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  1. Moncton Wildcats patch for next season marking the end of hockey at the Moncton Coliseum - new downtown arena opens for 2018-19 season.
  2. Don't know if this one got posted already... better look at the (reworked) Senators' 25th anniversary logo.
  3. More new anniversary logos from the QMJHL - Quebec City and Cape Breton, as well as the Drummondville one we've seen already.
  4. Ugh... a lot of things wrong with this one... it's waaay too busy... those unnecessary gradients and bad gloss effects... the six or seven layers of circles within circles... those needless stars and dots everywhere... Also, do they really need an anniversary logo for 35th? I've always been with the old school of thought for these... 5th, 10th, 20th, 25th, 30th, 40th, etc. (except for 75th since it's three-quarter-of-a-century milestone)
  5. Another Huskies update I didn't see anywhere - new third jersey they've been wearing with the 20th anniversary patch and alt logo/text on the front.
  6. Anybody catch this one? 20th anniversary logo for the Rouyn -Noranda Huskies. It slipped by me... the Q page on the site could really use some updating!
  7. Does anybody know any forums online where one can submit a request for some photoshop work? I have a photo that needs a bit of work, but the only places I can find are all bait websites for photoshop trolls... Can anybody point me in the right direction?
  8. Cool - I like it. I'll echo the general sentiment that 15th anniversary logos are kind of needless/silly - but hey, anniversary logos are cool. I like them. Bring 'em on, I say. Still holding out hope that my Ottawa Senators redesign the monstrosity that is their 25th anniversary logo into something that will work as a patch, and not be, y'know, terrible.
  9. That is just so brutally, brutally bad. I'm hoping there's enough fan backlash that they change it, they still have, what, two seasons? I wish they'd just switch back to the original 90's logo (and keep their current -O- heritage jersey) that one looked so much better.
  10. Wouldn't the anniversary patch be next year then? The Avs anniversary patch is this year, and they started a year before the Coyotes. I figured that too - but I know some teams put the anniversary patches based on the year of the second-half of the season, as opposed to the first (did I explain that right?) Example, Ottawa and Tampa Bay started in 1992 - Ottawa had their 20th patch in the 2011/2012 season (technically their 20th season, counting lockout), TB had theirs in 2012/2013 (technically their 20th season, not counting the lockout)... http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/lscxrr2tl5cag8sdemggxisbm/Ottawa_Senators/2012/Anniversary_Logo http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/9ae1owiemnzyzvcg1xx0rvlgu/Tampa_Bay_Lightning/2013/Anniversary_Logo
  11. Aren't the Coyotes due for an anniversary patch this upcoming season? It's season number 20 (if you count the lockout year, which apparently everybody does), with the 20th anniversary proper in 2016.
  12. Now I feel really old... My hometown Moncton Wildcats unveil next season's 20th anniversary logo.
  13. Here's one that flew under the radar, never noticed until I saw them play last night - but the Victoriaville Tigres actually have new home and road jerseys this season - with a new shoulder patch I've never seen before...
  14. Moncton Wildcats wore a special edition jersey for military appreciation night, Nov. 8th vs. the Halifax Mooseheads...
  15. Thanks to whoever has updated the QMJHL section of the site recently - good stuff! Would have hated to see the CHL logos and jerseys gather dust...
  16. Call me crazy, but "Las Vegas Aces" seems like the obvious choice to me. A great name, haven't heard anything else that sounds as cool. Would be a great identity for the 3 or 4 season they would play before they'd be forced to fold or relocate!
  17. Beautiful! I didn't have too much of a problem with the previous jerseys, but I got why people weren't huge fans - these are definately an improvement. Hope they never change these again...
  18. The CHL section of the site hasn't been updated in awhile... have folks given up? The Rimouski Oceanic have changed their team colours last season (the logo is more muted, blue and purple, ugly, I think... it's all over the team site and QMJHL site, but the old one is still floating around the team's wikipedia page and elsewhere). Also, a new anniversary logo. The Halifax Mooseheads premiered a new third jersey last season too - a green one, a real beauty.
  19. I think they adopt the identity fairly well - don't know if you've ever been to a game at Scotiabank Place (ugh, sorry, the "Canadian Tire Center" now, though that just sounds like some factory outlet) - but when I would visit Ottawa (from New Brunswick) once or twice a year for games, they usually always had good video intros, including a great one at the home opener last year that had a great roman theme, with cool ancient rome imagery and illustrations of battles and stuff from the time period, mixed in with photos and footage of games... it was really impressive, wish I could find a video of it somewhere, but nothing... That, and some hardcore fans dress up as centurions... Oh, and of course, the mascot, Spartacus.. sorry, Spartacat
  20. I don't know, call me crazy, but I really like the new "3D" roman - I know it never ranks high among NHL logo rankings, but I think it's a good update - I like the "O" on the retro jersey, but it should stay on the retro jersey, it's cool but I don't see it working as a primary. The Peace Tower one either.
  21. Phew, we really dodged a bullet there... I hope they never change the logo they have now. Or, at best, bring the 90s logo back as an alternate (not the newly redesigned one they never use anywhere, but the actual 90s one)
  22. Was looking for a place to post this... this was the closest thing I could find to a CFL logos/uniform thread... anyway, good find here, Calgary Stampeders jersey with 50th anniversary logo (1945-1995) that I've never seen before... might be worth adding to the site if someone can vectorize it.
  23. What's going on with the CHL section on the site? It hasn't been updated all year, it seems - I don't really follow the OHL or the WHL, but I know in the Q, the Mooseheads have a beautiful new green third jersey (or home jersey, I'm not sure), Rimouski has a new (ugly) colour scheme and jerseys... and we still don't have the jerseys for the Charlottetown Islanders....
  24. That's a shame, I loved the old colours and those new jerseys are just boring. Hate this new trend where teams are going for as few (bland) colours as possible.