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  1. It just simply beautiful
  2. Gold: 5 Silver: 4 Bronze: 9
  3. Funny, there is real team Vienna Vikings. And their fight song is "Hölle". I really enjoy your work.
  4. Yes, it is improvement. Logo is much cleaner. There is one thing that's bugging me. There's too many fireworks or they are concentrated in one place I don't know. Is it supposed to be Mickey Mouse?
  5. Nice design. I really like palette. But you have some problems with russian language )) Name in English is in plural. In russian in singular. To be honest, it fits nice, because traditionally sports names in Russia are in singular. But slogan should be "Еще один тачдаун". In russian word "touchdown" isn't translated. It is "touchdown", but using cyrillic
  6. Except he is Ukrainian artist everything else is great.
  7. It is nice) but trident? in soviet era communists hated this symbol very much, because they fought against UPR(Ukrainian People's Republic) which used trident as coat of arms. Nevertheless, this is very cool idea
  8. I thought it was map of Great Britain But new logo is definitely upgrade
  9. This wood be great drink coasters )) May i get Minnesota Fighting Saints. The red one please
  10. Do liberos use away uniform when team play home or something else?
  11. I really like idea. But I have question. Is the sun on left shoulder bigger than on right shoulder?