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  1. Thanks for all the feedback, guys! At the end of the series, I will be going back and posting the edits that you guys have all suggested! Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 8/30: The Kansas City Royals. The Kansas City Royals get a vibrant refresh under Nike. Gold (a color of royalty) is added as a secondary color across all uniforms (excluding the home alternate--which is the road version of the 1985 Royals that will be worn at home as an alternate). The cap logo is an interlocking"KC" outlined in gold. The "KC" is their print logo, and not the actual cap logo that they use. The home whites have the "Royals" word mark, name on back, and numbers outlined in gold to provide some flair and to set them apart from the Dodgers. The road uniforms are grey with a slight powder blue-tint as a nod to the road uniforms they wore throughout the 1970's and 1980's. I don't like white outlines on a road uniform, but in this case they're needed so the gold doesn't bleed in to the grey of the road jersey. The blue alternate can be worn both at home or on the road. Home: Away: Home alternate 1 (Yes, powder blue at home--didn't mind when Toronto did it a while back, and this way you get to wear powder blue at home): Home alternate 2: Away alternate:
  2. Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 7/30: The Miami Marlins. The Miami Marlins fully embrace the "Miami Vice" theme by adopting a flashy, bold color scheme of black as the primary color, and heavy accent uses of cyan and magenta to play off of it. The result are word marks that are reminiscent of neon and are art-deco like. The word marks on the uniforms have an underline for a bit of an added flair. The road uniform has a slightly darker shade of grey so the cyan accents can really pop off of it. The cyan alternate will be worn exclusively at home. Another possible alternate look at home is the wearing of magenta undershirts and socks with the regular white uniform--complete with a matching cap (felt like magenta jerseys are a bit much for a sport like baseball). The uniform that will surely garner the most attention are the black alternates. They feature word marks across the front of the uniform that are black on the black base of the uniform with cyan and magenta accents to give them a "Miami nightlife" look by giving off a "neon-lighting" vibe. Home: Away: Home alternate 1: Home alternate 2: Home alternate 3: Away alternate:
  3. Thank you, @BellaSpurs! What if I told you that the Marlins WON'T be using teal? Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 6/30: The Oakland Athletics. The Oakland Athletics under Nike officially go back to a lighter shade of green (complete with distinctive nickname ("Pacific Ocean Green")), and also bring back matching nicknames for yellow ("Fort Knox Gold") and white ("Polar Bear White"). Their uniforms now all have sleeve piping inspired by what they wore in the 1970's during their dominant run in the American League. The home whites have a yellow "A's" logo on the front, yellow numbers and name on back surrounded by a thick green outline (thick for legibility). The road greys have a slight green hue to them, and retain the "Oakland" word mark. The yellow alternate now reads "Athletics" across the front. The green alternate can be worn both at home and also on the road. Their iconic green cap with a yellow squatchee and brim will be worn with every uniform. Home: Away: Home alternate 1: Home alternate 2: Away alternate:
  4. @coco1997 @itsmb8 Thanks for the feedback, guys! I appreciate it! @Flames1fan, soon enough! Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 5/30: The Arizona Diamondbacks. The Arizona Diamondbacks receive a radical refresh under Nike with a new color scheme of black as the primary color, with turquoise and copper as the secondary colors. The colors were picked to give a "Southwest" vibe to the franchise's new uniforms, and not to mention, it's a unique color scheme among professional sports franchises in North America. The new uniforms feature striping on the sleeve cuffs similar to their past various purple and black alternates worn from 1996 to 2006. This striping also continues down the side of the pants for consistency and provides some needed flair, albeit a traditional manner. The road uniforms are a slightly lighter shade of grey (with a bit of a yellow tint to invoke a "sand-ish" color) in order to let the copper and turquoise accents pop on them. The black alternates display the full color scheme in a bold, traditional manner. Home: Away: Home alternate: Away alternate:
  5. These are way more creative than the hats that New Era actually put out! The Lions one looks pretty darn cool. That Rams one is gorgeous! Looks like a hat that would've came out in the 1990's. Awesome work!
  6. Lets speed things up, a bit... Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 4/30: The Anaheim Angels. The Anaheim Angels (formerly the Los Angeles Angels) go back to a look that is more in line with their history, rather than the red-laden look used since 2002. Navy blue returns as the primary color, and red gets reduced to secondary status. Yellow replaces silver for the color of the halos on the "A" cap logo, and on the "ANGELS" and "ANAHEIM" word marks. Navy caps, undershirts, and socks return for the Angels. The navy-red-navy piping on the sleeves and pants of the home and road uniforms is a nod to the Angels uniforms used during the 1970's and 1980's. "ANAHEIM" returns on the road uniforms. The navy blue alternate can be worn both at home and on the road. Home: Away: Home alternate: Away alternate:
  7. @Carolingian Steamroller @Blindsay Thanks for the feedback! Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 3/30: The Cincinnati Reds. The Cincinnati Reds go back to a look inspired by one of their most successful periods in team history: "The Big Red Machine" era. Notably missing in their new color palette is black. The Reds drop it, and go back to simply red and white as their colors. Black only muddles the uniforms, and reverting back to simple red and white makes for a sleek, simple look. The home and road uniforms do however have a similar striping pattern to their last championship-winning team--the 1990 Reds who swept the Athletics in the World Series. The home alternates are a look inspired by the pinstripe vests worn throughout the early 1990's and early-to-mid-2000's. The red alternates are worn exclusively on the road. Home: Away: Home alternate (Not meant to have the patch on the sleeve): Away alternate:
  8. @coco1997 @NicDB Thanks, guys! I appreciate the feedback! Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 2/30: The Houston Astros. The Houston Astros retain their classic orange and navy blue color palette under Nike. The uniforms bring back the classic Astros look: No piping on the jerseys, and a single pants stripe. The exception to this are the navy alternates. A few changes, however: Orange becomes the primary color for their home look (with the exception of the navy alternate). Orange caps and orange under sleeves anchor their home look. The socks are inspired by the ones worn when they were still named the Houston Colt .45's. The navy alternates feature the "Tequila Sunrise" striping on the sleeves. Now I really dislike those uniforms, but on one jersey and relegated to sleeve striping--it provides nice flair! These alternates will be paired with matching socks. Navy under sleeves and caps will be worn with these uniforms--whether at home or on the road. Home: Away: Home alternate 1: Home alternate 2: Away alternate:
  9. Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 1/30: The Atlanta Braves. The Atlanta Braves receive uniforms that are essentially a mash-up of eras for their new uniform set under Nike. The color scheme comes from the 1970's-era when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's long-standing home run record. The white-panel alternate cap and the wordmarks and numbers having double outlines is also inspired from this era of Braves baseball. The lack of a tomahawk under the script is also a nod to this era. The sock stripes go back to their days as the Milwaukee Braves. The triple-piping featured on the uniforms are derived from their current uniform set that they have worn since 1987. The nameplates (unique to just them) go back to being vertically arched, as well. Home: Road: Home alternate: Away alternate: If Mike Foltnewicz responds on my Instagram and says these are "fire," then they must be, right? Hahaha.
  10. Thank you! I appreciate it. You're right about that. I'll probably end up changing that on the final product. Teaser #3, this time featuring the Cleveland Indians...
  11. More like, a splash image-kind of thing. You'll see as the series goes on! My next teaser image for my MLB/Nike project, something my fellow Brewers fans will appreciate. NL MVP Christian Yelich modeling the new Brewers home threads. Is that new uniform cream-colored for the Brew Crew?
  12. AL East: BAL | BOS | NYY | TB | TOR AL Central: CLE | CWS | DET | KC | MIN AL West: ANA | HOU | OAK | SEA | TEX NL East: ATL | MIA | NYM | PHI | WSH NL Central: CHC | CIN | MIL | PIT | STL NL West: ARI | COL | LAD | SD | SF This will be my take on Nike re-designing Major League Baseball. Starting in 2020, it will be Nike (not Under Armour who was originally supposed to take over), taking the reigns from Majestic for the production of Major League Baseball uniforms. My upcoming series will focus more on tradition (baseball is a sport deep-rooted in it), but also feature a bit of edgy flair for teams that can use a bit of it. But overall, don't expect madness and trash like what Nike has done for a vast majority of the NBA. Now, in this teaser--it appears that the Philadelphia Phillies "P," and their wordmark across the front of the jersey have gotten a bit of a touch-up. Also, is this the return of burgundy for the "Fightin' Phils?" (Pardon my photo-editing skills, they're not perfect (far from it... Hahaha), but actually seeing my uniform concepts on actual players really brings them to life, to me--and I hope you guys enjoy seeing them despite the imperfections!)
  13. That is incredible! Terrific job working on them with making the jersey look so authentic. Great stuff!
  14. I didn't notice any pants stripes for Nebraska in the pictures on the trailer. Odd.
  15. I agree. Only the Dodgers should wear #42 and go no name on the back, but even that's just a maybe.