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  1. I really like the direction of #2. Maybe tone down the striping a little. Perhaps simple double stripes on the sleeves.
  2. I agree that the shoulder patch logo is really cool. The split in the primary logo between the flames and the C is too harsh. There is a cool idea in there by using the different colours in the flames, but you might need to push it a little further. Maybe the flames create the entire C rather than just protruding off the left of the C. This could be a nice way to push it to a new direction.
  3. Like your presentation. But maybe think about trying to visualize a hurricane in a totally different way. Perhaps start with the letter C on it's own and try to develop that into a hurricane looking logo. Lots of possibilities.
  4. I agree that maybe you could consider changing the font. It does make it seem a little baseball-esque. The primary logo is a tad busy. You may want to think about defining the text 'Aces' more by having a more pronounced yellow outline. I think the spade is kinda cool as a logo on its own actually without Aces over it. Maybe with a puck going through it or something.
  5. ^ Guitar pick is a great idea for a shape.
  6. I think this is off to a great start but I would maybe consider simplifying the crest. BlackBolt3 had some great thoughts above. I would agree that a good start would be to remove the skyline. What about doing something with music notes? Or if you did decide to change the name to Nashville FC, a simple 'N' would look sharp within a circle....then adding a few elements like the Tennessee 3 stars. I think your unis look great.
  7. Very cool. I agree with the comments about the laces. I could see maybe exploring a different font (maybe something along the lines of a 'brothers' font perhaps). The only other comment would be regarding visually centering the 'C' within the ball. Since the left side of the C is heavy with the spur, perhaps you could find a way to nudge the C to the left. You might have to rework the laces slightly to do so, but I think it would be worth the effort. Just a suggestion. Liking the concept though! Great work.
  8. I think you have a great concept here. I don't know that the 1996 sits the best where it is. - What if you tried removing the "19" and adding 3 stars in its place. Then do the same on the other side for the "96" - Then maybe you could lose the tree altogether and just have like an "established 96" in the middle. 96 with a smaller "est" above it. - You could also try using a slightly light blue. It will make the red pop more. - What also might give it some dimension overall is taking the horizontal red stripes and rotating them 45 degrees. Then staggering them so it mimics an abstract waving flag. This is tough to explain without mocking up. Those were just some thoughts I had when I first saw your concept. Great work.
  9. OmegaRed


    These are cool. I agree with the point slapshot made earlier regarding the kerning. I saw your response about using a different program but if there is anyway at all to tighten up the spacing, it would make this even better.
  10. Really digging the France and England kits. Nice work!
  11. Thanks for all the feedback so far. I'll eventually blow this out into a larger presentation on my site so I'll look at revising the jerseys as they seem to not be there yet. Interesting thought about the colour change @Deion.Blackwell8. I'll take a look at what the power blue and orange looks like. I thought about having the secondary as the primary. Might be a good call, I guess my thought was to not have another roundel primary. But I think you guys are right, a swap might be in order. What's great about this site and forum is that is can be like a focus group to see what works and what doesn't. Thanks again guys. Your comments help a ton.
  12. With all the recent contests running for the rebrand of the LA Clippers, I wanted to join in on the fun. My concept has been online for about a week now and has received some cool reviews. I originally had designed it for a contest run by the LA Times. Not saying mine is better or worse than what the Clippers are using, this was just my take on the brand and the direction I would take with it. I really respect the opinions of the community on this site. Love to hear any thoughts or general convo about any other NBA teams that could use a rebrand. Thanks!
  13. Very nice! I've always thought that 'Raptors' wordmark would look good on a jersey without the giant dinosaur. As others have mentioned, great way to mix the old and new!
  14. Thanks guys! For sure...I'll share some ideas for unis soon.
  15. Sorry my earlier comment was incredibly late and didn't make sense since you had already made those adjustments. I was looking at an old version and my comments were based on that. Your logo has come a long way. Really great work!
  16. Looking good. I would maybe try a version that doesn't use gradient shading. Just try tones of grey. A previous comment mentioned adding nostrils... which I think could be great. On the top of the nose, think about adding a bit of a highlight to separate the nose from the eyes. It's kind of dark in that area.
  17. Hey gang, thanks again for all the feedback. That behance link is mine. All my original work.
  18. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Great idea about maybe making it a little more angry. Can easily be done with a tweak of the eye and mouth. Thanks!
  19. With all the talk about the new Raptors logo coming out soon... I wanted to play around with a different way to use the Raptor in a circular logo. I thought having the Raptor incorporated into a basketball was kinda cool.