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  1. Yeah like Lakers wouldn't work for a team in LA because there are no lakes.
  2. So it takes what could be awesome and becomes not awesome at all. Great.
  3. Of the three teams that revealed new unis today, boy am I glad I'm a Viking fan. The Dolphins are boring and the Jags... What a mess.
  4. The number font on their most recent set has always bothered me too Absolutely! They got a little less rounded this year with the switch to Nike, so they looked okay. But before they looked awful. "Child-like" is the perfect way to put it.
  5. I follow the Vikings on facebook and they are giving fans a chance to "unlock behind the scenes previews of the making of the new 2013 uniforms" at http://vikingsuniforminsider.com/.
  6. could anyone name this font for me, please?
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