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  1. 40 year old Ginobili and 20 year old Murray. And when Manu was 20, was Nike's first foray with NBA jerseys in 1997.
  2. I remember seeing that jumpman logo in middle school - somewhere around 1990 or so. So after 27 years, the logo is being donned on uniforms of football teams. If it's universal and fits outside of basketball, why did it take so long for this to happen? I think the argument would be that it's meant to be exclusive - that only a few echelon programs merit affiliation - UNC, UC, Cal. That's why there's only three college bball teams that wear it right? So here comes Harbaugh being totally non-orthodox in everything he's doing at UM, and pulls this gimmick out. UNC itself I heard didn't want it when they were the first offered. Now they become the 2nd team. Here's my thinking - it will fall off the wayside. It's absurdity will eventually be parceled out, especially when the teams can revert back to the parent swoosh. The Jordan logo is superfluous If anything it should've been used on a college baseball team first. At least there's a direct correlation there. Previously non-bball athletes wore it on their shoes. I can totally buy that since it started out as a shoe logo.
  3. That Jordan logo has what can be described as a cult following. A legion of young folks born around and after Jordan retired in 1998 don that logo on every type of clothing. Just go to your local mall. It's definitely beneficial marketing my Nike but I don't think any UNC player was upset having to don that logo on the helmet. And I agree with you absolutely garrish and unnecessary. UNC and Michigan football is sporting a basketball logo. That'll never make sense to me.
  4. Liking Sacramento. Got a very Colorado Rockies vibe. Good combo.
  5. Okay I finally see what a lot of posters had brought up earlier in this thread. The back of the jersey naturally rolling up like this photo
  6. Can't believe they haven't leaked, but excited to see the Spurs set Friday as their last changes were in 2002 and then prior in 1989. Predicting the city name on road sets will return in some fashion.
  7. Thanks for the list. Atlanta red/yellow is gonna look good. And nice that Nike is bringing back the Heat set from the James years in the black set.
  8. A uniform version of the CFL Roughriders. We badly need this.
  9. I feel like that wouldn't work on this message board. So if you're only interested in comments for team x, you'd have to hunt through pages and pages of this thread to find them, and they'd be spread apart widely. With the slow release,for example if you're looking for Sixers comments, you have them nicely confined to a three/four page set.
  10. Blazers haven't changed much since playing Jordan in the NBA finals. Really only a dash of silver trim added in 25+ seasons. So I expect them to make minor adjustments. Which should be applauded since they already have a fine set.. that silver distinguishes them from Chicago Miami and Toronto.
  11. Not my work ...They came from @suns1977 post
  12. The nefarious part about this advertising is that it is working. For example I'm 40 years old and have had never heard of Infor nor Flagstar. But I like NBA and interested in the apparel, and hereby now aware of these companies.
  13. The 1995 pacers and sixers versions on the columnists list have to be brought back and worn in the same game between these two. Colors clash well.
  14. If the city and its supporters would've known how serious relocation chance was, I think a local buyer would've came in during the sale in 2006. Ballmer alone could've bought them for 2.5% of his net worth at that time. I'd wager no one around that time up there believed the NBA would remove an established franchise.
  15. Oh man NBA Hoops now that card set was the s.
  16. Nike designed LAs current set in 1999 when they had rights for 8 teams (LA, Bulls, Det, Heat, Raps, Port, SA, Dal, Was, Bos) so good opportunity for them to redo this template. Also thanks for the side by side photos and as a reminder Bryant will be the first guy to have two jerseys numbers retired by the same team! Guy played 3d chess marketing wise. Also interesting Nike will retain the gold tab similar to how they imported Reebok's captain stars patch for football. Couple of legacy items.
  17. Since every team will have four color choices, that should prevent seeing visiting teams sporting their white uniforms. White on the road is the only bad look I've seen over the years.
  18. The Artest-era Pacers pinstripes should be up there as well. At least up until the unpleasantness.
  19. 72 wins was two years prior where the stripes versions debuted. They 'slumped' to only 62 wins in Jordans last year with solid black.
  20. Nba apparel for the most part is sold in either jersey or players shirt form so their logos aren't marketed as heavily as baseball and football. Of ppl wearing sports hats, how many nba ones do you run into from day to day? Primarily it'll be 60% MLB, 30% football/college, and the rest nba or hockey (latter being <1%). I'd say only the Bulls logo merits enough cache and style to don on a hat. Even then it's leagues behind the Yankees, Sox, Cubs, and Cowboys logos of the world. Btw I speak about fans who don't have a devout allegiance to a fave team. As a lot of fans (like me) just wear the logos for the looks.
  21. How about following Utah's model by reprising a previous era set from the photo below. Royal blue/forest green should be distinguishable from what Minnesota is doing for 2018.
  22. Here's the new SA 3rd logo on a hat on the Lids website. Looks throwed
  23. October 1st is the go-live date per an article online from nbc sports. This is from the brand manager officer at the NBA. Apparel itself will be available before as has trickled for the last few months at the teams' arenas.
  24. Exactly. Note sure why a team needs to be 'healthy' to qualify as a win.
  25. Oakland vs Cleveland They are both lands