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  1. Maybe? One of these teams got an invite to a BCS conference, and one of them didnt
  2. I see my board wide shun of Spleen isnt cathcing on, I really wish it would Anything other than football is completely irrelevant in conference realignment
  3. Wow bayoujim thank you for that insightful contribution
  4. This isn't the first time you've done that. But I'm still laughing at you bringing up Marcus Jordan, Perry would sh1t all over him, and anyone else at UCF As a whole university, or however else you want to look at it, Baylor>UCF
  5. I agree that's the wrong jersey, but not the wrong team. I think Griffey has two right teams (or however you want to say it), Seattle and Cincy. But to my original point, when I think of griffey with the Reds, i think of him in the vests with black sleeves
  6. Spleen why do you always start arguements, then when you're proved wrong you say "I was talking about ____"
  7. Marcus Jordan? Hahaha. Baylor has a top 5 pick next year in Perry Jones, and they just brought in Deuce Bello and Quincy Miller, all of them would on Jordan and UCF
  8. I think one of the conferences without any Texas schools could have a little interest in Baylor, if only for recruiting purposes. Baylor is somewhat of a hot school right now though, their football and basketball programs have both seen lots of improvement in the last few years
  9. Anyone else get the feeling thespleenanator is the stupidest mother :censored:er on here? But, should CFB go to 4 super conferences, what other three teams do you guys think the SEC will go after?
  10. "Dominating" is a lot different from "we've been good the last few years"
  11. I've always been against a playoff system, but if that were to be the system in place, I'd be all for it. I really like this idea. And Oregon hardly dominates the Pac
  12. I'm hoping those 4 join the Pac. Do you guys think they'd keep North/South divisions, and move Utah and Colorado to the North, and put the new 4 in gthe South?
  13. I never liked Keyshawn on the field, but for osme reason I really like him on ESPN
  14. It suprises me a little bit that these two basketball powers want to leave the Big East, although the ACC certainly isnt a bad basketball conference
  15. uhh...what? My guess is you mean the players on the team should be from Pittsburgh or New York
  16. no NFL jersey will every be the "right" one for Reggie
  17. idgaf he should have been a Raider til he retired edit: I didnt make this
  18. Here's a new football cleat template I made about a week ago, it has two cleats, and looks much better with concepts than my old template with just one cleat. White Black
  19. HandelGotComDMed is pretty good, the 6 and 9 are wrong though
  20. How is MJ in high school, college, or with the Dream Team in the wrong uniform?
  21. Here's a 3/4 view of a Revo Speed helmet My link
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