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  1. I can't think of a single team in any sport that I root for for aesthetic reasons but... Miami is shaping up to look sooooo good! That cap and track jacket are absolutely beautiful and completely unique in North American sports.
  2. I don't remember as much ripping but a similar amount of numbers falling off in the first year of Rev30 as the amount of Nike jerseys ripping in their first year. These new technologies will have their problems and when items are being mass produced in factories you're bound to have some failures. This is not an issue unique to Nike.
  3. Thats fine, but it's a horrible choice even for ST only. I just think it's far more bizarre to introduce a ST jersey in a color that isn't in your scheme than it is to introduce a ST road alternate jersey that uses a previously used grey replacement. Both would be odd, but one is quirky the other is ridiculous.
  4. Why wouldn't they? That's how this color originally came to be used. As I mentioned in my last post, it they wore them as an alternate road look with blue pants that is a quirky ST road alt. Wearing them in this fashion means they are adding powder blue to their scheme, so is powder blue only one of their colors in the spring or should we expect more? It's very strange.
  5. No, the Royals look great in powder because they use it as a color. The Mariners are apparently going the same route but it causes a horrible clash with their most unique, marketable and underutilized color. If they had used it as a grey substitute I would've written it off as a quirk. The reason I hate this from the Mariners is because they are using it as a color. It bolsters the Royals scheme, it clashes with, causes confusion, and unnecessarily complicates the Mariners scheme.
  6. I can't be the only person who thought when they introduced those that they would be wearing them for road games only with matching blue pants, can I? Wearing these as your ST jersey with white and grey pants and not just a quirky road alternate is one of the dumbest uniform decisions I've ever seen. That color makes 0 sense for the Mariners, it's way to close to teal, makes them look like the Rays, and their wearing it in a completely new way that has nothing to do with how they historically wore it. When I first saw them wearing it with White pants I was dumbfounded, it makes no sense. It would be like if the Rockies just launched a green ST jersey because it was an accent color for the ASG they hosted or the Padres reintroduced sand jerseys but wore them with white and grey pants. IDIOTIC!!!
  7. I think there is a bit of a regional divide here. In CO, where I'm from, and the rest of the west people say Washington and mean the state. If you're talking about DC I've always called it DC or Washington DC never just Washington. The notable exception to that rule is with sports. When I moved east of the Mississippi I noticed that people switched and Washington was DC and no longer the state.
  8. I’m preparing myself to be very upset by this kit. The white secondary kits are overtaking MLS.
  9. Well I'm not going to have this argument with someone who conveniently clips my posts to fit their narrative. I also provided a fairly detailed description of why some team's supporters feel justified using these terms but again that was ignored. It has nothing to do with exclusivity, it has everything to do with being disadvantaged by being the original teams in the league. Do you not recognize that being a fan of a club for a longer period of time is something to be proud of? Why are the Toronto Maple Leafs fans so proud of their team and history? They have had less success in the last 50 years than Vegas has in two seasons! Is the fan experience of a lifelong Leafs fan really not more authentic than that of a Golden Knights fan? Where do you draw the line? Are MK Dons as authentic as their Wimbledon precursor? This isn't as simple as how things were founded, we have been building equity from an emotional standpoint. Unlike any other league in the world we are disadvantaged by being an original team, all I have as a Rapids fan to hang my hat on is that my club was one of a small group that was crucial to the development and success that your club gets to experience. Brian, my point is that these discussions are based in fandom which is inherently emotional. Equity matters when you are talking about love, passion, and emotion. My two year relationship probably isn't on the same level as your 30 year marriage, Why would I be so insecure about that? That's what this is really about, bitter fans of original clubs long left behind vs insecure fans of new clubs justifying their support. Don't be insecure about it, we all start somewhere, but this is fandom and supporters bickering so I will use the fact that your club has been around for 2 years against you, it's the only superiority, and thing I have as a Rapids fan.
  10. Well that wasn't quite my point. I said: "Why wouldn't someone like me who has supported an inept club through thick and thin, a club who will likely never become MLS elite, and had a 20 year head start that actually put us behind be frustrated by that. All we have is our struggle, our authentic and organic supporter culture, and a love for our club that frankly an ATL fan can't develop in two years." That says very little about the authentic or organic nature of the club itself but rather the supporter culture that has either developed over 25 years or was developed by the club for marketing purposes. That is what was originally the claim, that Sounders were scrubbing the supporter and fan culture to be more friendly, thus less organic and authentic.
  11. Yeah, I'm not blaming anyone in particular. I just think original clubs and their fans are justified in feeling that they are more authentic and organic than newer clubs. That was the comment that this entire post was based on.
  12. Surely you can see why a supporter of an original member of MLS would feel that their club had a more organic start as it relates to US soccer and supporter culture than a lot of these recent upstart clubs. I consider Seattle and Portland to be much closer to our group than what has happened with NYC, LAFC, ATL, and Inter Miami. Honestly, a lot of it is also being bitter... I'm a Colorado Rapids fan and I truly believe my club would have been better off if it were founded 20 years later. MLS kind of poisoned the well in a lot of the early cities they are part of (Denver, Columbus, Dallas, SJ, Tampa, Miami, even LA with Chivas and Galaxy, and NY with the NJ Red Bulls/Metro Stars issues). Once you have 20 years of perceived minor league status, soccer mom culture, incompetence, playing in front of 8K in an NFL stadium, suburban stadiums, apathetic ownership, penalty shootouts, shot clocks, branding disasters (TB Mutiny, KC WIZ, Dallas Burn), etc. baked into franchises it is hard to ever change public perception. Now we have all of these clubs coming in and succeeding off of the bat, running their organizations the right way, and getting huge fan support. Why wouldn't someone like me who has supported an inept club through thick and thin, a club who will likely never become MLS elite, and had a 20 year head start that actually put us behind be frustrated by that. All we have is our struggle, our authentic and organic supporter culture, and a love for our club that frankly an ATL fan can't develop in two years. So, if you don't like those phrases or want to dismiss them and this post as meaningless, that is your prerogative, but I think it is shortsighted to do so.
  13. What has changed at these boards in my time here is the fact that so many posters are ready to jump at people for anything. It's absurd... BBTV isn't a mod, he didn't need to comment AT ALL. LEWJ also pulled the classic Teal move and threatened to quit an internet message board, that's lame. Nobody here is that important that you will be begged to stay IMO. With that said, I really like the concept LEWJ posted but they really need to just revert to their last set. It was one of the best uniforms in the league.
  14. His club is younger than the soup in the back of my pantry... of course nothing is organic or authentic for NYC. Some of our clubs developed supporter culture independently of the league at a time when it wasn't marketable to do so. There is certainly something more authentic about the supporter group I was apart of when I lived in CO painting tiff and creating two poles in the stadium parking lot after a pickup game than some of the team commissioned tifos we have seen in some places. With that said, there is a level of inauthentic support in all American soccer because so much of the culture is borrowed. I won't even address the path that Gothamite tried to take that down because as Duck_Duck mentioned that is outside of the context of how it was being used.
  15. *Weeps in Colorado Rapid*