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  1. I would go with a different representation of a bomber. While your rendering of this is very good, for some reason it looks like a smiling fruit to me. Perhaps a WW2 bomber (the connection to Baltimore Bombers was that WW2 bombers were made there) or a WW2 aerial bomb. Another connection to Baltimore Bombers would be the line from the National Anthem. "Bombs bursting in air" but I am not sure how you would make that into a logo. But I am looking forward to seeing how this and the others progress.

    I'm saving a stealth bomber logo for the St. Louis Stealth.

  2. I'm new here and have a great passion for logos. I was browsing around on the first page alone, and I saw two personal sports leagues. This inspired me to create my own. I need some help on some of the team names and colors. If you guys could please take the time to list changes or suggestions in your post it would be greatly appreciated and help me create a better identity.