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  1. Wow that's incredible that A) a movie came out about uniforms and Nike allows CU to bring back the best set west of the Mississippi. Also watching MACtion tonight, really dig the Ohio Bulldogs green and white unis. Look just like the Colts.
  2. Sleevegate. James will force someone's hand, either Adidas to stop with these shirts, or the NBA to enforce the players to both wear them and not to alter like James did tonight.
  3. Yeah I thought I was the only one who noticed that James is wearing lower shorts than in the past. I'm sure they'll market it since anything James touches is going to sell with his throngs.
  4. In a way I'm starting to get it. Adidas is thinking why can't Miami be to us what Oregon is to the swoosh? So here they have a team whose legacy is based on attitude and whose city is synonymous with flair. The program itself is mired in irrelevancy, so from their point of view what's there to lose by throwing out a slew of alternates. Like it or not the old Canes of 80s/90s aren't coming back. Just sit back and hope for better in 2016.
  5. Look how big that Adidas logo is on the shirt and pants. So so tacky.
  6. I'm a sucker for red letters on black. Nice job by Houston following the Ohio State salute to BFBS.
  7. Adónde está, adónde está Nike
  8. It's a symptom of getting to these throwback uniforms in high definition. Just makes everything that much vivid.They look good but the camo socks are distasteful.
  9. No critiques on going with a white helmet? Thought that would be a faux pas in the CCSL circles.
  10. Tradition aside, can anyone think of a nicer black jersey with red numbers than what tOSU is breaking out?
  11. So much real estate adjacent to the spur logo to plug in Saint Anthony. Wasted opportunity tbh
  12. ASU? I thought that was Missouri playing the Buffs.
  13. What is TCU wearing? Look like they're wearing leggings I see the teenagers at the mall wear. I'm a Nike apologist but this is just bad man.
  14. Meh...I'm cool with a one game off shoot. Although decently enough haven't seen a navy alt from UNC. Maybe too Maine-ish to experiment with.
  15. If there's any good time to invest in UA stock it's now. On the verge of skyrocketing with all these pickup of major college players.
  16. Decently enough this is always used to validate why teams release so much material.I'd be curious to know where uniforms rank in a blue chip recruits list of consideration for who to sign with.
  17. Horizontal stripes on the pants... No objection?
  18. So no comments or opinions allowed? Not even the ones you agree with? just pictures and news? I think you're missing the point of a message board. Best to cut that poster some slack. May be dealing with an affliction of some kind...possibly bipolarism by the looks of the posts. Anywho, what's everyone's opinion on the state of college football uniforms including and up to this upcoming week of game play?
  19. "..Featuring each university's Alma mater.." Now what the hell's that supposed to mean. Under armor, you dolts.
  20. Carolina would have the most attractive set in the land if they just tone down the argyle incorporation.
  21. I know it's been discussed already but the Michigan all whites - c'est magnifique
  22. Look it I'm old school as the day is long but I appreciate these OSU threads for two reasons. One black is part of their color scheme even if just marginally. Secondarily any combo of red and black is going to work. Only Louisville has an awful black/red wardrobe and that's strictly tied to their supplier. Go Bucks!