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  1. If I had my way plus was a commissioner/president of a professional sports league,I would choose the following top cities/major media markets that can support a franchise. (Keep in mind,they're not in any particular order or fixed set either.) 1).New York City(5 Boros/Lg.Isld.) 2).Los Angeles(H'wd. or D'twn.) 3).Chicago,Ill.-Ind.-Wis. 4).Philadelphia,PA-NJ-Del. 5).San Fran. Bay Area(SF-Oak-SJ) 6).Boston,MA/New England 7).Washington,DC-N.VA-MD 8).Dallas-Ft.Worth/N.Tex. 9).Detroit,Mich. 10).Houston/SE Texas 11).Atlanta,GA 12).Seattle,WASH. 13).Denver,COL 14).Miami-Ft.Ldr.-S.Bch,FLA 15).Minneapolis-St.Paul[Twin Cities],MN 16).Phoenix,ARIZ 17).Tampa-St.Ptrsbg./Orlando,FL 18).San Antonio/Austin,TX 19).New York/North N.Jersey 20).L.A.-Anaheim/Org. Cty. 21).Toronto,ONT;CAN. 22).St.Louis,MO-Ill. 23).Pittsburgh,PA 24).Las Vegas,Nev. 25).Baltimore,MD 26).Cleveland,OH 27).Cincinnati,OH-KY-IN 28).Kansas City,MO-KS 29).Milwaukee/Green Bay,WIS 30).Buffalo-Ngra.Fls.-R'chst.,NY 31).New Orleans,LA 32).Charlotte or Ral./D'ham,NC
  2. I was born when Sat.Night Fever,Star Wars,and a boat load of good TV programs made their debuts as well.Oh well,I don't have a fav. sports team[even though I have some feeling for a few FWIW],I'm going to ask you to tell us the teams that has won at least 1 pro sports/or an NCAA championship since you were born [The criteria is the Big 4-Baseball,Football,Hoops,Ice Hockey;Pro and College].
  3. Since I was born or even became a sports fan since a young age Pro or College Football,Baseball and others later on. Major League Baseball 1).The Yankees or Mets won,let alone vied for the World Series Championship in each decade(Yank.:W-1977,78,96,98-2000,09[7];L 81,01,03[3]),[Met:W-86;L-00]. 2).Toronto has the Blue Jays[Canada always had been at least 1 MLB team],Seattle got a 2nd chance w/M's[Pilots became the Mil.Brewers to start the decade]. 3).The Yanks,Mets,Dodgers,Cubs,Cards looks hadn't really changed that much FWIW. 4).NO US-based MLB team has moved[it's ironic that Mtrl. became the Wsh.Nats in '05 after they lost the Sens twice;MN Twins in 61,TX Rangers in '72.] 5).The Amer.+Nat'l league always had divisions or post-season playoffs. National Football League 1).The NY Giants won a Super Bowl title in each decade vs an original AFL team. (Den.Broncos in '87,Buf. Bills in '91,NE Pats in 2008,'12;The Balt.Ravens aren't an AFL[Orig.Clev.Browns FYI] team-lost on '01,NEVER lost an NFC title game.) 2).The NY Giants had always been and played at in The Meadowlands;E.Rthfd,NJ. 3).The NY Jets had been to the AFC title game or,the Playoffs at least once in a decade ['83 vs. Mia.Dolphins,'99 vs. Den. Broncos,2010 vs. Ind. Colts,'11 vs. Pitt. Steelers.] 4).The Chi.Bears,GB Pack,SF 49ers,Cle.Browns,Pit.Steelers,Balt/Indy Colts,Dal.Cowboys, KC Chiefs,NO Saints,LA/Oak. Raiders attire or logos hasn't changed all that too much. 5).The Bills always had a charging Buffalo w/a streaking stripe on the headgear. 6).The Eagles,Lions,Redskins,Vikings,Dolphins,Card's,Rams,Bengals,Oilers/Titans' helemts always had been the same color w/slight alterations to their logos and facemasks. 7).They'd always had the American and National conferences or at least 3 divisions. 8).OH and FL has 2 teams,CAL w/3,PA w/2.Pats had always been called New England. 9).The top seed in each conference always had a 1st round bye or idle. National Hockey League 1).NY state has 3 teams[Rangers in the City,Isles in Lng.Isl.,Sabres in Buffalo.] 2).The Original 6's attire or logos hasn't changed all that too much. 3).The St.L Blues always had a musical note with wings or the sweaters or logos. 4).The Phil. Flyers logo had always been the same since its inception. 5).The LA Kings always had a crown on their sweaters and/or logos. 6).The Pitt. Penguins always had a bird-like logo on the sweaters and logos. 7).Almost all of the Original 6 teams had won the Stanley Cup or at least earned a trip to the Finals except the Tor.Maple Leafs[Mtl.Habs:W-1977-79,86,93;L-'89, Bos.Bruins:W-'11;L-1977-78,'88,'90,Chi.Blhwks.:W-'10,L-'92,NY Rangers-W:'94;L-'79, Det.Red Wings-W:1997-98,2002,'08,L-'95,'09,]. 8).PA always had 2 NHL teams-Phil.Flyers and Pitt.Penguins. 9).Canada always had at least 3 NHL teams:Mtrl.Habs,Tor.Leafs and Van.Nucks. NCAA Div.1A College Football 1).Notre Dame,Penn.St,Mich.,OH.St.,Neb.,OK,Tex,UCLA,So.Cal,Ark.,Bama,LSU,Tenn., UGA,Aub.,Fla,FL.St.,Mia[FL],Mizz.,Clem,UNC. always had the same helmet or at least made slight changes that aren't too far out there to be noticeable. 2).ALL the big FL teams[Miami,Florida+Fla.St.had at least won the Nat.Champ. Mia-1983,87,89,91,'01; FL.St.-1993,'99; Fla-1996,'06,'08]. Hypothetically speaking in general-I had seen almost all the major[or at least mid-range]media markets won at least 1 pro sports title or at least vie for it in the big 4[Major League Baseball,NFL Football,NBA Hoops,NHL Ice Hockey]. The exceptions are Cleveland,Buffalo and San Diego.
  4. The current modernized ol'skool "BLUE" Jays remind me of the MLB version of the Maple Leafs except there's a slight hint of navy on the bird logo and also has red to go along with ensemble+the Canadian flag symbol like their NHL brethren's namesake.I'm just saying though.
  5. I'm going to go with both sides of the football(no pun intended)for both pro and college. RED:Kansas City Chiefs Rutgers Scarlet Kinghts ORANGE:Denver Broncos Clemson Tigers or Texas Longhorns YELLOW:Green Bay Packers Louisiana St.Tigers GREEN:Philadelphia Eagles Michigan St. Spartans BLUE:New York Giants Kansas Jayhawks or Boise State SKY/POWDER:San Diego Chargers No.Carolina Tar Heels AQUA/TEAL:Miami Dolphins n/a NAVY/DK.BLUE:Chicago Bears Virginia Cavaliers PURPLE:Minnesota Vikings TCU Horned Frogs BROWN:Cleveland Browns Wyoming Cowboys MAROON:Washington Redskins['02 Home] Texas A&M or VA Tech Hokies BURGUNDY/CRIMSON:see Wash.DC above Alabama[Crimson]Tide or Okla. BLACK:Pittsburgh Steelers TX Tech Red Raiders WHITE:Dallas Cowboys[home] GA Tech Yellow Jakcets GOLD:San Fran.49ers or N'Orlins Saints Notre Dame Irish SILVER:Oakland/LA Raiders K-State Wildcats
  6. This is EASILY one of my favorite SB logo designs...but it's completely understandable why it was replaced. This could be re-issued for SB XLVII or XLVIII for their next go-round in 2012-13[if we get the NFL this year or possibly the next].
  7. Thank you so much.I have forgot about MLS(considered the 5th sport besides the big 4). That's a good color scheme so similar to a DC hero whose my SN is based on.
  8. How about my username?I hardly ever see them in pro sports:(If they were,baseball would be a sure bet,maybe football). )
  9. You can't forget about Birmingham,AL(Stallions,Bombers,Bolts or Blaze).
  10. If(and most likely when possible)the Jags pounce to LA,they should St.Lou's football team to change their names to the Stallions or the Clydes(Like the Clydesdale horses from the Budweiser commercial) and become the Rams again.They can use the current template for the uniforms but color them dark royal blue and mustard yellow.That's all I have to say.
  11. I have a pretty good idea on how the U.FLA FBS program should look: 1).The headgear should be an orange shell with blue-white-blue stripe with a slanted blue "F" outlined in white[with or w/o drop shadow]and a white facemask. 2).Their blue jerseys are just fine,but the "Gators" script should remain white with blue trim outlined in orange. 3).Leave the pants alone,just make the logo and stripes slightly thicker. Their away just would remain the same.
  12. This looks AMAZING. I love it. It's near perfect. I could see the Panthers actually using this as their primary logo, it's that good. It's really cool to see how you've progressed from the start of this topic to now. Of course, it's not a perfect logo, nothing is, but I feel that you perfectly executed a "Cardinals" or a "Falcons..." That is, taking the existing logo and improving upon it, evolving it, without radically altering it. If I were you,I'd make the eye brows,tongue+the nose/whiskers region silver.I would keep the blue borders on the cat's head along with the silver outline.Very nice update.
  13. Thanks a lot for not listening to me. Why this thread is still up even as Jim's bid is rejected is still beyond me. Because the NHL may yet sell this team to some moneyed individual not named Jim Balsillie who will in turn move it to parts as yet unknown, such as Kansas City, Cleveland, Portland, Las Vegas, Winnipeg, Peoria, Saskatoon, Hamilton, Yellowknife, Monterrey, Jacksonville, or Anchorage. If had to guess where the Coyotes might end up...I'd say Kansas City,up north to either Hamilton or Winnipeg. I'm not sure on Portland because of the Trail Blazers though.Otherwise,the other cities aren't capable of supporting an NHL team at 100% capacity anyhow.
  14. I meant for football only.Besides,there are 2 many teams for me to college roundball anyhow.
  15. Buffalo is one school. What other 3 schools are they going to add (or existing members are they going to talk into bringing their programs up?) Also wouldn't adding more schools to the Super East in other sports make the Conference completely unmanageable? I know going way out there on LF,but if the Bills go across the Niagara Falls to Toronto,add UB Bulls and ask G'town,V'nova and probably Hofstra or ask St.Johns to reinstate their FB program and possibly ask BC to rejoin the Big East again and have Temple(previously involved in the Big East) take their place in the ACC. The Big East IMO if they were in a 12 school alignment: Big East Football Division North South Syracuse W.Virginia UConn Cincinnati Rutgers Louisville Hofstra So.Florida V'Nova Georgetown UBuffalo Pittsburgh