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  1. In honor of Roberto Clemente, the Pittsburgh Pirates are rolling out their Clemente-era mustard gold caps with the black bill. This has been going on for a few years where the Pirates will wear these caps with their standard uniforms: Tonight, they are wearing them with their alternate black tops which, in my opinion, doesn't look half bad. The only problem is that the shade of gold on the hat is completely different than the shade they use today. The gold cap tones down the black and makes an overall balanced uniform. It reminds me of how the Marlins wore their orange caps with their black jersey. It shouldn't look good, but opinions make differ. A gold cap would sure as heck beat that completely unnecessary alternate cap with the white outline. I'll upload pictures whenever I can get them. Pictures from tonight:
  2. It looks like he tripped and fell into a puddle of bleach.
  3. +1 The updates are perfect.
  4. First of all, props for hand-drawing your concept. That shows that you dedicated a lot of time to this. I actually like the San Francisco and NY ones, especially NY. The "Phila" concept is interesting but the liberty bell logo kind of looks like a pacifier. C&C: 1) I'd get rid of the white box around the "Phila" script. 2) I'd give Philly a red belt, and the Mets a blue belt. 3) Maybe add a white outline to the Empire State Building on the Mets cap. Overall, great start. I look forward to more.
  5. Great job. That's the only tweak that the Phillies need to their current set. Like you said, I would prefer just a change to maroon, but maroon and royal doesn't look good together. If they were to switch maroon, it would just have to be white/cream as an accent(Basically their current set, sans blue, and a red/maroon switch). No powder blue.
  6. That's Brock Holt. Since he's a rookie, he can pass with the whole "rookie mistake" excuse. Seriously though, how does he not trip while he's running? Tailor those things up.
  7. Also, the "Ron Paul Revolution" logo has a very similar font to the Steelers typeface, most likely because he was born in Pittsburgh.
  8. This is ridiculous. I can think of a handful of concepts that CCSLC members have made that would be more creative than that lifeless logo that is shown. I would put it into the category of the San Diego Padres in that it's basically a carbon copy of corporate, austere roundels that have spawned into existence in the 2000s era. So much potential, yet so frustratingly underwhelming. On the topic of the possible 2013 uniforms, I don't get the point of turning back to the 1960s without including the "shooting star" aspect! That would be like turning back to the "rainbow guts" era but not including the rainbow guts. Like seriously Astros? I was so hyped up for the unveiling but now I'm expecting a "2012 Padres" type rebrand. EDIT: Look above my post and you'll see what creativity is. THREEDIT: Oh what the heck, why not:
  9. Best Reds concept I've seen on these boards. Hands down. That screams "Reds" to me. Bold, blocky lettering which a rich-ruby red color. Great job. Sidenote: I just need to post this so you know I'm not copying you. I have an unposted Reds logo that is very similar to your 2nd option so I just want to post this so you know for when I do post my Reds concept. People have accused me of stealing before (one with good reason, all others not.) I guess I just have bad luck with these things.
  10. I have to admit, I never thought that that Reds road uniform from the 90's was anything special, but seeing them now in the present day, they are aesthetically one the most beautiful jerseys I've ever seen. Red is my favorite color, especially that rich, ruby red that is apparent in the Votto picture. That combined with the gray base and a touch of white makes that jersey absolutely beautiful. Now there are a few things I'd change. While it does look good in pullover form, I'd definitely add buttons to the jersey. I'd also make the piping less thick (or like McCall and xTr1pleXx suggested, just use their current piping and add it to the collar.) Finally, they should get a better font. A custom font that's based on the "wishbone C" would look great. Just my 2 cents on it. Sidenote: That maroon Phillies home uniform is also very nice too.
  11. Top 5 NL teams for me: 1) Pittsburgh Pirates (Hometown team, great fans, bold colors, best stadium, the Lovable Losers ) 2) San Francisco Giants (Great jerseys, rooted for them in 2010 WS, Willie Mays) 3) St. Louis Cardinals (Knowledgable fans, one of the few classic teams that deserve attention, rooted for them in 2011 WS) 4) New York Mets (Love the uniforms, hate the Yankees, connect the dots) 5) Chicago Cubs (I actually like Wrigley Field and their fans. I want them to break the curse) HM) Tie between Marlins and Phillies Top 5 AL teams: 1) Boston Red Sox (2004 season is my favorite MLB season, favorite group of players, and the best story in baseball history. 2) Toronto Blue Jays (Thanks for Travis Snider, it's payback for taking Joey Bats) 3) Detroit Tigers (McClendon, Leyland, Van Slyke) 4) Oakland Athletics (Best uniform set in the league) 5) LA Angels (For beating Bonds in 2002 WS, Mike Trout) HM) Chicago White Sox (love the colors, hate the announcer)
  12. That Blue Jackets logo is a beauty. The only nitpick I can give you is the fact that the third red stripe at the bottom gets cut off at the point by the state outline. If it was moved up ever so slightly so it didn't get cut off, then it'd be perfect. Like I said though, just a nitpick.
  13. Jeebus. You guys are complaining about me and LightsOut sharing what we thought the Phillies should look like in two posts then you take up another 10 to complain about it. Let it go and let's get back to talking about new uniforms and such. One of my favorite uniforms for the Astros will be worn tonight during the Astros last Flashback Friday promotion. Thoughts?