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  1. No no no, that is the right jersey, this is the wrong jersey
  2. I tried my hand at it, its nothing great, but its a starting point if you'd like to fix it to your liking. My link
  3. I've tried using word art is microsoft word, but it is very difficult to get the words on bottom to match the arch of the circle
  4. Fixed a few errors, Nike Air Huarache LWP90
  5. I took a picture of the real cleats off eastbay and traced it on paint
  6. My bad, here's the PNG White Black No Sock
  7. I filled in the fly wire White Black
  8. I made a cleat template, it's nothing amazing but it works. I made one with and without sock 1 2
  9. I have one that I made a few months ago but it's only the back. I have another one in the works that should be completed soon Can I see the one of just the back if you have it available?
  10. Does anyone have a football cleat template? Preferably of the Nike Zoom Vapor Carbon Fly, but anything will work. Thanks
  11. That fits in the "Players in the wrong color undersleeves" thread as well
  12. Lights out, do you post all these pictures just to beat it into our heads that you like abstract uniform designs? Cause if so we get it already
  13. Jahgee, you're taking the title of this thread too literally
  14. Ok, well it was a good excuse for misspelling "either" Also, why do you continue to use quotations as apostrophes?
  15. Yeah... He does look a bit strange in an A's uniform. I spelled it that way as a subtile hint. Andre in a A"s uni is really wierd. nice going getting the hint It wasn't a hint, you didn't know Ethier was ever in the A's organization
  16. Jahgee I'm not sure you fully understand the point of this thread. And my god that is an awful photoshop job
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