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  1. I had the privilege of meeting him back in 2008. We watched an IceDogs game in Mississauga together. He was a great guy all around! Rest in peace.
  2. Nice man, but the Blue should be Red like it should be and Alexander was a Macedonian, not a Greek. Everyone knows that. The Hellenes did indeed see them as Barbaric, but they did certainly not think Macedonians were one of them. Demosthenes is a good source for that. Greeks did not even exist back then. Get your facts straight. I like the design though Please. Get my facts straight? Everything I posted is historical fact. What you're presenting aren't facts, but your opinion on the present day Macedonia/Greek controversy. For the uninformed there's a modern day Republic of Macedonia and a region of Macedonia in present-day Greece. Greece is, of course, Greek. The modern day Republic of Macedonia is, however, Slavic in make-up, ethnically and culturally related to modern day Bulgaria. The controversy is who gets to claim Alexander the Great as their own? The Slavic present day Macedonians or the Greeks? There's a lot of political back-and-forth going on, but at the end of the day we can only look back on the historical facts. The fact of the matter is that the ancient Macedonians were Greek, arriving in the region from the Greek Peloponnese city of Argos. Alexander the Great was, himself, ethnically Greek, as were all ancient Macedonians. Ancient Macedonian art, literature, and philosophy were all Greek. Alexander the Great was even tutored by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Upheavals in the region following the Roman invasion and later the collapse of the Byzantine Empire resulted in a mass exodus of Greeks from the region, and Slavic tribes filled the void. The current Macedonian people are only referred to as Macedonians because they live on part of what was once the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia. There is NO continuity between the present day Republic of Macedonia and Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great was Greek and ancient Macedonia was a Greek kingdom. If anyone else wants further proof, consider that the states that were carved out of Alexander's Empire were all Greek in nature. Ptolemaic Egypt was an Egyptian kingdom dominated by a Greek ruling class, and the Seleucid Empire was a Greek-dominated Persian kingdom. In fact it's the Seleucid Empire that Judah the Maccabee revolted against. Why? Because the Seleucids were trying to force the Jews to worship Greek gods. Sorry SP00, Alexander the Great and the ancient Macedonians were Greek. Any Classical Studies or Ancient History Professor can tell you that. First off, this is really no place to debate on the possible ethnic background of Macedonians, ancient or present. One of the rights granted to ALL by the UN is the right of self-determination. And being Macedonian myself, why must I succumb to greek, bulgarian or serb threats and blackmails? Are we not equal? And please don't use the "Tito made today's Macedonians from Serbs and Bulgars" because it is absurd almost as saying that Alexander was greek. Or maybe it's a cover up of the genocide of the Macedonians from 1913 to 1949 that the greek government commited?
  3. It's a huge upgrade. Who understands Polish can check out the video at the PZPN site
  4. I still have the Hornets linked to Charlotte in my mind :S And I'd really like to see a three-way swap here: If the Hornets move to Vancouver, they should rename them 'Vancouver Grizzlies', the Bobcats to 'Charlotte Hornets', and the Memphis team 'Memphis Bobcats' or something new and unique to Memphis (the Flying Elvises?). I know there's no chance of this happening, but I had to get it out of my head
  5. ...except of the fact that the World Cup is in 2014 , I'm not upset at all. Brasil deserves it.
  6. Forgot to mention that, even though we all know the Czech Republic as a czech's republic, there is another thing: The Czechs are actually two ethnically related groups: Bohemians and Moravians. The Czech name for the Bohemians is Cechy, which causes a confusion. The CMFS is actually not Czech Football Union, but rather a Bohemian-Moravian Football Union (Ceskomoravsky Fotbalovy Svaz). But, the white lion on a red field is the Coat of Arms of Bohemia (Cechy), not the whole Czech Republic. Now Moravians react to the new emblem because the Moravian red and silver checquered eagle on a blue background is nowhere to be found... The thing is, to say Czech Football Union or Bohemian Football Union in Czech language is the same: Cesky Fotbalovy Svaz. The Czech/Bohemian Football Union (Cesky Fotbalovy Svaz) was founded in 1909, and had a similar emblem: It is disputed whether this CFS represented just the Bohemians or the whole Czechia... later on, it was renamed to Ceskoslovensky Fotbalovy Svaz when Czechoslovakia was formed in 1918.
  7. They had to change it because the law of the Czech Republic states that the National Coat of Arms may be used only by governmental institutions (which CMFS is not). They made a wrong choice. Not just from the two shown, they both kinda suck. However, this is what I would've done to the chosen logo to improve it:
  8. Looks like these Home jerseys would fit Scotland better than Slovakia (tartan).
  9. Engand? I too like the flag on the shoulder, but I prefer having the dark blue shorts on the home, and all reds for the away.
  10. Unlike Australia, I love what you've done with France. The white & red (or blue & red on the away) lines remind me of the Teamgeist ball curves from WC06. The only two aspects I don't like about this concept is that 1.The logo needs to include more red, get rid of the dark blue, and 2.The central area is too busy, having the adidas logo, the federation crest and the numbers packed so closely. Great job!
  11. Actually, Australia's real jerseys are spot on. One of the best in the World Cup. It's your jerseys that seem too bland to me. No offense. However, I absolutely love what you've done with the logo. I really hate those gradients.
  12. More like cyrillic (300+ million people write in it) than greek (10 million). And although cyrillic is partly derived from greek, the greek alphabet was itself derived from phoenician.
  13. I don't think this is THE logo. It is found only on one site which is unknown for me and therefore is unreliable. They said that they will unveil the logo after this World Cup, and FIFA has had (so far) a perfect record of non-leaked logos. Also, no other wordmark and/or accompanying elements are shown, and I think it is not very probable that FIFA will abandon its current branding scheme. I really hate the actual rendering of the logo, but I like the idea of swirled arms creating the trophy. I would ommit the year, but if it has to stand, it'd be definitely blue. If properly redrawn, it can be good. But then again, I don't think this is the case. In the worst case, if it really is the logo, this beats the Olympics 2012 logo bundled together with the buffaslug AND the OKC Thunder.
  14. Much more accurate, thank you @curswine: here it is