believe didn't medal. This was one of them. I voted this one for gold. It was by far one of my favourite entries. Very well done! Event 7 - COMPANY LOGO This event was one where being literal helps. A lot of people used the graphic of the molecule but I think yours was one of the better iterations. The graphic alone would be cool on collateral. My only suggestion would be to explore some other font options. Event 8 - CROSSOVER I think this could have been pushed a little further. It works, but I guess my feeling was that it was a little expected. I got the bluejays reference on the white jersey. On the green jersey, personally I've never been a fan of jerseys that have the number bottom left and the logo on the top right (as seen when facing the jersey front). I've just always found that a little off. But that's just me. The execution overall is quite nice. Event 9 - LEAGUE LOGO For this one, I felt like the more successful versions were the ones that showcased 'hockey' as opposed to 'world'. Hockey is what needs to stand out. This particular execution had a bit of a bank feel and it had to do with the font, colours and the generic world icon. Event 10 - ALT UNIFORM I immediately saw the Redblacks ref. I thought this should have received a medal. You took this one and ran with it. The tartan works well. I think a blue helmet might have played into this concept a bit better. I felt this entry was one of the more unique ones. It went over the top...and for an alt uniform that's usually good. Great work overall man!
  19. Great series! Love the pattern on the white Avs jersey.
  20. I like that you are trying to push this... and I think you are on the right track. I think the helmet horns need a bit of adjusting. The overall feel is a little on the cartoon side of things. If you want, PM me and I can help you work it out.
  21. I think you are close. I know the photoshop versions you are referencing. I think you just need to add in some more details. For instance on the socks... the sock on the left needs some additional shading drawn in. Currently it's just one gradient from top to bottom. Think about adding in a gradient shadow below the socks as well so uni doesn't look like it's floating. Also, consider using a gradient mesh on the different elements (jersey, shorts and socks). This will allow you to create more realistic shading all round... not just top to bottom or left to right. It takes a bit more effort getting it right in illustator than photoshop but keep at it.
  22. Haha. That was my first medal and I was actually really lucky to even get that one. I completely blanked on the fact that the era for the time warp was 1967. Mine looked more like it was from the 1920s lol. But it got enough votes for a bronze.
  23. Wow what a great competition filled with so many awesome entries! I'd like to thank everyone who voted allowing me to clinch the title this year. Shout out to Pollux who did such a remarkable job curating this entire competition. Equally as impressive was the patience that Pollux displays answering questions in the threads! It's no easy feat to run something like this by yourself so kudos to you. Congratulations to derschwigg and friendang for their 2nd and 3rd place finishes respectively... and to officeglenn for his 2nd place finish in the points standings. An overall congratulations goes out to everyone who participated this year. I'll be back for the next Logolympiad to defend the crown and I'll be ready to kick it into a higher gear as well! Cheers.
  24. OmegaRed

    Boar Logo

    Nice logo! The nose could probably stand to be a little larger. You could also take the two vertical lines that create the shape of the nose and connect them to the eyes. This will really emphasize the snout...however it might start to look a little close to the Razorbacks logo so maybe try it and see how it looks. I think the eyes need to be more menacing. You could easily add in a thick brow over the eyes that connect to the outer outline, just under the ears. On the pupils themselves, you could try adding a small circular highlight. You will definitely have to show the suggestion of a mouth to fill in that area. Add in a basic bottom lip shape and have the bottom of that shape a little jagged to show that there is scruff or hair. Hopefully that helps and makes sense. Great work!