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  1. Looks to me like Leonard Williams has a cape tied around his neck or something. Not a fan. And for the black, which is awful to even have in the first place, shouldn't the stripes also be white like the numbers?
  2. Umm...does this guy really know what he got himself into? And who calls owning the Phoenix Arizona Coyotes a "dream?" Well technically nightmares are still dreams...
  3. I've been there on two occasions and both times I had a pleasant experience. Is it the Taj Mahal? No, of course not. But I never felt like I was in a cesspool either. I loved Shea and I know you did too Tank, but Shea was much grimier than the Coliseum still is today. I know they have sewage problems in the locker rooms but if they're going to stay for a while perhaps maybe they finally go about overhauling that problem?
  4. When I played high school volleyball Bloomfield High in Bloomfield NJ had their court in a long-since discontinued indoor pool gymnasium. Very tight sidelines and low ceilings but it worked.
  5. Shouldn't that make them the Glendale Coyotes then? Heck, they probably should be considering the amount of money Glendale payed for them... A great partner? That's the understatement of ever.
  6. Westminster Dog Show @ Madison Square Garden: Tennis @ Madison Square Garden: The '94 World Cup at Giants Stadium: WWF at Shea Stadium:
  7. Lifelong Met fan. If the Rays moved here, I would never, ever, ever in a kajillion years abandon the Mets, no matter how pathetic and awful they happen to be. That said, I'd definitely welcome another team here and have three more chances to see the Mets each summer (being an AL team, it's not like they'd be playing them 18 times). A team could definitely work here population wise. The one thing the Rays would have going for them that the Devils and Nets didn't is that NYC and NYC Metro is first and foremost a baseball town. Baseball trumps all. Yes, the Giants have Super Bowls, the Knicks are a big draw, blah blah blah. Still trumped by baseball. But that's just population wise. In reality, even if on the one-in-a-billion chance the Mets and Yankees agreed to this, there wouldn't be enough fans of the Rays. It's been too long since you had three teams here, and now it's so entrenched that it just simply wouldn't work. Just because the Yanks, Dodgers, and Giants once all shared NY doesn't mean that in 2013 it would be a shoe-in. The Mets wouldn't even let the Yankees temporarily move their AAA team to Newark for one season to renovate their park in Scranton. You think this would happen?
  8. Could it be representing the New York City skyline of the 1960s, when the logo was made? Nope, it's basically a representation of the tallest building in each borough during the team's inception From the Mets media guide every year since at least 1998: The circular Mets logo, designed by sports cartoonist Ray Gatto, was unveiled on November 16, 1961. It has gone virtually unchanged throughout the history of the club. The shape of the insignia, with its orange stitching, represents a baseball, and the bridge in the foreground symbolizes that the Mets, in bringing back the National League to New York, represent all five boroughs. It's not just a skyline in the background, but has a special meaning. At the left is a church spire, symbolic of Brooklyn, the borough of churches. The second building from the left is the Williamsburg Savings Bank, the tallest building in Brooklyn. Next is the Woolworth Building. After a general skyline view of midtown comes the Empire State Building. At the far right is the United Nations Building. ---------- Actually, the one thing that's bugged me as a lifelong Met fan is that the script is off between the M and E. The tail of the M should seamlessly flow into the lower case E.
  9. o rly? Either it's time for a new welcome sign or it just turned 1977 in Edmonton...
  10. Plus Huskies football and basketball. The latter has the most schedule overlap and serves a different market, but you can fit 10,000 for basketball at Hec Ed. Even still, I think the NHL could reliably cobble together 9-11,000 fans each night, no problem. I'd go twice and buy a jersey. I still don't get why that's preferable to 20,000 a night in Quebec, but whatevs. Oh come on. You know as well as I do that football isn't referred to as one of "the winter sports". I know, I know, it is still played after December 21st and you can potentially host a couple of playoff games, but that's basketball and hockey--the arena sports. It's baseball in the summer, football in the fall, the other two are "winter". And yes, there's college, but I meant pro. And college football is done save for a bowl game a little over a month into the NHL season anyway.
  11. Not that they'd ever be more popular than any existing team or a potential Sonics 2.0, but isn't it fair to say as nuts as Seattle's fans are about the teams they already have that they couldn't muster up at least some sort of following from scratch? Instant geographic rivalry with Vancouver, the only winter sport in town (at least for now), and all that? I'm not saying it WILL happen but COULDN'T it happen to some degree?
  12. And that's why as a "legit claim" for #1 OR #2, Detroit is really the only one I could make a case for.
  13. I can only really come up with Detroit. Denver could but that would only be "who's the best right now other than the Broncos", and not an "always" case. If they were to get an NBA team I could make a case for Pittsburgh and even that is only because the Pirates have been so awful for two decades now (I know they're good this year). Historically though, the Pirates would still trump the Pens. Any other 3-big 4 cities, were they to acquire the missing one however, I don't think it would happen in.
  14. I'm surprised nobody wants to harken back to those 1919 Seattle Metropolitans...
  15. In this instance, a non-corrupt judge would be the unlikely thing. This once again begs the question of what someone who obviously dislikes Canada is doing in charge of a HOCKEY league. Quebec City would be the far better and more feasible market. But we moved Columbus to the east! We can't ever change it again you guys...
  16. So what do we re-name this thread for its fourth iteration? It's a great CCSLC tradition right up there with "The Bucs have different numbers in training camp, are jersey changes coming?"; Someone posting the "Infinity Mirror" Browns logo concept; and "Did the Red Wings move away from arched lettering?"; and so on and so forth.
  17. That's pretty sad that the team is calling people who once lived there, but I agree, can't blame the sales rep. I got a call recently from the Padres if I wanted to get a ticket plan on my account. I told the guy I never had an account, to which he said something like "oh well actually because you bought tickets to us last year you're now automatically an account holder". I told him I moved back to NJ so it wasn't happening, obviously he didn't know that. I'm just harping on the "are you really THAT desperate" angle.
  18. How about Surprise? Or Chandler? Mesa? We still have a lot of options around Phoenix to try!
  19. Man I miss that Denver set so so so much.
  20. Yes, that Seattle @ KC game was a Sunday night. It poured so much that they had to stop it in the 3rd after both teams could literally only run draws up the middle and some lightning wait for it to let up a bit, and let all the water rushing down from the stands drain, they came back to finish the second quarter and second half after a bit of a delay. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/nfl/news/1998/10/04/seahawks_chiefs/ (On edit: It was commented on before I read that far) There was also a nasty MNF game b/w Pit and Miami in Pittsburgh in the fall of 2007. Pittsburgh won 3-0 in overtime. They actually placed new sod ON TOP OF the old sod before the game. Mistake.
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