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  1. Cincy is capitalizing on that word mark made so famous by their basketball program in the 90s.
  2. My one gripe with Nike is their insistence on adding the collar logo. I don't think there's any left with a blank collar. Penn St and now USC are the most unnecessary additions.
  3. That 'G' Helmet looks great. Very Utah State-ish uniforms for the Hoyas.
  4. Am I hating here... overkill on the Jordan logo on helmet, jersey, armband and gloves and shoes. That Nas song came out 20 years ago, but still seems like Jordans are "living it up".
  5. Speaking of powder blue, someone posted UCLA's unis and they've gone back to the light blue home jerseys. I'm sure I must've missed it earlier on this thread but good for 3stripes for bringing it back.
  6. Not gonna argue whether it will work, but have to believe that's why Harbaugh/UM allowed the logo. Look we know Jordan brand probably wishes it could put that jumpman on the other blueblood teams, but most likely they got a flat-out 'no' from them. So here's a scenario where they found a willing partner, and for UM's part in it they expect to get some movement on the recruitment front.
  7. It's a great design. Essentially the traditional sets they've always worn. Their recruits are and will continue to eat up that jumpman logo for sure. It carries major cache. But I think the rest of us in the fandom will continue to find it fascinating (or amusing, confusing?) that there's a small basketball stitched on a football uniform.
  8. x10 I think you've hit the nail on why I instantly eschew their merchandise, on field and off. They evidently don't feel that their mountain logo is as recognizable as the swoosh, majestic or under armor logos.
  9. Haha I honestly didn't even notice that! I glanced over it thinking it was the OP's watermark. Adidas being adidas
  10. Posted on the Reddit CFB page - very clean design. Just need that adidas logo taken out
  11. I like both of the above concepts but give the nod to mbannon92 design. I just remembered the Texans are red white blue so better to avoid the gravytrain. I ran through every college/NFL shared cities and can't think of a shared color scheme among them
  12. I'm guessing Tom Herman's Big 10 Pedigree led to Houston going the NU/Wiscy route. But I would have liked to seen blue or gray incorporated in there, just to give it some separation from the former two. Still great work by Nike.
  13. Georgia always has a great look. Black jerseys always remind me of my favorite NFL set Jerry Glandville era Atlanta Falcons. Looking forward to a black helmet mixed in. Black, black, silver.
  14. They look great but comparing them to the 2015 game versions, I don't see the differences....?
  15. Wow the older shot clock looks like a relic from the '90s compared to its HiDef successor in that photo.
  16. Oh I totally forgot about this. If there's any UM fans on this board what do yall feel about a basketball logo plastered on one of the most iconic sets in all college ball? I just can't wrap my mind around how the Michigan brain trust thought this made any sense. It's just bizarre, truly.
  17. A few more years and Penn State will once again regain upper echelon status. I'm certain the lingering memories of 2011 coupled with loss of schollies has hurt their record.
  18. In case you're not posting in jest, I for one hope they never change their set. We've got plenty of teams that offer the cutting edge designs every year, some of them even lasting only a couple seasons. We can, alternatively, in contrast appreciate PSU for staying the course.
  19. Agree with the first six but Indiana looks like they change very frequently from the looks of a google image search. Meaning it's actually the SEC who has the most - LSU, Bama, Ole Miss, Auburn, UGA, Florida, and Tenn never change their sets. ACC: 1) North Carolina 2) Va Tech Big10: 1) Ohio State 2) Penn State Big12: 1) Texas 2) Kansas State SEC: 1) LSU 2) Auburn Pac10: 1) Southern Cal 2) Stanford Others: 1) Notre Dame 2) Brigham Young
  20. Usc being my favorite set in the Pac10, I prefer a naked collar/shoulder. Think Penn State circa 2011. The Pac10 logo itself takes up a lot of space so with a 3rd element it's busy. Any Nike sets left that don't have the collar logo? BCS teams specifically. Maybe LSU is my best guess.
  21. Totally agree with the snowball argument here. Firstly 5 mil a year in a big chunk of change for such a minuscule ad space. Which leads me to believe there's some backdoor agreement to either increase the real estate takover on the players' clothing, or even worse, that bigger ads will generate that much more of a check from sponsors. Only consolation for me is this Stubhub ad is nicely colored to match Philly's kit. As long as the other 29 teams color match the ads I won't notice it as much - say a red H-E-B logo on the Spurs black/white kits.
  22. What is UW? And I can see where you guys are stating it's unnecessary. I happen to be a mark for that logo, best one among the big leagues, so anytime i see it I don't have an issue.
  23. I tried googling it but couldn't find when they started putting the MLB logo on the back of the pants. I think it's pretty awesome touch to make it look even more authentic. Anyone have a link to an article or blog discussing this addition?
  24. The Stephen Jackson Era logo looked like some sorta robotic character. At laset we know the franchise is conscious of the imagery.