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  1. Not really phased by blue and red but this 50's era French RL jersey is my all-time favourite:
  2. Despite my own preference to the old english style, your opinion is the prevading one. And there's something to be said for simplicity, no? Anyway, rounded the Old English C to make it better fit in a laurel. Still not great. I can't really comment on how valid an old English C is to Cleveland as I know nothing of the place but the laurel just doesn't suit the uniform. Your block C is a really clever iteration of an existing element (which although its decent could be described as plain). I actually prefer it with the notch and the feather raised higher so that it registers as a feather on a C, rather than an upside down G.
  3. Much prefer your block C with the feather, the second iteration would be best with sharp corners.
  4. What about your username? Pittsburgh Ramparts (no idea if its taken or not). Fits in with the fort theme, the RL defensive line and of course, the steel curtain. Logo could be a play on the coat of arms.
  5. There's an absolute precedent for the Hammers name as an abbreviation for "Sledgehammers". Your Behance result comes up on the second page of google (for me). If you couldn't find any of the links the Rampart posted in WEEKS of research, why is him not finding yours so unbelievable? Your concept is technically just an idea as well. Just as Rampart's design is just an idea. It just happens to be an idea in more detail compared to coming up with a name on another board. I really like this by the way. If he came up with something like this you would have a solid argument.
  6. Your top logo is a Knicks ripoff. What's the deal??
  7. I'd have shrunk the wordmark to the width of the shield. Otherwise, great work.
  8. Its taken over 15 years to correct THAT failure.
  9. The map doesn't express the scale of the system. Dungog to Goulburn is 400 km (250 mi) and Sydney to Bathurst is 200 km (125 mi) although the major system is really only the coloured lines in the centre of the map.
  10. All of these improperly named Rugby Leagues is confusing to me. A few ideas for more of a Rugby Union feel: Texas Rugby Shield/Plate/Trophy Texas Rugby Championship Texas Rugby Premiership Texas XV Premiership
  11. Are you a regular visitor to Sydney? I get the feeling that non-Australians perceive Sydney as an Aussie Rules market when its far from the case. Name calling isn't necessary when a well timed stare does so much more. Australia is the most competitive football market in the world with four major codes (Australian Rules, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer). The code wars are pretty much split on state lines with NSW/Qld following the Rugby codes (mainly league, union has a niche) and Vic/WA/SA following AFL, soccer is a niche sport nationally. The back and forth has intensified of late with the AFL making forays into NSW and Qld with two new clubs in what is considered by many to be already saturated markets (for AFL). In fact, the new Sydney team, supposedly servicing a population of 2 million has agreed to play 3 out of 12 home games a year in Canberra, 250 km (150 miles) away, for the first ten years of their existence (cash grab). They've also had their finger stuck in the pie when developing stadia around Sydney and Brisbane, with Stadium Australia renovated for the occasional game (rendering it terrible for rectangular field sports), another Stadium only 500 meters away, and the unnecessary upgrading of the SCG to 62 000 when there are rectangular stadia crying out for things as simple as seating. So three modern stadia for 1.75 AFL teams and two modern stadia (only one is good for viewing) for 9 NRL clubs, 2 soccer clubs and a rugby union franchise. Having an unwanted sport rammed down your throat (partially) at the taxpayers expense is really frustrating, and especially so when your own code (NRL) has dropped the ball time and time again although they look to be on the up. A lot of this anger gets pointed at the AFL for these reasons and the brashness of claiming to be "Australia's Game" and even claiming to be of indigenous roots. It was the opposite case in the late nineties as a rebel Rugby League competition placed teams in WA, SA and eventually Victoria, turns out that most of this expansion was a complete flop because of poor planning, it remains to be seen whether the two new AFL teams will get a footing. Add to this, the player raids between Aussie Rules, Rugby League and Rugby Union, skewed journalism and the general competitiveness between major Australian cities, and you have yourself a code war.
  12. Love the idea, it would be the only national flag with a brown field for sure. I'd like to see the circle replaced with one of these patterns, filling the entire middle stripe. Probably wouldn't need the white outlines in that case.
  13. No 1 or 2 for the Aussie flag, I'd have white stars on both and a darker green on no 1 though. The roo is really well defined which helps. Not having the sthn cross so far to the right on the kiwi flag will mean that they will need to be replaced more frequently due to fray. I like the red/black/white. The repetition of the leaf makes is busy but the shade of blue really helps the red pop.
  14. Keeping off topic, I don't mind this one... ...but the roo isn't clear enough. I've been thinking about something similar with wattle dividing the two fields.
  15. I dunno, "design by committee" seems pretty Canadian to me. Given that similar maple leaves are tacked to everything Canadian I'd say the flag does a good job of representing Canada, whether it tells a story or not.