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  1. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/goldenknights/golden-knights-to-unveil-third-jersey-this-summer-1962042/
  2. Safe to assume that anything not released to date (VGK, NYR, FLA, etc.) has been scrapped altogether or delayed a year?
  3. That's annoying. I'm guessing the Nucks gave their pick the new sweater. Did the Hawks?
  4. Man, we've come a long way from the debacle of 2007 if this uniform is considered hot garbage. In all honesty, the league is looking really good overall -- there are some designs that need tweeks and different socks or accent colors, but I think it's worth noting that the NHL has become arguably the best looking league in sports, with some brighter and more distinct colors than we had just a few years back. This is not a bad looking sweater by any means. Some of the vitriol seems a bit much. Yeah, it would look better with white stripes, but I'm willing to give it a shot and grow on me.
  5. Any reason for the Wild going with black? We heard, several pages back, about a potential third jersey that incorporated black (believe it has since been shelved). Maybe the user had some good info. I don't think black and green go poorly together; it's just that when you have hunter green, red, wheat to play with, do you NEED black? Oh well.
  6. Since the big uniform overhaul of ~12 years ago, to me, this has been possibly one of the top 3 away jerseys out there. It's clean, bright, and uniquely Vancouver. Without the writing, it looks even better. Big fan.
  7. Particularly if you start considering "electric" green (is that thing?) -- or lime.
  8. How much better would the Flyers' uni be with a softer/ lighter orange contrasting with the black? Isn't this :censored: obvious to teams? I'm sure Adidas understands the need for contrast. I really wish there was some way to overrule teams when they are going to make a decision that will simply look bad on the ice. I know it's unrealistic, and the team is king, but it would be great if there were a "traffic cop" to help teams avoid CLEARLY BAD aesthetic choices. As example, if you want to have matching black stripes on a blood-orange jersey -- and keep black breezers -- you can't have the waist stripe be at the base of the uniform, as then it just bleeds into the pants. (Nashville Preds' home sweater suffers from this "problem," too.)
  9. Watching highlights this morning, seeing a lot of black unis. Philly Arizona Carolina TB just yesterday...none looks amazing to me. Numbers are a mess on a few of them, striping is either non-existent or inconsistent. I dunno. Do people like these? I think there is a way to make a memorable black sweater, but I'm not seeing it from this bunch (I'll toss in SJ here, too.) I will say that one team that could have sported its black home unis didn't yesterday...and i must admit: the grey thirds are sorta growing on me for the Kings. If the Kings' opponent has some reds or contrasting bright color, it makes for an appealing match-up. Anyone think they may turn the current thirds into their home sweater in the next 3 seasons? Much rather have the Kings rock that and the Knights go gold.
  10. Apparently, based on the article, people are buying it up. One redeeming thing is how the logo renders in this "uniform system" (love that term ). Could the whole thing be saved by wearing the blue pants??? Something to brighten this up. I don't really get the whole head-to-toe black look they are going for along with the Sharks. But I'm probably not the person they're marketing to, as I'm an established fan.
  11. I know teams need to justify having a design department, but the ideal TB alt could be designed by any one of us. The jersey that everyone wants is black, features the modern logo, avoids the wordmark, and keeps the blue and white as striping throughout. That's ... it. Make that jersey, give the people what they want, and make some nice $$$ from it. It's not that hard. Black jersey. If you love the speckled look, maybe try it for the hanger effect or somewhere minimal. Striping of white/blue/white on the arms and the waist. Call it a day. You'll look good. You'll differentiate yourselves from the Leafs. You may even have stumbled upon the future primary jersey of your team. Oh well. It's unreal that teams are literally taking money out of their pockets by overthinking the design process and going with substandard gar-bage.
  12. Larger point being I don't get the orange on khaki. In the uni you showed, they changed eggplant to black and KEPT the jade. I'm aware. I'm talking about doing a new orange uni (i'm aware the other one is old) with a true green and black. No khaki. I don't get why they are beholden to the Cup era jersey and swapping black for orange and keeping the khaki. Why not mix and match or re-imagine the entire thing? The current third's a nice change of pace, but clearly they want to push the orange color, which is cool. I just don't get relegating it to a third-jersey status...again (since you've established it in your repertoire once before) and then keeping black/ khaki/ orange as your color scheme for some odd reason.) Going forward, IMHO, they should tinker with that orange sweater to incorporate some different tones. The khaki just doesn't work. It made sense on a mostly black sweater...and then you had the orange swoosh to give it some punch. But a mostly orange sweater with khaki just doesn't work.
  13. The Ducks trying to shoehorn their Brian Burke-era colors into a fresh, new uni is just silly. Orange works both for developing a look built around a duck and for representing Orange County. Black...fine, I guess? But that khaki/ "Vegas" gold looks washed out on that uniform. I get it; they had an orange stripe in those Cup-era uniforms and now they're emphasizing that color, but you have the right to re-imagine the look entirely. That's kinda the point of a third jersey. It's nice and tidy when teams end up swapping color B for color A, but you don't have to. Really, you don't . It's completely fine that the Jets whipped out the classic uni, which doesn't feature the navy/ "aviator blue" scheme they have currently. How about "evolving" their original colors from eggplant to black (since black is cool!!!) and from jade to a medium green (between the Stars and the Wild)? Or keep the orange and black and meld in the green. Instantly you're unique and a lot more vibrant. Just not getting that khaki here.
  14. OOhh that would be a good uni match-up!
  15. Something so "wrong" about seeing teams based out of sunny LA and Vegas battling it out in shades of grey (with other colors mixed in). Then go up the coast and play the Sharks in their all-black unis on Thursday nights. Please, Seattle, go bright and bold with your unis! And it wouldn't hurt to be unique! That's my jersey wish for 2019. Happy 2019, you guys! Thanks for making this a great site and discussion group. I love it. Props to the admins, too.
  16. LOL, could you clue me in on what this means?
  17. Any reason for the Canes doing this on the west-coast roadtrip? Are they phasing out the whites? I actually think the white sweater is one of the best in the league!
  18. Thank you for your insights. Sometimes, as an outsider, it can seem that when teams aren't sold on an untraditional color (be it teal, purple, brown, etc.), they tend to mute it or don't use it as prominently. I know that's where some of the frustration as a fan is for me. For example, it's not that the new Sharks third is terrible, it's that it looks like a black onesie, and ON TELEVISION, you can't pick up a lot of the detail unless you have a close-up. If i were consulting teams, I would tell them to go big with colors and striping. The cameras are pretty far away and the lighting in some arenas (a few of the west-coast barns and St. Louis instantly jump to mind) really muddies things. So, when it comes to the B's sweater, while i think it looks great, if you poll 10 people on what color that is, I think 8 are telling you black. So, it's like...why go halfway? I always -- again as an outsider -- feel that teams associate human qualities to certain colors. Like, we can't have a pink Hitmen jersey because we'll be thought as _____, so we'll do pink accents on a black jersey. Yay, we're tough! I guess I hope team execs aren't saying -- if we go light brown and yellow, we'll look like poo and pee. Because i'm sure that's what some dummy will say on Twitter. Just wish teams had the courage of their convictions and really thought how the end product would look like on television, since this is mostly how we're consuming the new designs.
  19. Has to be the darkest shade humanly possible. The "B" logo on the old yellow WC jersey looks lighter to me. Regardless, looks great!
  20. Sorry. Is that black or really dark brown?