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  1. I don't know if this was already mentioned, but the Islanders' 20th anniversary center ice logo isn't on this main site yet (from 1992).
  2. Anyone remember how well that thread was coming along? I can't find it, but if anyone else is willing to pick up on it, I think the main site could really use those MLB red, blue, and white hats worn on Memorial Day, Independence Day, and September 11th.
  3. Anyone have pics? Just horrible to watch the Creamiscles against the white and powder blues.
  4. The project was coming along fantastically a few months ago when we hit a standstill. Does anyone know when/if the rest of the teams that haven't been logo-optimized, will be? Thanks.
  5. Anyone got pics of the Saints retros in action today?
  6. anyone know when/if the Mets will have one for 50?
  7. Hi guys. I know the Arizona Diamondbacks are planning a 10th anniversary reunion of the 2001 World Series champs. Anyone know if a corresponding logo exists to commemorate the event?
  8. I recently bought my first New Era 59FIFTY MLB cap, and it felt like a rock when I first put it on. Is it also supposed to leave a noticable red line on my forehead whenever I take it off after having worn it for 20 minutes? Are flat-brim caps just made to be less comfortable than, say the BP ones? My cap is definitely the perfect size, and I may just have to wait a little longer to make my final judgment, but I've heard tricks involving putting it in the washing machine to make it more smug and form-fitting. Can anyone confirm any ideas or give me other tested methods to try? Thanks in advance.
  9. Btw, the NFL team logo project has stagnated on the Cleveland Browns. It was beautiful while it lasted! So if anyone's willing to step in and finish what was started...
  10. Carl Pavano is wearing a New Balance undershirt beneath his jersey. Is it MLB-sponsored? I thought Nike was the only brand players wore during gamedays. Any info would be appreciated.
  11. Guys, any way we can add some of these cap logos to the main site? There are certain teams lacking.
  12. It looks like a 40th Anniversary of the Franchise patch, because I got a glimpse of the edge of the patch which had "2012" on it.
  13. Yeah, he got through eight teams but never got around to the rest.
  14. No, it was definitely not ColorWerx, but someone else. However, ColorWerx might be able to give some clarification on the issue.
  15. If anyone recalls, a few months ago, a loyal member of the site (whose username I don't remember) began updating each of the original eight AFL teams' logos. That's where it stopped, and I was wondering if it would continue, because the color optimization was necessary and beautiful. The original plan was to have the main site's entire NFL section rebuffed.