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  1. Zdeněk Ondrášek posted this Instagram story and then deleted it. The actual jersey or a bit of trolling?
  2. Is this the first look at the new Panthers jersey in action?
  3. Colorado Avalanche would be their bane.
  4. They apparently petitioned MLS to be allowed to use the LH patch there. MLS said yes.
  5. Authentic version, some small changes from the previous leak.
  6. Dallas probably should. As it is now, the Dallas flag has zero cultural presence here. I doubt 90 percent of Dallasites could pick the flag out of a lineup. But a cleaner, seal-less version could conceivably become something to hang on a flagpole or drape over a bar entrance.
  7. Also worth noting, that is essentially the Dallas flag on the back of the neck.
  8. Even being the playoffs, the Mavericks of that era probably had a hard time that arena. Weren't they horrible until the late 90s? They actually made the playoffs 6 times in the 80s, although never really amounted to much during any of those runs. The furthest they went was the conference finals in 88 where they lost to the Lakers. It was the 90s that was the true depths of Mavericks history. Something like 9 years of not finishing higher than 10th in the west.
  9. The Mavericks played a home game against the Super Sonics at Moody Colosseum during the 1984 playoffs. Just over 9,000 spectators could fit in. Moody Madness.
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