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  1. I can’t explain why but this really feels like THE LSU combo for us. Their primary look (YWY) is so light that I think it works much better than OBW does against them. This has also become a big enough rivalry that I don’t want them wearing alternate looks against them. This or the OBO look (which I’m not a big fan of) should really be the go to looks for LSU.
  2. First and last footprints on the moon came from Boilermakers! (Neil Armstrong and Gene Cernan) On top of all of the astronauts, Purdue also has some ties to some well known pilots. Capt. Sully attended Purdue and Amelia Earhart was a Career Counselor at Purdue. The plane she used on her final flight was also funded by the Purdue Research Foundation. Armstrong and Earhart are Purdue legends and both have been immortalized on the Purdue campus with statues!
  3. This comment really just hit me. I've made the switch from wearing 59Fifty and fitted hats nearly 100% of the time to <25% of the time in favor for flex fit style hats. I certainly think the waning quality on 59Fifty has contributed but I think you're right, maybe I'm just getting old (25 ) With that said, a huge factor in my switch is wearing more college hats and less pro and falling in love with the Nike Classic 99 hats (my 2 alma maters and current school are all Nike). I highly recommend them if you haven't tried one out.
  4. Thanks for posting this, I'm so sick of telling internet strangers, friends, family and all of the self-anointed CFB experts this. Also, it was week 0 rivalry game against a solid team. These things will almost certainly work themselves out over the course of the season. If they don't then we can worry about the Gators.
  5. I totally agree on this, that is the best WS logo for my money. I also like 10, 04,06,11,13,15, and 17 quite a bit. My favorite though is 07, for reasons. I'm a fan of this, I think it's a nice design with a little flair. Overall though I think all of the best WS logos have at least one of the following elements: flags, leaves, the trophy, or a globe. Those are all really nice elements that convey their own unique imagery that really works with the WS.
  6. This isn't an actual answer but an anecdotal explanation for why I believe he has the teal on his gear. When he got into the bigs he was a Nike guy to start out (still is), starting alongside fellow Nike athletes Tulo and Cargo. By that point they both had various pieces of gear that were purple, black and a third color. Tulo had volt trimmed gear and Cargo had pink as you can see in the batting gloves below. My guess was always that he added a trim color that was unique to him and has stuck with it.
  7. That all got a little jumbled. I'm not a fan of UA. I have never seen a pair of shoes that I liked, most of their apparel isn't my style either (the simple items are fine but I typically find a Nike or Adidas item that is comparable that I prefer.) I'm also not part of the demographic of people that seem to really wear UA the most. In my anecdotal experience UA is worn by a lot of middle aged men and young boys. That's not everyone who wears it but that is a lot of the demographics of the brand. Again, this is all based on MY perception of the brand. My larger point is really that I think subconsciously the way we perceive brands could influence our perception of schools they outfit.
  8. I think the biggest factor in the uniform/supplier discussion is really one of perception and how that subconsciously impacts us. I'm a huge Nike/Jordan fan, I don't like adidas as much but will wear it if I find a deal, UA I actively avoid I'm not a fan of their clothing, shoes, aesthetics or the demographics that wear them. IMO Nike and Jordan schools look better, the gear is cooler, the brand is iconic to me. Adidas is really neutral from my perception and UA schools are negatively impacted by my perception. That isn't enough to dissuade someone but people are complicated and having a subconscious edge in the perception of recruits DOES have value. On a related note, I have attended 3 DI universities with major athletics programs. I received my BA from a Nike school, my MS from a Nike school, and am doing my PhD at a Nike/Jordan school. Did that play into my decision at all? NO. is it a coincidence I didn't end up at an UA school for one of these degrees, IDK, I do know about how perception could be shaped by this. And I'm not an athlete so it really doesn't impact me much at all.
  9. Rapids/Timbers is always such a nice looking matchup when the Pids are in Burgundy. Something about that burgundy and green together just really checks all the boxes for me.
  10. I'm biased but the absolutely best grey/silver uniform in sports belongs to the Colorado Buffaloes. The grey is incredibly unique in person (the photos look nice but don't do it justice), silver is a school color (black isn't but has always been an athletics color), and they mix and match the pants, jerseys and helmets and usually look really nice as well. CU also has a nice looking grey in a few other sports such as basketball too. You mentioned Purdue, my other alma mater, so I'll post their current grey football uniform too. I really want to like this look but the double grey, and almost dingy look (hard to see in this picture) makes it fall below the bar for me. Both schools have also experimented/worn gold jerseys in various sports for various periods of time and typically look very nice IMO.
  11. Exactly, the game play, substitutions and goals were all fine. They respected Thailand in that regard and played a WC match the way they should have. What it unnecessary is the celebrations from about goal 6 or 7 on. At that point you don't need to rub it in, play with class and win with class. We didn't do that tonight and it was honestly embarrassing for Thailand and us. Rapinoe's over the top celebration specifically stands out as making a mockery out of a game that was already a joke.
  12. As an entomologist, the Hornets have one of my favorite brands in sports but that hornet should really have another set of arms. It might look a little goofy at first but I think it would be a nice touch for the sake of accuracy.
  13. I like the athletics logo but the academics looks far too much like the Democratic party logo.
  14. See that's exactly why I think it would work a lot better for the Rockies than it ever did for the Bucks. They'd be in white or grey 80% of the time and the alternates would each lean heavily on one color and would still have white or grey pants. I didn't like the Bucks look as much as I could have because the colors are so loud and there is nowhere to hide from them. In this proposal though I have a problem with the hat, I don't think the new purple is great for the crown of a primary cap but I have trouble picturing the green cap looking good unless we're talking a darker green than the bucks used. Possibly A's colored, but that might be a strange look too after getting so used to black hats for the Rockies.
  15. Purple and forest green with a bit of silver with a robust, rocky/mountainous word mark is my dream rockies look. In this scenario they also adopt a C cap logo that matches the word mark. I know I've seen concepts that match that description somewhat but the best I could think is a mix of their current look, the Colorado ASG graphics package, and the last Colorado Springs Sky Sox identity. Keep the purple pinstripes, add a green alt similar to the NL ASG jersey, bring back road pinstripes because we're a 90s team and someone needs to do it! Update the purple alt to look like the green (piping etc.).