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  1. Hey chickenfish - you wouldnt happen to live in a certain large city in the heart of the Canadian prairies would you? Ive done some work with the Saskatoon Yellowjackets that has been published the last 2 yrs. Unfortunately I can't see your samples so I dont know if this is the team youre trying to do.
  2. stennis

    The New USFL

    Im with IceCap in this. IMO, both styles of football (Canadian or American) are equally as valid, they're just variants evolved from the same root game: rugby. I much prefer the Canadian game but each set of rules has its pro's and con's. Calling it a dinosaur just because it follows slightly different rules is unfair. The National League and American League use different rules as far as pitchers going to bat and the use of designated hitters are concerned but one isnt necessarily "better" than the other. These quirks, as IceCap puts it, are part of what make the Cdn game unique. It's a matter of perspective. Growing up on a Cdn Prairie farm and watching only CFL (this was a time BEFORE satellite/cable tv was available in rural areas), when I saw my first NFL game, I thought IT was strange! Just because something is different, doesnt mean it's better or worse - it's just different! Ive never seen any confusion between FG's & KO's. And having the rouge (not rogue - might be a typo) rules make special teams play actually mean something. Nothing brings a crowd to its feet like a missed FG being run back for a TD. Do some research on the rouge rule, it's all about ball control and field position. Yes it is an easy way to score but because of that it's the lowest score values. It also means that every play has scoring potential. Know the rules and their foundations before criticizing them, please. Would you have the Aussie Rules league get rid of "behinds" just because the player didnt kick the goal? Probably not - it's part of those game rules! Like the rouge, it's about controlling the ball and getting it into/through the opponent's end of the field (or pitch). But back to the original topic: keep on going with these USFL revamps! IF the USFL comes back, they are definitely gonna need some major updating and this is a great place to see some concepts tossed around. Good or bad I like seeing them. As any creative person should know, sometimes the bad ideas lead to the good ideas.
  3. stennis

    CFL uniforms

    So, do any of y'all have any pointers for me as to how I can improve my design skills to better please y'all? This simple Southern gentleman is all ears. I'm just impressed that someone in Alabama has even heard of the Canadian Football League! Maybe it was the momentary presence of the Birmingham Barracudas that did it?