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  1. The uniforms look awesome, but Wisconsin wore red facemasks in the Duke Mayo Bowl.
  2. Thanks for all the support guys! I appreciate the feedback. Here is another preview: Four teams get a faux-wool texture added to their uniforms. Here they are... See any differences from their current uniforms, other than the texture?
  3. Fixed it! Check now.
  4. National League North: CHC | CIN | MIL | STL Pacific: COL | LAD | SD | SF Atlantic: MON | NYM | PHI | PIT South: ATL | CHA | MIA | WSH American League North: CWS | CLE | DET | MIN Pacific: ANA | OAK | POR | SEA Atlantic: BAL | BOS | NYY | TOR South: ARI | HOU | KC | TEX Two teams switch leagues (Arizona to AL; Tampa Bay to NL), two expansion teams are added (Portland in the AL; Charlotte in the NL), one team relocates (Tampa Bay subsequently relocates to Montreal as agreement to switch leagues) and MLB goes to a 4-team, 4-division format for each league... Just a preview of what lies ahead with this series:
  5. Wisconsin rocked the white facemasks at home for the first time. On the road (as worn in previous seasons): As a Badgers fan, I love the look, I wish it would be permanent. There is a lot of red on the helmet from the helmet stripe and the two Motion W's on the sides so there still is a lot of color on the helmet.
  6. Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 15/30: The New York Yankees The New York Yankees have perhaps baseball's most iconic home uniform. There is something about the gorgeous pinstripes with the interlocking "NY" on the front. It's timeless. The road uniforms to me however, leave a lot to be desired. Back in 1973, they added a white outline around "NEW YORK" and and the numbers and added the thick sleeve cuffs that still exist on them to this day. They don't look as classic or as timeless as their home uniforms. I did my part to change that. I dropped the white outline around "NEW YORK" and the numbers, leaving just a navy blue wordmark and number on the greys--reminiscent of the road uniforms worn up until '73. Such greats such as Mickey Mantle, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, and Joe DiMaggio wore similar uniforms--now Stanton, Judge, and Severino get to do the same. As an added touch, their road greys get the faux-flannel treatment--another element to put that old school touch on them. Home: Away: Just two uniforms for the Bronx Bombers... Keep it simple for them.
  7. Thank you, I appreciate it! Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 14/30: The Cleveland Indians. The Cleveland Indians go with a retro-inspired look. Their shade of red is slighter darker than every other team's, which sets them apart a little bit. The home uniforms will retain the red under shirts and socks, while the road uniforms will have navy under shirts and socks. That is a quirk I always enjoyed with their uniform sets--it's a nod to the successful Tribe teams of the 90's, and of recent years. The home whites get an "Indians" script that is reminiscent of the uniforms worn by Bob Feller during the 1940's. The road greys have "CLEVELAND" in block lettering across the front, representing the no-frills, blue-collar attitude of the city of Cleveland. The navy blue alternate can be worn both at home and on the road. The sock stripes are inspired by the ones the Indians wore during the 40's. I'm a huge fan of striped socks: It completes the old-school look I wanted to go for when it came to Cleveland. Also of note, are the road uniforms having a faux-flannel pattern on them: A touch that gives this uniform set another touch of old-school flair. Home: Away: Home alternate: Away alternate:
  8. Now that school is done with, I can get back to this project which has not been abandoned! Hahaha. I am back, finally! I have had all these uniforms completed since about late-March, early-April and now just have the time to post all of these. Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 13/30: The Colorado Rockies. The Colorado Rockies get a refreshed look under Nike. Notably gone from their color scheme is black. I always felt with their uniforms that black competed with purple and often overtook it, so I decided to do away with it. This in turn lets purple shine as the primary color, and clearly establishes silver as the secondary color. The hat, under shirts, and socks of all the uniforms are now purple instead of black. The wordmarks and scripts have a touch of "Western" feel to them. The home uniforms remain the traditional purple pinstripes. The road uniforms are similar to what they currently wear (same piping), but have updated wordmarks. The white home alternate is basically a white version of their road uniforms (with "ROCKIES" across the front--a fresh look to give the Coors Field fans a bit of a different look. The purple alternates can be worn both at home (with their home alternate pants) and on the road and feature silver piping. Home: Away: Home alternate 1: Home alternate 2: Away alternate:
  9. Thanks for the feedback, guys! @NicDB, I already have all these splash image-type things done ahead of time, but not all of them use the downtown skyline, but that's a really good point! If I do that again, I'll make sure to vary it up, a bit. @Flames1fan, this week for Tampa Bay. @hutchins75, this week for Cleveland as well. Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 12/30: The Seattle Mariners. The Seattle Mariners get a simplified look under Nike. The double outlines around the word marks, cap logo, name on back, and numbers are all removed for a more streamlined look. The "S" on the cap is silver with a single "Northwest Green" outline. New/old cap logo comparison. The home whites are "NWG (Northwest Green)," heavy--the "MARINERS" word mark, number, and name on back are "NWG" surrounded by a navy outline. The road uniforms still read "SEATTLE" but are simply navy surrounded by "NWG." The home alternates remain the same, and the road alternates get the same treatment: Silver "SEATTLE" word mark, number, and name on back surrounded by a single "NWG" outline. Also a change with the road alternates, is the use of silver piping on the jersey, like their older alternates. Two caps will be worn: Navy with a contrasting "NWG" squacthee and brim to be worn at home, and an all-navy cap to be worn on the road. Home: Away: Home alternate: Away alternate:
  10. @coco1997 @Section30 Thanks, guys! Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 11/30: The Pittsburgh Pirates. The Pittsburgh Pirates' overall look remains a very traditional one. The biggest changes being the home and road uniforms returning to their vested look. Reminiscent of the uniforms Hall of Famer Roberto Clemente wore before they switched to the pullover and sansabelt uniforms in 1970. The sock stripes are inspired from their 1960 World Series team (look at how gorgeous that uniform is). The alternates get a bit of a change as well. The two alternates are not vests. I feel like vest should have matching pants and jerseys. The yellow alternates are to be worn at home, and are paired with a yellow cap with a black brim and black squatchee (a nod to the 1970's teams). Their current black alternates needlessly feature white on the jerseys and cap logo, so I streamlined them by dropping white on them. This lets the yellow accents pop more. The number font goes back to a traditional block, as well. Some more modifications: The first "P" and the rest of "PIRATES" word mark are all the same uniform size (instead of the first "P" being bigger than the rest of the characters), and the "PITTSBURGH" word mark gets thickened up for better legibility. Home: Away: Home alternate: Home alternate 2: Away alternate:
  11. Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 10/30: The Minnesota Twins. The Minnesota Twins go back to their (recent) roots under Nike. In recent years, their identity has become a very muddled mess. The addition of gold in to their color scheme and the red alternate at home doesn't do anything for me. So I got rid of both of those issues--to me, the Twins are a blue first, red second team. They wear just one cap (as they should) with every uniform: Their classic all-navy cap with the "TC" mark on it. The home whites go back to what they had prior to 2015--a lot of people associate them with the Metrodome, but I feel like they made a seamless transition to natural lighting. To me, the Twins should always wear pinstripes at home. The "Minnesota" word mark on the road greys goes to red with a navy outline (a nod to their previous uniform set). The navy alternate can be worn both at home or on the road. The alternates are their gorgeous cream throwbacks. I feel like these match the Kasota stone in Target Field better than shoehorning gold in to the uniforms, any day. Home: Away: Home alternate: Home alternate 2: Away alternate: (Missing the sleeve patches, I'll go back and fix those up.)
  12. Thanks @nino21220! Appreciate it. Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 9/30: The New York Mets. The New York Mets uniforms remain essentially the same even with Nike taking over. They did an excellent job back in 2012 by dropping all traces of black from their uniform set--again looking as the Mets should: Strictly blue and orange. I did further streamline the uniform set, however. I dropped the blue alternate that said "NEW YORK" across it and opted for the blue alternate that reads "Mets" across it to be worn both at home and on the road. The home pinstripes and the road jerseys remain the same as they currently do. They will also wear their standard all-blue cap with the orange squatchee with all of their uniforms--no need for the caps with the orange brims, anymore. Home: Away: Home alternate: Away alternate:
  13. Thanks for all the feedback, guys! At the end of the series, I will be going back and posting the edits that you guys have all suggested! Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 8/30: The Kansas City Royals. The Kansas City Royals get a vibrant refresh under Nike. Gold (a color of royalty) is added as a secondary color across all uniforms (excluding the home alternate--which is the road version of the 1985 Royals that will be worn at home as an alternate). The cap logo is an interlocking"KC" outlined in gold. The "KC" is their print logo, and not the actual cap logo that they use. The home whites have the "Royals" word mark, name on back, and numbers outlined in gold to provide some flair and to set them apart from the Dodgers. The road uniforms are grey with a slight powder blue-tint as a nod to the road uniforms they wore throughout the 1970's and 1980's. I don't like white outlines on a road uniform, but in this case they're needed so the gold doesn't bleed in to the grey of the road jersey. The blue alternate can be worn both at home or on the road. Home: Away: Home alternate 1: Home alternate 2 (Yes, powder blue at home--didn't mind when Toronto did it a while back, and this way you get to wear powder blue at home): Away alternate:
  14. Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 7/30: The Miami Marlins. The Miami Marlins fully embrace the "Miami Vice" theme by adopting a flashy, bold color scheme of black as the primary color, and heavy accent uses of cyan and magenta to play off of it. The result are word marks that are reminiscent of neon and are art-deco like. The word marks on the uniforms have an underline for a bit of an added flair. The road uniform has a slightly darker shade of grey so the cyan accents can really pop off of it. The cyan alternate will be worn exclusively at home. Another possible alternate look at home is the wearing of magenta undershirts and socks with the regular white uniform--complete with a matching cap (felt like magenta jerseys are a bit much for a sport like baseball). The uniform that will surely garner the most attention are the black alternates. They feature word marks across the front of the uniform that are black on the black base of the uniform with cyan and magenta accents to give them a "Miami nightlife" look by giving off a "neon-lighting" vibe. Home: Away: Home alternate 1: Home alternate 2: Home alternate 3: Away alternate:
  15. Thank you, @BellaSpurs! What if I told you that the Marlins WON'T be using teal? Project: Nike/MLB 2020--Team 6/30: The Oakland Athletics. The Oakland Athletics under Nike officially go back to a lighter shade of green (complete with distinctive nickname ("Pacific Ocean Green")), and also bring back matching nicknames for yellow ("Fort Knox Gold") and white ("Polar Bear White"). Their uniforms now all have sleeve piping inspired by what they wore in the 1970's during their dominant run in the American League. The home whites have a yellow "A's" logo on the front, yellow numbers and name on back surrounded by a thick green outline (thick for legibility). The road greys have a slight green hue to them, and retain the "Oakland" word mark. The yellow alternate now reads "Athletics" across the front. The green alternate can be worn both at home and also on the road. Their iconic green cap with a yellow squatchee and brim will be worn with every uniform. Home: Away: Home alternate 1: Home alternate 2: Away alternate: