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  1. To be fair though, who doesn't love whoopie pies? If Atlantic Canada ever gets another chance at a franchise, I'm voting for "Atlantic Whoopie Pies"
  2. Argonauts bring boat back "for good" they say... https://www.argonauts.ca/2020/11/16/boat-back-argos-unveil-new-primary-logo/
  3. I wonder if Ottawa will surprise and go with the pre-launch logo for the front of the jersey? Maybe just switch the font colour for legibility?
  4. Oh my goodness that is atrocious.
  5. Very cool Senators jersey concept on Reddit from user DastardlyRidleylash, it's the Sens jersey I never knew I wanted. Hope the final product is not too far from this:
  6. Today I learned: I think I'm the only person here who actually likes those Avs jerseys.... please don't hurt me.
  7. This is true and it comes up every time a team has an anniversary... most teams are recognizing the anniversary in years, not in seasons, so it doesn't really change. Take Columbus and Minnesota next season - their logos just say "20" with 2000-2020. Yes, they only played 19 seasons in that time, but it remains to be their 20th anniversary as franchises. That seems to be the league standard for all anniversaries post-lockout.
  8. The Ottawa rebrand scores a solid 8/10 for me - I'm ecstatic that the old logo is back, even if a modernized version (or that reworked alternate everyone loves) would have likely been a better choice, I'll take it. As a lifelong Sens fan, the 2D logo was always the Senators for me. the 3D one was cool, I didn't hate it, but it just felt like the team was wearing an alt logo full-time. It never felt right, and those jerseys were... not the greatest. Is the new stuff perfect? No. But it's a great starting point. The season after next is the team's 30th anniversary, so I'm sure we'll see a cool (red) third jersey with the "O" come back, and hopefully that shoulder S will be replaced by the heritage O permanently. Then they can just add the black sleeves to the away jerseys and there you go... leave well enough alone after that. For fans who may not be 100% pleased with the rebrand, remember... with this organization, they could have gone with something ridiculous like the shoulder S as their new primary. It's stupid decisions like that you can come to expect from the Sens, given the low bar they have set. So yeah, let us fans celebrate the rebrand for the sole reason that it is not a disaster.
  9. A parking garage? Nice, what's in the bag, new uniforms or crystal meth?
  10. That's ... kind of... boring. I'm not a big fan of this new trend of "using an outline of the state for an anniversary logo." It's cool once or twice, but when everyone and their dog/coyote does it, it starts getting overused. Especially where Arizona did that already with the 20th anniversary one. Also would have been cool to see a full kachina rebrand but... oh well, next year it is, I guess. It's totally coming, that much is pretty well guaranteed at this point.
  11. Yeah, it was actually revealed back in August but flew under a lot of people's radar and had not been seen since. t was part of a mail-out for season ticket holders...
  12. Hurray - though they should drop the black C as their third jersey, it's so out of place now and never made any sense to begin with. The C is on fire, fire isn't black. This shouldn't be that difficult.
  13. Looks good. At first I thought it was weird that they went with "Since 2000" instead of the usual numbers format "2000-2020"... but I guess that would have made for a few too many twos and zeroes, wouldn't it?
  14. That's a real shame about the black sleeves... was really hoping this chinese knockoff site from a few months ago had been accurate. I'm thinking this is a way better product than what we're going to see tomorrow: EDIT: Also weird that the original report in The Athletic said the away jersey had the black forearms... not sure who to believe anymore. The home jersey mockup is black with two red bands on the arms, encasing the numbers, and a single red stripe around the bottom. The away jersey is white with red bands on the arms and black forearms. It has a red stripe atop a black stripe running around its bottom edge. Hailey Salvian, The Athletic (July 13, 2020)
  15. Yeah, The away jerseys are a bit of a downgrade... I don't hate it, but again, just a pain when you get so close to a perfect set only to stumble short. Maybe I'll change my mind seeing them in action. The black is still beautiful and seeing the old logo back still makes me have sparkly heart-shaped eyes.
  16. Oh man, that black C stands out like a sore thumb... make it go away. I hate it when teams get so, so close to a perfect set and then... well, this happens.
  17. Dear Ottawa Senators: This is how you do a cool and fun jersey unveiling. Take notes.
  18. I'm surpised Arizona didn't go with the kachina coyote for the draft hats... despite the howling coyote being the primary, you don't really see it all that much anymore. Most stuff on their website and social media is all kachina. Even their new ads for the team store, and some new community stuff, is all done in the kachina style with the old logo... Something tells me 2020-21 will be the last season with the howling dog as the primary.
  19. I'm actually really digging this one. Very nice.
  20. While the site is being updated with the new Senators stuff, would it be too much to ask to go in and replace the ugly 25th anniversary logo with the one the team **actually** used in 2017? I don't know if it's the site's toronto bias doing on purpose to leave the ugly one, but the organization did change it after fan outcry and the final version was fine, and was the only one to ever appear on merchandise and on the player jerseys. Now, don't get me wrong, they can still screw up the 30th anniversary one in 2022, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it...
  21. Oddly enough, I actually prefer the gold cape, though can't explain why. I like the more muted bronze-like colour, unless that's just my monitor... You're right about the face though... fix that huge nostril so it looks less like a moustache. The profile really should be just the nose with a slight indent, not a big black mark the same size as his mouth...
  22. This is true - but hoping they at least thought ahead and got some nice professional marketing photos done of the new jerseys for unveiling... given the fact that they uploaded what looks like a 20dpi low-res pixelated logo to Facebook, I wouldn't be surprised if they post some flipphone camera shots of the new jerseys coming out of a box somewhere in China and call it a day.
  23. I can't imagine the team making any last-minute changes. Looking at the calendar, pre-covid, they likely had the final look approved and finalized in what, January-February? Merchandise, as we already know, has been manufactured already, and we've already seen leaked listings for the jerseys. Too late to change anything at this point. They've likely been sitting on everything since June. Like many fans, I was hoping for a slightly modernized version of the 2D logo - same design, just like... redraw it, if that makes sense. But you're right, they went with the safe route. Fans like me who wanted a modernized version have already gotten over it and are happy to see the old logo back. I'm excited about finally having a nice new winter tuque with the 2D sens logo, after I lost my old one ages ago... the jerseys are great minus the shoulder logo that really should be the heritage "O" but whatever. It's still a 8.5/10 decision (depending on potential third jersey) and that's the best marks this organization has gotten in a long time.
  24. Be gentle, I'm not a graphic designer by nature, just a fan having fun. Next CFL season (if there is a next season) is the Montreal Alouettes' 75th anniversary. I had this image in my mind of birds carrying a ribbon that would wrap around a football (harkening back to the original Alouettes logo in the 1940s) and forming a "75." I posted on Reddit recently and folks there seemed to like them, so here they are. I wanted to make something a little more clean and compact, but every time I tried to draw it, it just never came out the way I wanted it. Oh well, didn't want to waste the work, so here are two versions:
  25. I still love those Golden Knights home jerseys... even after the "new team" novelty wore off and they just feel like part of the league now. I just think Vegas nailed it with the identity, logo, jerseys, and colours. Still impressed after all these years, and wish Seattle could have impressed me like that, but Vegas is a tough act to follow...
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