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  1. That'd be 1991 Fleer. Brb, looking this up something like this? Yes!
  2. I remember a baseball card I had when I was a kid, around 1990 I think. I forget the brand, but the cards had a yellow border. On the front of the team checklists was the team logo and on the back under the list of player cards was a trivia item. The one for the Expos claimed that the logo stood for "everybody loves baseball"
  3. you know what? I will be condescending. Because your opinion is stupid. The similarities are not jarring. As recently as the early 90s by your piss-poor definition of the word, every f--king team in the NHL was "jarringly similar". Horizontal stripes and a colored yoke. There's a reason that was the only official template in EA Sports NHL 94. It's not old-timey. The people who are saying the Maple Leafs and Lightning are jarringly similar can make an argument. But those hacks are arguing instead that the Maple Leafs have some claim to royal blue. A color that has been used as a dominant color by half of professional sports in its entirety. Maybe you should check out HFBoards. I think you'll find the level of intellectual discourse there more to your liking.
  4. I can't think of 6 but I can definitely think of a few... Worse than the Islanders third? Hardly. At least it has a logo on the front. Worse than either of Avalanche main jerseys? I'll take that cape template over the piping laced bib any day. Worse than what the Flames wear full time? Impossible because nothing is worse than those including Wildwing bursting through the ice There is no way that six current NHL jerseys are worse than the cape. It's the worst in the league, bar none, including the Islanders' third. There are many instances where a jersey is "the worst for this team" because it doesn't match their usual colors or they do something strange or Reebok effects spoil it, or it simply isn't what you want to see, but as a simple jersey, for another team in another time, wouldn't be that bad. but this Sabres jersey is objectively awful, on its own, no context necessary. It's worse because the Sabres were finally getting it right. And this one idea, of different colored front and back, in wildly contrasting colors, no less, could be the single worst design element we've seen yet. I've watched a game with Wild Wing, it wasn't as continuously-jarring as the navy-to-gold flashes every time a Sabre turned around. The Burger King jersey had silver and white, horribly strange, but not as jarring. The only thing that could possibly surpass the continuous, not-going-to-get-used-to-it, difficult to process and at times even nauseating effect had by these Sabres alts are the Canucks Flying V, which had similar qualities in differences between front and back with high-contrast and bright colors. Seriously, go watch the highlights. The photos make the capes look better than they truly are. I watched the highlights this morning, and I rescind most of my comments. I still think the board gets out of hand way too much to be taken seriously, but seeing the uniforms in motion was far worse than the still shots. The effect with the socks clinched it - it was like watching the Red Wings take on two different teams simultaneously. I still maintain that Colorado's home and away are worse, but only by a narrow margin. I'll take up the issue again the next time someone adds a stripe to their breezers or inverts a sock pattern and the board flips out.
  5. Here's where you're wrong. You can think of six current uniforms that are worse then the Sabres' alternate, in your opinion. So someone else, thinking just as clearly as you, the Sabres' alternate uniform just might be the worst in the league currently. And that's not an overreaction if they truly think that.I'm all for level-headed people declaring it the worst in the league. I just don't like sifting through an ever growing amount of memes and reaction gifs and nonsensical anger to read something level-headed. Back when the first edge uniforms came out we had a lot of really awful uniforms forced on us. There was anger but it all seemed proportionate to what was going on. Now every change by every team is treated exactly the same by most of the people posting. And on the rare occasions when people are called out on it, the predictable response is always "we are uniform and logo geeks. This is what we are supposed to do" which almost seems insulting because it makes us all out to be irrational and unreasonable which doesn't seem like geekery to me.
  6. You guys do know that you're posting on a site for aesthetic and artistic nerds, do you? Any reaction is considered, "fair game," so give others some slack at the thought of seeing Buffalo's sweater and thinking that someone ran over their puppy. I do not accept this as an excuse for the continued dumbing down of this discussion board. What used to be a spectrum of opinion and nuanced discussion has devolved into a race to see who can dislike the newest thing the quickest and snarkiest. Yeah. We are nerds. But we used to be smarter. There are still people who are capable and I am thankful that they retain the patience needed to soldier on. I don't care about the memes. At least they are sometimes entertaining. But can we tone down the hyperbole? If any of you honestly are that pissed about inverting a sock pattern or widening a stripe- well, you're entitled to your opinion but your opinion is wrong and likely best kept to yourself. When every change is treated like Islanders fishsticks it becomes impossible to take any of you seriously. The Sabres alt is bad. When calm I can think of at least six current uniforms that are worse. Tl:dr- the unnecessary hyperbole- knock it the f#@k off
  7. Or Commander USA's Groovy Movies. Or the good Commander's sidekick Lefty.
  8. I was suspecting a lot worse after the teasers. I actually like it. It's a third jersey, so it's all right to be inventive, especially with a lot of other teams going blander to make themselves look more respectable. It's a downgrade from their previous third, but at least all three jerseys have the same colors again. It's not the best third jersey ever, it's third place in the list of buffalo's third jerseys. But compared to the other third jerseys in the league - I'd rank it below the Senators, Rangers, Wild, and Avalanche. I hope the jerseys sell and maybe San Jose, Boston, Vancouver, and Chicago will ditch their bland thirds for something more inventive.
  9. Why is the Calgary Tower still in it then? It's not the Calgary Tower. There's a very similar looking tower at Harbour Centre. I can't get a good angle of it from where I am in the city right now. If you were standing around Main & Terminal or maybe Quebec & Terminal you'd probably be able to get a shot that resembles the skyline in the graphic. This is the best shot I could find of the skyline that includes BC Place and the tower (which you can see in the middle, just behind BC Place). It's just not same orientation as the graphic. Now they just have to erect similar towers in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Ottawa, and Markham and they'll never have to change that logo again. Brilliant!
  10. Is this like one of those spambot posts that just pulls random words from the thread and strings them together in something that seems like sentences?
  11. Mariners cap autographed by Dave Niehaus. It's the only autograph I have.
  12. The last figure skating event at Key Arena that I can find was the Stars on Ice tour February 25, 2012.
  13. Yeah, and Seattle's mayor is a bumble:censored:, too, seeing as he basically confirmed that they are getting the Coyotes while the NHL is hush hush and still claiming they are committed to Glendale. What a joke, the whole damn situation. bumble:censored I will agree with, but he never confirmed the Coyotes are definitely coming to Seattle. My gut tells me that he didn't say anything about it publicly until the NHL wanted him to, and the NHL wanted him to in order to put the screws on Glendale City Council. I don't think many people see this as anything other than using one city to leverage a situation in another. The irony in this situation is that while I don't think the NBA was truly using Seattle to get a better deal in Sacramento, that was the ultimate outcome. I believe the NHL is using Seattle only to get a better deal in Glendale, but the Coyotes are more likely to move here than the Sacramento Kings were. But yes, McGinn is a complete bumble:censored:
  14. Yep. Ran by a dead one on the side of the road the other day. Cottage Lake? I think I ran by the same one.
  15. This seems to be based on an erroneous assumption that people only care about one sport, which is ridiculous. True and (somewhat) false. Based on the people I've met who align themselves with Seattle sports, on seeing TV reports from news shows and sports-related media on YouTube, and on other sports blogs and forums I've read articles on, these are my rough estimations of what percentage of their pro teams people in the Northwest tend to show the greatest interest towards. Given the saga of the whole Sonics relocation and their (failed) efforts of acquiring the Sac Kings, I tend to believe Seattle is a basketball city (also helps that their only pro championship was won by their 1979 NBA team). There is so much anger and hostility those people have towards Stern, Bennett and Schultz for their treatment of their NBA team, that anything they do gets the attention of the local media and the people running the whole "Sonicsgate" campaign. The Seahawks are picking up steam with Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson running the show, while the Sounders have opened up the Northwest region as a very viable one for MLS and all of North American soccer (also the fact that the Sounders picked up casual fans distraught by the Sonics relocation in mid-2008 when their team was promoted to MLS status for the 2009 season). So they both have the next share of interest. The Mariners (as Kramerica or whoever else pointed it out) have been mostly an abyss for their franchise, who are the remaining AL franchise to have never won their pennant,* so they get the last share of attention. But the whole "people only caring about one team in multi-team cities" does have some validity. For example: -Detroit has four teams, yet it relies on the Red Wings first and foremost for success (although the Tigers come in a close 2nd). -Los Angeles is a Lakers/Clippers town; even with the Kings/Ducks and Angels/Dodgers, the talk of this city (especially of the media) is all related to basketball, from the absurd trade "proposals," to the drama off the court between the players, to the even-more ridiculous comparisons to legendary players (Kobe vs. Jordan/LeBron/Magic/Bird). -Dallas' allegiance is with the Cowboys first, followed by the declining Mavs, the Rangers and the scrappy Stars seeking attention. -In Miami, LeBron has transformed that city into an NBA city. All the sucking the Dolphins have done has alienated those customers, there's the screw job Loria has done with the Marlins, and who in Miami pays attention to the NHL's Panthers on a nightly basis? *I don't count the Astros in this factoid, since this is their first year in the American League. But even so, they do have a 2005 NL pennant, which means they have one more league championship flag than the Mariners I will concede that there is some validity to the argument. But loyal fan allegiances are usually built on championships. Every instance you cited is due to a winning tradition. Seattle hasn't had that yet, outside of the 79 Sonics, which may explain the nostalgia and anger surrounding the Sonics. Another factor that makes the Seattle sports scene different is our perception that we get shafted in national media coverage. Therefore, our fan base is a little more fluid. There are some who stick to one team in one sport, but I'd venture to guess as high as 70% will throw in with whichever team is doing the best. Most of the sports fans I know in the area are like that. We have our favorite teams and sports (Mariners and NHL for me), but we'll show up to support whichever team is winning (because it's usually only one team at a time). I've seen Key Arena packed for Storm games over the last few years. In person. Because as much as I hate to admit it, I'm a fair-weather bandwagoning Seattle fan just like the rest of them. But can you blame me for just wanting to get caught up in the excitement of a winning team? If the Mariners start winning on a pace that will put them in the postseason, the Sounders attendance will start declining. If the Coyotes come to town and make the playoffs, they'll have solid attendance. If they make it deep, the fanbase will even give them a two year grace period like we did with the M's after the 2001 116 win season. There just hasn't been enough of a winning tradition with any one of our sports teams to foster the same rabid loyalty other cities have.
  16. This seems to be based on an erroneous assumption that people only care about one sport, which is ridiculous. I'm not going to argue that the NHL will outdraw the Sounders or the Seahawks, but I would have to assume there would be some overlap. I'm not sure why the NHL believes Seattle is a better destination than Quebec. But if the definition of success is that the Seattle team outdraws the current iteration of the Phoenix Coyotes, it could easily be a success, even in Key Arena. However, five or six years down the road, this thread will likely be re-opened. Likely landing spots for a failed Seattle NHL franchise will include Atlanta, Phoenix, and Kansas City. People will be arguing that Phoenix and Atlanta would be preferable to Kansas City because of their "rich hockey histories".
  17. It's a dumb idea. And I'm not comfortable with the idea that you are somehow entitled to an explanation why. Opinions can be wrong. in this instance yours is.
  18. Time for another Vern Fonk Power Play brought to you by Bing!
  19. Maybe almost certain this is just wishful thinking, but maybe they are going to do something a bit unique and have a body stripe across the middle of the jersey. They've shown us a lot of different stripings, which don't seem to go together well. And they've gone out of their way to crop the pictures of the crest so that we can't see what's around or above them. If they are going to keep any part of the warning flag stripes, it would be either there or on a vertical stripe in the side panels. Either way, I am getting the feeling there is a major design element that they are going to keep cropping around in these pictures until the reveal on the 4th. I really don't want this to be another bland minimalist uniform.
  20. Is it just my crappy monitor or are those letters outlined in silver and black? I'm happy to see the phantom yoke gone and somewhat optimistic that the new uniforms are going to be a good update. I know I'm in a minority (or at least a non-vocal majority) in liking what the Lightning did with their update. I was also happy with Nashville's. So I'm sure there will be something with either Dallas or Carolina that won't sit well with me, but I'm cautiously excited and optimistic about both.
  21. I think people are reading too much into the private/public funding issue. While the leagues do favor public funded arenas, the league's claim that as long as Sacramento had an arena deal in place and an ownership group ready the team would stay put fits all the available evidence. The reason the Sonics left in the first place was because they weren't able to put anything together in the first place and the city and county gave the league the finger. The real nefarious issue was, for me, Sacramento's willingness to decline revenue sharing. Is the next failing franchise going to be told to give up on revenue sharing or face relocation to Seattle?
  22. Yes it was... the logo first appeared in 1998, thank god it wasn't the primary. The more I think about it, the "Wild" isn't even that bad of a name, especially compared to what's been suggested to replace it. As I've said before, their original primary logo is the epitome of 'modern classic' and the fact that it will likely be replaced with some lame, uninspired script that'd be better suited to a baseball uniform is proof that logo design is in a state of regression. That logo was probably a holdover (to sell t-shirts) while the real logo was being designed. I had a T-shirt, but the logo was awful and I really felt the whole identity stunk. The wanimal head, as someone else pointed out was a great "save." It's probably going to remain the primary mark, but I wonder whether it will ever be on a jersey again. I remember being really excited to see the logos for the four teams - Nashville, Atlanta, Minnesota, and Columbus. Nashville and Atlanta kept what they originally unveiled as their primaries if I recall correctly. Minnesota and Columbus both released odd logos that were relegated to secondaries by the time their teams took the ice. Columbus had the bug logo over the wavy script instead of the interlocking CBJ. But Columbus and Minnesota had more time to tinker with their identities before they had to have everything finalized.
  23. What if is true intention is to move the Coyotes to Abbotsford?
  24. I think the case can be made that the Mariners are due for a new look in the next few years, once things start turning around. A new look. Not a retread of what they wore the last time they were this terrible. Something to signify that the club is moving in the right direction again. The compass rose had it's glory years in 1995 and 2001. I don't think that needs to happen, but that's the only argument I could consider for doing so.