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  1. I'm okay with the swoosh on next year's shoulders. I really liked the Nike swingmans from the late 90s / early 00s so it'll be just like wearing those. Even the replica may look like the oncourt authentics on the street.
  2. Why did Bryant switch his jersey numbers halfway through his career? Is it due to wanting two jerseys retired?
  3. Never understood the importance of this list since it only accounts for sales and nothing else. There's literally a half dozen popular online apparel shops and combined with the brick and mortar outlets scattered in strip malls and actually malls all over the country, how accurate are the figures from just one source. Maybe it's simply like how exit polls work in that it can be extrapolated to represent a majority of what sells.
  4. Is this nets heat game first time no color appears on an NBA court.
  5. Are those Georgia new unis? I'm Not a mark for the SEC but half its teams have untouchable level outfits. The 4 maroon teams drag them down but still this new bulldog uni is gonna look great on the field.
  6. Outside of 2001 Miami, every MNC or otherwise has worn what one can describe as traditional outfits. Bodes well for OU/Bama.
  7. Hate to Beth Midler but Miami looks good from a distance.
  8. These look super sharp. ... But is it the lighting or are the shoulders black? That would be a mark against an otherwise superb set.
  9. It's funny when you think that the Germans are great at exceptionally designing nearly anything, with the acute exception of college football uniforms. I really feel for fans who have to deal with that outfitter for their programs.
  10. Lol I think the poster is trolling.Those are beyond god awful. They're the ugliest things I've ever seen, and I've been on safari. I mean it's Pontiac Aztec level of attractiveness. UNC vs State will the ultimate portrayal of the brilliance of Nike and the bankruptcy of Ah-dee-dos.
  11. Once they swap the stripes for the swoosh, the Michigan all whites top 3 BCS uniform period point blank.
  12. That literally looks like the Victor Kiam Era Patriots. Very nice.
  13. Brands of the top 6 CFP teams Clemson - Nike Bama - Nike Ohio St - Nike ND - UA Iowa - Nike Okie St - Nike 10 of the top 11 are all Nike. Adidas comes in at 12 with a team who's leaving them, leaving 24 Wiscy as their only team. Guess that Adidas brand isn't translating much on the field either.
  14. Oregon State wants their unis back. Second the notion that VA Tech normal are some.of the sharpest.
  15. I hear Missouri is going all white as well.
  16. Iowa going bfbs is kinda odd. You can't do that if your main color is already black.
  17. I think the episode in Missouri today is a clear indication of the type of PC maelstrom that exists on college campuses. I've looked at Google images from the 80s until now and it was only after 9/11 that teams placed the stars and bars in their jerseys and helmets. Like it was appropriate for the 2001 season but now it's pandering plain and simple. It's also a color clash. Even the conference logos are color coordinated to the teams pattern. So I agree with Lucas in the need to stop with the tertiary design elements. Hell there's so much going on the flags get lost anyway in the uniforms.
  18. Anyone have any insight in this. I'm in the NCSU bookstore and happen upon blocks of Nike branded apparel. Wondering how that's allowed with Adidas being the team's on field supplier.
  19. The traditionalist in me really appreciates how plain Jane Notre Dame tops are. No collar or conference logo to muddle it up.
  20. Wow just checked google images and yes since 1995 it's been three stripes with Russell Athletic before. Also didn't realize NU had no pant stripes back then. I think it looked really cool with plain white pants.
  21. ^ man again even in the background Auburn has the most handsome set.
  22. As much as I hate Adidas this is the one uniform they haven't screwed up.Granted the design seems to be a holdover from whoever NU wore in the 90s but the stripes get credit for not botching the best red/white uniform in the business.
  23. I confess I'm heavily biased but anyone think this is match-up of the year worthy.
  24. He went to UCLA. He's got a few levels to go before he hits moron.