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  1. Hockey Week - The Seals came to my mind too, but as drdougfresh said: They're about 3 or 4 decades too late to work. That's why I reached back to the thirties for some CA hockey history. Also, I think a Winter Classic in Seattle, Portland or Vancouver would ABSOLUTELY draw well. A lack of NHL presence in Seattle or Portland would mean that a rare appearance from the NHL, in the Winter Classic no less - could draw tens of thousands of fans out to come watch the spectacle. As far as Detroit or Chicago not liking the idea - is there any particular reason why? I haven't heard other fan bases complain when there team dons a throwback from an earlier incarnation that happened to play in another state (the LA Dodgers wearing their Brooklyn pajama throwbacks is the first thing that came to my mind.)
  2. This is why it's good to get feedback. I didn't look into any of those teams, but it's good to know. Obviously, my hands are full with my current project, but it's worth looking at down the road. Good on ya for finding that stuff. You know, if you REALLY want to go back in time... You could make a Victoria Cougars throwback for Detroit. Before becoming the Red Wings, they were known as the Falcons, and before that, the Cougars. What many people do not realize, however, is that the original Detroit Cougars roster was composed of players purchased and relocated from the Victoria Cougars franchise (who Detroit named their franchise in tribute of.) Here's a quick timeline of the Cougars, prior to moving to Detroit: 1911–1913 Victoria Senators 1913-1916 Victoria Aristocrats 1916-1917 Spokane Canaries 1918-1922 Victoria Aristocrats 1922-1926 Victoria Cougars Here's an interesting bit of trivia from a Ducks' fan: The Victoria Cougars (1925) were the last west coast team prior the Ducks (2007) to win the Stanley Cup, having defeated the Montreal Canadiens in four games (3 games to 1.) Another cool fact most people aren't aware of: The Chicago Blackhawks tie their history directly to the FIRST American hockey club to play for the Stanley Cup - the Portland Rosebuds - who lost to the Canadiens 3 games to 2 in 1916. When the WHA folded in 1925, the players of the Portland Rosebuds were sold to the owner of Chicago's NHL expansion franchise for $10,000 - who became known as the "Black Hawks." Thus, I would LOVE to see the Blackhawks and Red Wings meet in a winter classic (held in a neutral site - the Pacific Northwest, perhaps?) wearing Rosebuds and Cougars sweaters! Maybe someday...
  3. Amazing. The Cougars and St. Pats look incredible. Well done sir. As for the second set? I'm digging the shoulder patches for Detroit, and I love the creativity and innovation in creating a fauxback for San Jose. I know once-upon-a-time the California Hockey League had teams in the Bay Area: The Oakland Sheiks (1928-1933) & Oakland Checkers (1930-1933), as well as the San Francisco Tigers (1928-1931), Black Hawks (1930-1931) & Rangers (1931-1933.) I think it'd be cool to draw from the history of one of those clubs for a San Jose (Bay Area) throwback. Probably the best team to pay tribute to would be the Sheiks of Oakland, who won the league title in four of the five years it existed (1932 being the only season they did not win the title [Hollywood Stars.]) What do you think?
  4. ThePreacher

    NHL Canada

    I think ALL of these save the Manitoba Moose are absolutely amazing. Go back to the Jets original WHA logo and we have a winner! The Moose is no good. Like earlier posters said: Keep it in the AHL where it belongs.
  5. I like it. The only thing I would change would be to minimize the size of the star on the logo, and move it from the west bay (San Francisco), over to the east bay (Oakland) where the Warriors currently play their home games. It's a slight geographical difference, but I believe it's pertinent in order to reflect the accuracy of the Warrior's home.
  6. Gorgeous work. Well done sir.
  7. Props for using the "ANAHEIM" Angels logo. I have not purchased a ticket, nor have I purchased an Angels-related memorabilia, uniforms, caps or otherwise since Phoenix Arte Moreno of Tuscon disgraced the fine people of both Los Angeles and Anaheim/Orange County with his heinous and geographically-inaccurate name change back in 2005. A damn shame.
  8. Well fcuking done. One can only hope and pray...
  9. These are gorgeous. Well done sir.
  10. I was hoping that they would not name the team the Jets, however, after seen this logo, I say go for it. This is an excellent logo! Outstanding concept. I read somewhere online that you submitted this concept directly to Winnipeg's new ownership for consideration. I can only hope they go with design and compensate you for this piece of brilliant artwork accordingly. Cheers!
  11. I love this. As a Fullerton alum, I strongly approve. I hope the post-Serrano era is a fruitful one, and I hope my Titans rock something this clean when the take the field in '12.
  12. I'd love to see some Anaheim sigs... post-Disney era ANAHEIM Angels, pre-wordmark Anaheim Ducks, and the soon-to-be Sacramento Kings of Anaheim!
  13. The Angels have been consistently competitive under Moreno's stewardship. It never ceases to amaze me that some individuals would like to see the franchise return to the dark times. Of course you must be referring to their 2002 World Series Title as the ANAHEIM Angels? Not quite certain what Moreno's done for the team besides a legacy of being swept by the Red Sox on an annual basis and bungling potential major free agent signings.