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  1. Bravo to whoever connected the 1994 Niners' throwbacks to the onslaught of college copycats. Question is did the team have those shadows in the original uniforms from way back when? Hmmm. I was flipping through Phil Steele's football preview and realized the drop shadow still remains in rotation: Oh and I wanted to make a list of the 5 worst uniforms as of 2009: 1) Cincinnati 2) Maryland 3) Texas Tech 4) Berkley Bears 5) Colorado Each painfully more attrocious than the next. I hope at least one of them will revise for '10.
  2. And yet another. Let's see how many we can scrum up. Hmm...I know one of the Detmers must've played pro ball...was it Koy or Ty...can't remember.
  3. Firstly, the current rendition of Syracuse's uni's are quite attractive. Looking at Harper's sig above me shows how well the orange and blue go together. I don't believe Illinois, UVA, or UTEP can pull it off as cleanly as the Orange. I wonder where the desire to revamp them came from? Lights Out - thanks for the old UVA jersey pic. The home blue is outstanding. They must have some history behind them since they were probably worn in 1995 (FSU game). As for their currents....metallic helmet with matte pants will have a lot to be desired I'm afraid.
  4. Sacker, now I recall back in the late '90s just about every Nike team implemented the drop shadow. Didn't think Auburn had it due to them being with Russell Athletic for the longest. Looked pretty good on UNC if any of 'em.
  5. Post #305 has two photos, both with white pants. The striping has been deleted which I believe is a setback. I think in the NFL only the Rams and Jaguars have no stripes on the pants. It really is a staple of a football uniform.
  6. Unfortunate A&M altered their uni's. The'09 versions were probably my favorite behind Auburns. Anyone have a top 5 favorite list? As of 2009 uniforms, mine would be: 1) Auburn - I like that they don't modify at all through the years. Steel blue and orange w/ consistent striping is very nice. ('Cuse is a notch below). 2) Texas A&M - really like the grey outline on the numbering. The school name font and position is excellent. The 'aTm' logo is outstanding. Best maroon uni's in the country ahead of VT & ASU. 3) Purdue - black/gold combo looks good on just about any team (CU, Wake, Vandy), but Purdue's logo along w/ the black bottoms puts them on top. 4) Pitt - well laid out design, especially the khaki on dark blue combo w/ white trim. Looks really good on gamedays. 5) Stanford - After losing the black accent, the Cardinal look really sharp. My fave is the all-white roadies. Bama has virtually identical design, but the white helmet provides a nice contrast with the red jersey. honorable mention Michigan - home uniforms have always been attractive. The striping on the aways are slowly growing on me. I can undertand the need to diversify with one set.