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  1. 14 hours ago, TheRealPepman said:


    It's amazing how we see this uniform match-up first before the Golden Knights face the retro red Flames.


    What a gorgeous uniform match-up there! I'm surprised at how much I really like the Seattle road uniforms. They looked fine enough in the original press photos, but seeing them on the ice - they really look great and give the darker home ones a run for their money.


    The socks are really what make that set. That's a weird thing for an adult human male sportsfan to say, but there, I said it.

  2. 36 minutes ago, spartacat_12 said:


    To be fair, the Sens almost did look like that when they first re-entered the league.




    People roll their eyes at me, but I said from day 1 (of last season) that that should have been Ottawa's Reverse Retro jersey (maybe just a red version of it?) They could have had fun with it as a one-off instead of going the safe and boring route.

  3. On 9/21/2021 at 12:15 PM, habsfan1 said:


    They didn't do like other teams and clean up the logo tracing, make it sharper, and remove the excessive outlines.



    I mean that's true, but most fans don't notice details like that the way people on a sports branding forum do. Senators fans, myself included, were just happy the old logo they always loved was back and the 2010s logo that was, at best, tolerable, and at worst, an eyesore, was gone along with those ugly jerseys.


    Most Ottawa fans barely even realize the outline of the new logo is gold instead of red, unless you pull the logo up to their face and point at it. They don't really care about tracing or the symmetry of the laurels.


    All I know is that, seemingly overnight, every Senators fan I met was rocking a new hat or something with the 2D logo again and 2010s logo just disappeared completely, hopefully never to be seen again. That's a team "getting it right" in my book.

  4. On 8/28/2021 at 11:57 PM, NorthStar74 said:

    I'm just curious... can anyone confirm the Kachina logo is official or the howling coyote logo is the main one? in NHL.com the Coyotes logo is still the howling coyote but in the team website, the kachina logo is there in banner area... 


    An article on NHL.com says the Coyotes are launching a "new look" in the fall and it's the worst-kept secret in the entire NHL that they are reverting back to Kachina full time. The logos on the official NHL site just won't get switched until the announcement is official -



    "New branding will debut with a "soft launch" in September, with a complete rebranding scheduled for October. Some of the rebranding will include a redefined color palette and modern twists on classic logos and wordmarks."

  5. 1 hour ago, Ridleylash said:

    Jets officially retiring the Aviator Blue alternate in favor of the dark Heritage jersey as their new third jersey.


    Jersey unveiling videos with screenshots of fan tweets asking for the thing they are announcing is so bloody overdone at this point - so far I've seen it from Buffalo, Ottawa, Calgary (if I remember correctly) and now Winnipeg. And I bet Arizona is working on the exact same thing for when they go full-time kachina.



  6. 13 hours ago, clonewars2008 said:

    REDBLACKS Alt leaked. Really shouldn’t have worn this vs Calgary. Like at all. Could use a stripe on the arm, interested in seeing the numbers though. spacer.png


    Well it's certainly RED and BLACK.

  7. Is it just me or does the Kraken logo feel really big (i.e. too big) on the final jersey?


    The logo has grown on me (I was kind of "meh" at first), but I've adored the colours and jersey since day one - but man, there's something about the size of the S that just feels off to me...

  8. Yeah, even the graphics from the official NHL social feeds have the kachina coyote for Arizona. This is the worst-kept secret in NHL branding right now, I'd expect something official from Arizona soon.


    Hopefully they keep the howling head as an alternate, as rumoured, so the fans who do enjoy that one will still get to see it as part of the overall brand - and it does look nice as a third jersey.


  9. I really hope Arizona goes back to Kachina full-time, it's always been one of my favourite older logos.


    Not everything from the 1990s needs to come back, but the NHL has done a pretty good job so far of bringing back the good stuff (NYR statue of liberty head, Ottawa Senators original logo, old school Calgary and Buffalo colours) while leaving out the garbage.


    I think the 2021-22 season in the NHL is shaping up to be one of the best-looking seasons for teams on the ice. Hopefully we can just ditch a few of those crappy Reverse Retro and keep the good ones as new alternates.

  10. 16 hours ago, Typhoon said:

    Any rumours regarding new uniforms for the Edmonton Elks?

    The official team shop only shows the “Third Jersey” for sale


    Yeah, I'm curious as well, though I don't expect a huge departure from previous EE uniforms. The new helmets have the Elk side of the branding, so keeping the green at home with EE on the shoulders seems like a safe bet and a good middle ground between the old and the new... although, why pass up an opportunity to sell even more new merch, especially considering how Elks stuff is flying off the shelves right now.


    In summation, like a lot of people on the internet: I don't know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  11. Reading the Facebook comments from hometown fans on the Elks page, it's amazing how many are mad that the EE is "gone forever" when if you actually look at what the team posted, they confirmed the EE logo is still going to be used as an alternate, and the store has lots of swag with the new version of the EE. Even the official press release of the new logo has the Elk with a giant EE in the background...


    Like, you can't be so upset that your precious team that you love so much is changing, but then not actually pay attention to details of the changes? Granted, this isn't a majority, just a loud bunch of naysayers who likely weren't going to be happy with anything... not realizing how lucky they are that this rebrand absolutely soars, when it could have crashed so hard...


    I'm for anything that makes the CFL look good. A hell of a job by Edmonton and an early favourite for the Chris Creamer logo of the year award...

  12. Wow - I'm loving this a lot more than I thought I would. It's a great name, and the logo is a real beauty. Also antlers on the helmets à la Rams? Sign me up.


    Bravo, Edmonton. You really kicked it out of the stadium (football joke).


    Design style reminds me of the new Alouettes stuff - wonder if they went with the same design firm, given how well Montreal's new look was received...



  13. Think it's time to start a new thread for the 2021 season (assuming we have one this year).


    Anyway, here's one some folks might have missed but the Alouettes just made a FB post announcing it - the wordmark version of the new logo is now flipped, so it's Alouettes on top, then Montreal.


    New logo already on their website too - and has been on their social media for the last little while without anyone really noticing the change.






    Older version for comparison:






  14. 3 hours ago, Sport said:

    I'm finally ready to rank the reverse retro jerseys. I stayed up late for several weeks, did the calculus, computed an algorithm, and based on that came up with a metric that is inarguable truth.


    Good = honks 

    bad = farts.


    I will not elaborate further, especially if you ask me to. 


    Bruins - honks

    Sabres - honks

    Red Wings - farts

    Panthers - honks

    Canadiens - honks

    Senators - honks

    Lightning - honks

    Maple Leafs - farts

    Hurricanes - honks

    Blue Jackets - farts

    Devils - honks

    Islanders - farts

    Rangers - farts

    Flyers - honks

    Penguins - farts

    Capitals - honks

    Blackhawks - farts

    Avalance - honks

    Stars - farts

    Wild - honks

    Predators - honks

    Blues - honks

    Jets - farts

    Ducks - honks

    Coyotes - honks

    Flames - honks

    Oilers - farts

    Kings - honks

    Sharks - honks

    Canucks - honks

    Golden Knights - honks



    Gas brake honks

    Gas brake honks

    honks honks farts

    gas gas gas



  15. Anyone else thinking they might announce some contest to vote on finalist names?


    Also odd that the article states they are looking at new name AND new logo for the spring, but later on say the team would like to stick with the classic EE.


    So can we assume we'll see some variant of the current EE? Seems like  expensive work for nothing, when 99% of CFL fans are fine with the current logo, any big change there is opening the door to some disaster.


    Y'know... like...





  16. Some missing CFL logos.


    1995 - Calgary Stampeders 50th anniversary:








    Edmonton Eskimos original logo 1954-1969:






    Hamilton Tiger-Cats 50th Anniversary:




    Hamilton Tiger-Cats 125th Anniversary:





    Hamilton Tiger-Cats 150th Anniversary:






    Saskatchewan Roughriders 100th Anniversary:




    Toronto Argonauts 130th Anniversary:





    Winnipeg Blue Bombers 80th Anniversary:








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