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  1. Overall I like this and think it’s the best we could’ve hoped for. The new fonts are nice, unique, if not a bit contrived. The baseball in the flying G is embarrassingly bad, and the perspective is weird. It really looks like clip art or something designed for a coming of age film about a high school baseball player. With that said, their branding speak about the split finger grip of the G really sold me on the concept so I think it should be reworked in the future. Idk enough about graphic design to express this effectively but the marks all look like something I designed in illustrator as an amateur. There is a flatness there that I don’t typically see from professionals. Do any of our designers have insight into that?
  2. Really opposed to this idea. The home team should never have to wear a secondary because a team can’t design an effective one on their own. Remember, the goal isn’t to contrast your own kit it’s to contrast other kits that may clash with your primary. This purple was ALWAYS a bad choice for Seattle because Portland and Austin both also wear green but their green is darker and clashes with purple. So that leaves an all green matchup with a clash or a dark colors matchup with clash. Seattle could go with tons of colors as they’ve shown in the past but they really should be light IMO. But of course, with as many MLS teams as we have now, a third is necessary to avoid these scenarios.
  3. The real solution is to tell Seattle that their second kit needs to provide sufficient contrast in matchups like this. MLS should’ve stopped them from cosplaying as a Jimi Hendrix album cover.
  4. Hopefully I’m not breaking any rules here but I’m watching the Rays play at Cleveland and couldn’t help but wonder. It’s also an appropriate time with the above news. How in the hell is Cleveland still wearing jerseys with their soon to be former name on them? How can you as an organization decide that your name is offensive and needs to be changed but still trot out wearing that offensive name on your jerseys. I’m not wanting to debate whether the name is offensive but this is such a mishandling of the situation that it makes WFT and Dan Schneider look adept.
  5. So what you’re saying is that on a forum with thousands of users not everyone agrees or has the same priorities/rationale in uniform design? That’s not hypocrisy, that’s you turning the board into a monolith.
  6. You say this like it's a negative but I've yet to see anyone pitch a single idea that is better than a cable car or the Golden Gate Bridge. Sometimes the obvious solution is the best one. Chinatown and Alcatraz would both be disasters that are only representative of a tiny piece of SF anyways.
  7. In addition to the Hebrew error, it's pretty weak that they ripped off "A City United" given that that was a pretty impactful phrase from Manchester City and United following the terrorist attack in Manchester in 2017.
  8. To be completely honest I still find your combination of name dropping and questioning of her effort and qualifications for the project to be off putting and unusual for the site. However, you have convinced me that it wasn’t done in bad faith and you have a better background knowledge of her work than I do or I expected you did. Again I disagree with most of what you’ve had to say on the design but that’s fine. Everyone is free to like what they like and most of my feelings have been eloquently stated by Andrew and others.
  9. You have turned a crest you don’t like into an assumption that the designer isn’t qualified. Frankly that’s quite ignorant of the process and demeaning to her skill set. A ton of great designers produce subpar logos without being mentioned by name and having their qualifications questioned. It makes me wonder why you have chosen this particular designer. It is clear that the designer is more effective at designing a soccer logo than you have been at putting together a cogent argument against her. With that said I wildly disagree with most of what you have said. It’s not a perfect logo (I don’t like how the bottom left slash plays with the serif and would prefer either a better shape on the white background or none at all) but it’s a massive improvement and pretty easily moves into the top half of MLS logos from dead last.
  10. Don’t even need a new gif. People prefer Tampa and Miami because they are far better cities to visit if you’re an adult. As for why a student would choose UF, perhaps a better education in nearly all programs offered by both schools? Honestly your response perfectly shows the exact phenomena I was describing.
  11. It's an Orlando thing, UCF does the same exact thing to Florida. They can't seem to understand that we couldn't care less about them..
  12. Gangs have adopted the White Sox imagery. Adding a look that is very much within their own brand language doesn’t mean they’re adding gang imagery, that’s what the Clippers did.
  13. That's actually exactly why I think Crew and Rapids are such good names compared to some of the other original MLS squads. They sit on the border between sounding like they could be traditional soccer names like United, Lokomotive, City, Athletic, etc. but also work as American style names. I wish more teams had gone down that path. We don't need a Burn or Mutiny and we don't need any more United's either!
  14. I don't think MLS has a good case for casting a wide net. All of the most successful clubs in MLS have been hyper local in their branding and fan support. You're certainly right that different leagues are more regional in nature but amongst the big 4 it seems that regional names are more common since expansion took hold.
  15. Like I said I have no idea what their motivations are, maybe they just want to find a well liked team name and maybe they're stacking the deck. But... usually adding several similar options does exactly the opposite of what you're suggesting (if names are randomly assigned). You would be splitting the vote of WFT people by having WFT, WFC, DCFC, etc. If the lists aren't random, then you're probably right and they want those names to be selected so the best shot is to include a lot of them. Or, it could all be legit and they just wanted to include all possible names. Unfortunately, without knowing more about their process it's impossible to say.
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