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  1. Yes. It's horrible. The original Lightning look was terrible. Dull. Unimaginative. Blah. The fact we won a Cup wearing it is the ONLY reason people hang on to the nostalgia of it.
  2. How the Cowboys are EVER included in the "best" category blows my mind.......same with the Ravens.
  3. The extremely outdated NASCAR logo is the worst part..........of both.
  4. I think the only reason we see so much fanfare for one disease and its associated color is because they're pandering to get additional fans. If they truly cared about overall health, groups would also do something for a men's health issue as well. MLB does light blue bats and accessories for prostate cancer awareness in September but it barely registers on the radar for most people since it just doesn't stand out from other things that use light blue. Pink is not used in any major way by sports teams except for BCA so it's been more of a brilliant marketing strategy than anything else. Correct. Considering that the marketing budgets/ad campaigns advertising this annual quasi-charity effort exceed the actual amounts donated to the partner organizations, the biggest beneficiaries of this program financially are the ad agencies and media companies, with the merchandise producers coming in at a comfortable second place. When you buy that $85 camo/pink hoodie, typically less than $5 goes to the donation. Some deal. Cancer of all kinds (or charity in general) is not a holiday or seasonal marketing event, but it's being commercialized that exact way. Hopefully the general public will eventually wise up and realize that consumerism does not effectively support causes. Direct donations to research and volunteering is what makes an actual difference. Cancer is big business. Otherwise, there would be a cure.
  5. Sigh... I guess it's no worse than NHL Network's(!) butchering of the logo, at every opportunity, for the past couple years. Am I missing something? I don't see a butchered logo in this picture. Apparently, I missed the joke, because ALL I see is a shaded logo on the right side of the scoreboard. My reference was to NHL Network's failure to make a one-color logo visible in their graphics package. 90% of the time, they're putting the blue bolt on a black background or the white bolt on a white background. It's unbelievable, really, when you notice it.
  6. Sigh... I guess it's no worse than NHL Network's(!) butchering of the logo, at every opportunity, for the past couple years.
  7. Take the BOLTS, throw it in the trash, set it on fire, throw the flaming trash can out the window, and run it over with a truck........and then put the home primary logo on crest, and I can live with this.
  8. Join the club Wait. It's possible for a New Era hat to comfortably fit a human being's head?
  9. I could not have been more disappointed than I was the moment of the unveiling. I stood and gave a rousing BOOOOOOOOOOOO with double thumbs down. Everyone around me was like, "what's wrong? we love the black!" I basically threw my camera to the ground, not subject my lens to the display of terrible that was in front of me. The worst part of the previous alt was the BOLTS and that's the only element that they decided to keep around for the new alt. Un-effing-believable. At least Ottawa listened to their fans when they revolted against the SENS jersey. Us? We just keep slapping it all over everything, because someone has NO idea what the fans want to see. It's the same thing that happened when the fans revolted against the new logo, and the lack of black....anywhere. The fans went crazy, wanting black. So, in a total panic move, the team put random black outlines on the numbers. "You want black? There. Black." Today's alternate unveil felt very similar. It's like the team thought we wanted black for black sake, so they just plastered it onto the BOLTS jersey, not realizing that we hate the BOLTS jersey because it says BOLTS on it, not because it's blue. I hope nothing important happens or no clinching of any kind happens on Saturday night games. To have photos of this piece of crap, cemented in our memories will be hard to swallow. (and embarrassing)
  10. I was at the preseason game last night and they played that on the jumbotron. I almost jumped out of my chair in disgust......they got me. Something I did see, the team store, they were selling player t-shirts that I haven't seen before. They were black, with the road crest logo on them. The road crest and number on the back were both outlined in blue. I turned to my wife and said, "That's the 3rd jersey, right there. There's no way that's not gonna be what it looks like." We're going to Fan Fest, so we'll see at 11:45 this morning....
  11. What I wouldn't do for a Vikings-type do-over for the Bucs.
  12. Judging by the shoulder yoke, looks like it's not a recoloring of their BOLTS jersey after all, but it might be really similar though Judging by that picture, looks like it will be really...reeeallyy similar to the LA Kings home jersey! A black and white jersey using their primary logo would look sharp in my opinion, but it looks like it has blue in it. We know the collar is blue. So where else will it be used? Outlining the crests? Number outlines, for sure.
  13. The Bucs will make the worst list in every game they play this season.