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  1. Montreal Alouettes unveil their really boring 75th anniversary logo that looks more like they are honouring a dead player: The team is also supposed to have a new alternate uniform this season to mark the anniversary, I think the logo colours are giving a hint at what we can expect https://en.montrealalouettes.com/2021/01/16/happy-75th-anniversary/
  2. Think it's time to start a new thread for the 2021 season (assuming we have one this year). Anyway, here's one some folks might have missed but the Alouettes just made a FB post announcing it - the wordmark version of the new logo is now flipped, so it's Alouettes on top, then Montreal. New logo already on their website too - and has been on their social media for the last little while without anyone really noticing the change. https://www.facebook.com/mtlalouettes/photos/a.437809341378/10158304526886379 Older version for comparison:
  3. Gas brake honks Gas brake honks honks honks farts gas gas gas
  4. Did we miss this one? Blainville-Boisbriand has a new 10 year anniversary logo and special edition third jersey with an alt logo they've used sometimes in the past. Anniversary logo on... the... socks? What a mess.
  5. Anyone else thinking they might announce some contest to vote on finalist names? Also odd that the article states they are looking at new name AND new logo for the spring, but later on say the team would like to stick with the classic EE. So can we assume we'll see some variant of the current EE? Seems like expensive work for nothing, when 99% of CFL fans are fine with the current logo, any big change there is opening the door to some disaster. Y'know... like...
  6. This is what I was kind of hoping for with Ottawa, maybe this would have been a little more unique than what they went with...
  7. Some missing CFL logos. 1995 - Calgary Stampeders 50th anniversary: Edmonton Eskimos original logo 1954-1969: Hamilton Tiger-Cats 50th Anniversary: Hamilton Tiger-Cats 125th Anniversary: Hamilton Tiger-Cats 150th Anniversary: Saskatchewan Roughriders 100th Anniversary: Toronto Argonauts 130th Anniversary: Winnipeg Blue Bombers 80th Anniversary:
  8. I'm actually surprised at how nice the wild wing jersey is in white. It's just such a bad jersey, but so bad its good. I can't help kind of love it.
  9. Top 5: Minnesota Montreal Chicago NY Rangers San Jose (*Calgary gets honourable mention) Bottom 5: Dallas Detroit Vegas Vancouver Winnipeg
  10. To be fair though, who doesn't love whoopie pies? If Atlantic Canada ever gets another chance at a franchise, I'm voting for "Atlantic Whoopie Pies"
  11. Argonauts bring boat back "for good" they say... https://www.argonauts.ca/2020/11/16/boat-back-argos-unveil-new-primary-logo/
  12. I wonder if Ottawa will surprise and go with the pre-launch logo for the front of the jersey? Maybe just switch the font colour for legibility?
  13. Oh my goodness that is atrocious.
  14. Very cool Senators jersey concept on Reddit from user DastardlyRidleylash, it's the Sens jersey I never knew I wanted. Hope the final product is not too far from this: