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  1. This, I love these jerseys and think they get overlooked due to how great and beloved the rainbow Nuggets uniform is. I'd replace the old colors for the current ones (royal for navy and this red for the newer darker red). My ideal Nuggets set would have a Gold rainbow skyline, navy pick axe primary road, home white, and alternate road red.
  2. This has been covered before but ICYMI, Nike signed on really late since the UA deal fell through. They couldn’t have developed a new uniform in time for this season. They could have probably rolled out their NCAA template though and it’s unclear why that wasn’t an option.
  3. Fanatics has completely ruined the experience and options for buying team apparel. I live in FL and am a Chiefs and CO sports fan (Broncos excluded obviously) and have no options since the Lids takeover. Their foray in apparel manufacturing has also been terrible. I have waited my whole life to buy Chiefs SB gear and literally can’t find ANYTHING I like! It’s either garbage quality Fanatics gear or $200+ Nike jackets. Ridiculous!
  4. I always thought y'all were a bit dramatic about not being able to tell who was playing until this Xmas. I was home for the holidays and the Heat were playing the Jazz with both teams in their city jerseys (Teal Vice and Red Rocks). My mom is typically pretty informed about sports and their uniforms and she had no idea who was playing. The scorebug was absent or too small for her to see. When I told her who was playing she said "I guess I should have known that was the Heat's colors..." and I had to tell her she got it backwards. I actually really like both of those uniforms but that interaction convinced me, this CAN'T be good for the league when it comes to casual fans. People want to know who is playing the game!
  5. I’m not all that bothered by the logo. It is a far better logo than majestic’s so it’s more visible placement bothers me less than a UA or majestic logo would in the same place. A sleeve logo would be better though. I’m also a 25 year old that could be considered a Nike fan boy (although the way they’ve treated sports design is my least favorite thing about the brand) and that is a ridiculous statement. MLB requires no legitimacy from a uniform supplier. This isn’t the XFL, a swoosh on those uniforms could have legitimized that league but MLB doesn’t need that.
  6. Totally off topic, but my dream scenario is for the Rockies to add a lilac colored road jersey. It would be very similar to the way powder blue was originally implemented by teams. Basically just a purple tinted grey. It will NEVER happen though...
  7. If your whole argument in support of sleeves is that it was worth it to boost merchandise sales then you have no reasonable reason to oppose Nike's program. As far as we know this has been a successful marketing campaign and even the loss of home/away/alt designations has gotten more jerseys in front of the home crowds, likely boosting sales. It is totally reasonable to think that merchandise sales are not a sufficient reason to sacrifice the league's aesthetic traditions. But you have to consistently apply that logic. By my estimation the league looks better than it did in the last few adidas years but it is worse from a consistency and tradition perspective.
  8. That nickname as well as things that would get me banned from the boards are still very alive and well in Commerce City. I disagree that Burn was the only name that needed fixing. IMO every single retired MLS name deserves to be. Wiz, Wizards, Clash, Mutiny, and Fusion are all terrible. When paired with the weird rules and early struggles of MLS in a soccer landscape that included previous failed leagues it all felt very cheap/xtreme/fly by night. The league literally poisoned markets like Tampa, Miami, Denver, and Chicago with the way MLS 1.0 was handled. Changing names was necessary, they didn’t have to be euro names but it did certainly draw in a new crowd that started to take the league seriously. By your own admission there are a lot of eurosnobs. Many for example will support Inter Miami with their fancy name, colors and Beckham ties but wouldn’t have touched a 25 year old Fusion franchise with a 10 foot pole. Youre totally right that those other things are important, likely far more important. But, we can’t discount how important the name change was. Compare my Rapids to SKC, both had new owners and a new stadium around the same time. One became the new club with a fresh name the other was and has been the same old Rapids. Perceptions are hard to overcome and the Rapids and others will always struggle because it’s too easy to remember the days of shot clocks, big hair, big jerseys and 10% capacity football fields. As for the SKC name happening in a vacuum, that’s ridiculous! Maybe the owners were woefully unaware but the marketing company that pitched the name surely knew about the Euro name trend and the fans clearly responded to it. MLS in 2005 didn’t need to worry about losing some fans who liked the Wizards, they desperately needed new fans who thought the rainbow clad Wiz were a joke franchise. That was only happening via a good name change, Euro or otherwise.
  9. You’re right that changing to Euro names wasn’t necessary. This is made clear by early names such as Rapids, Crew, and Fire. These perhaps unsurprisingly sound like Eeuro names (i.e. Dynamo, Spartak, Rangers, Hearts) in their own right which may play into their relative longevity. What you’re discounting is that the Euro name changes came about to fix messes such as Wiz, Clash, Burn, etc. we got a few awful ones like Fake Salt Lake but that pails in comparison to the old names. These names could've just been better American names but MLS had to fix the problem they created to be taken seriously. Headlines reading: “Wiz sink Burn in shootout” were a reality. That’s an embarrassing mess that was fixed by a mixture of retaining good American names and adding soccer sounding names. I think we struck a nice and uniquely American soccer balance.
  10. I think it should be fairly standard for the Gators. We should always wear: OBW vs UGA, UT, FSU, and Miami at home. OBB vs LSU home and road OWB vs UGA, UT, Miami on the road OWW/OWB/OWO vs FSU on the road OWO vs UK on the road Experiment with uni combos against other opponents. Orange uniform elements (jersey or pants) would be a cool tradition against our SEC West crossover opponent each year (excluding Auburn, go traditional) Mix and match for others like SCar, Vandy, Mizzou, non-con.
  11. What a ridiculous thing to say. It’s not that anyone is slandering Oregon. Go back and look over the last 10 pages. We have 3-4 Ducks fans who make up a significant amount of posts (which I appreciate), UO wears a different combo every week, and does so in a manner that isn’t going to please a ton of traditionalists. Add that all up and there is a TON of discussion on UO and some are fairly speaking their minds and opinions. A ton of discussion means a ton of criticism, this is what your program has asked for. They do this to be relevant, interesting, controversial. Look at the TCU blood uniforms for example. I happen to love them, others had negative things to say but NOBODY got defensive and wrote a book about people slandering TCU or posted 18 pictures to prove their point (on that note, if you need to post that many pictures to prove that your uniforms are a school color, they aren’t achieving what they should be). i appreciate you and other Duck’s contributions but don’t take it so personally. Y’all can be homers and love every outfit UO trots out but when others don’t it’s ok, don’t freak out.
  12. I can’t explain why but this really feels like THE LSU combo for us. Their primary look (YWY) is so light that I think it works much better than OBW does against them. This has also become a big enough rivalry that I don’t want them wearing alternate looks against them. This or the OBO look (which I’m not a big fan of) should really be the go to looks for LSU.
  13. First and last footprints on the moon came from Boilermakers! (Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan) On top of all of the astronauts, Purdue also has some ties to some well known pilots. Capt. Sully attended Purdue and Amelia Earhart was a Career Counselor at Purdue. The plane she used on her final flight was also funded by the Purdue Research Foundation. Armstrong and Earhart are Purdue legends and both have been immortalized on the Purdue campus with statues!
  14. This comment really just hit me. I've made the switch from wearing 59Fifty and fitted hats nearly 100% of the time to <25% of the time in favor for flex fit style hats. I certainly think the waning quality on 59Fifty has contributed but I think you're right, maybe I'm just getting old (25 ) With that said, a huge factor in my switch is wearing more college hats and less pro and falling in love with the Nike Classic 99 hats (my 2 alma maters and current school are all Nike). I highly recommend them if you haven't tried one out.
  15. Thanks for posting this, I'm so sick of telling internet strangers, friends, family and all of the self-anointed CFB experts this. Also, it was week 0 rivalry game against a solid team. These things will almost certainly work themselves out over the course of the season. If they don't then we can worry about the Gators.